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May 30, 2018

There’s no faking the bliss that okaywill has brought us with his music. Why the mysterious project chose the name okaywill for his name rather than stupendouswill or spectacularwill evades us, but we’ve fallen heard for his bass warbling, fleecy sauntering, and feathery grooving electronica and pop on ‘pretend’. Though we really don’t know much about okaywill, we do know that okaywill’s last two releases are heavenly, too. Stream R&B inflected ambler ‘love will find a way’ below, as well as airy roaming ‘alone’ below, both of which appeared on okaywill’s soundcloud within the last two months, too. All three are available for downloading on Soundcloud. 

May 30, 2018

Aside from my first year of existence (which was spent in Portland), I’ve lived in California all my life. It’s a very beautiful state, with all sorts of climates and landscapes.

Montréal musician Aaron Powell, who releases music under the name Fog Lake, certainly captures certain shades of California on his song of the same name. The pastoral California he paints on his folksy indie track is haunted by heartache and nostalgia. California is beautifully sad, a heartrending reminder of intimate trips past golden dunes, across verdant mountains, to pristine lakes. Remember that morning you were the first to wake, and you sat there on a boulder, watching and waiting for the brilliant sun to rise above above the lake? A mist hung over the water’s surface and you wished the moment could last forever, because what seemed so perfect the night before, that clasping of hands, that tender caress, can only lead to heartbreaking despair. Fog Lake’s pastoral charm and bittersweet vocals are reminiscent of early Blind Pilot, enveloped in lush keys and an earnest, early Youth Lagoon bedroom pop aura. California is lifted from Fog Lake’s next full length, Captain, out July 5th via Stack Your Roster.

May 29, 2018

Firstworld, the project of South Florida’s Kris Alvarez, unveiled a music video for his latest single today, welcoming us with the lo-fi video into his world of chillwavey electronica and smoggy bedroom pop. Not Obvious is a hazy swirling song that immediately recalls my love for bands like Neon Indian, Washed Out, and even MGMT’s latest album Little Dark Age. It’s quickly apparent (the opposite of ”not obvious”) I’ve just stumbled upon a favorite new chillwave artist. Follow along with our new discovery on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

May 19, 2018

I have a couple pairs of white jeans at home, but I rarely wear them. They get dirty too easily, and I tend to be extra clumsy when I’m trying hard not to be. But I gladly embrace SALES’ White Jeans, a gently sauntering, dreamy sailing indie pop song from the Floridian duo’s next album. If I could wear the song, I’d dress myself in its cottony threads everyday. The misty soothing, feathery light  tune might be pellucid soft, but it’s utterly enchanting from start to finish. We alight on an ethereal reverie with SALES, who wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered the song in their bedroom studio. SALES will be going on tour this summer, supporting one of their favorite bands (and one of ours, too), No Vacation. White Jeans is available on Apple Music, here. Learn more about SALES’ forthcoming tour on their website, here.

May 16, 2018

We’ve been following along with GRMLN since the project was a one person project, helmed by San Francisco musician Yoodoo Park. The music Yoodoo and his brother serve up is part 90s Dinosaur Jr slacker rock, part Day Wave surf pop, and a whole lot of sun-kissed, blissed out nostalgia. Later this month, GRMLN will officially release a new EP named Explore II. Drift Away is its opening track, a dreamy jangling, dulcet strumming lo-fi bedroom delight that oozes endless West Coast charm. You can listen to Explore II on Bandcamp, here, or Spotify, here.

May 4, 2018

Canadian four-piece Dizzy continues to awe critics and melt our hearts with the band’s tender bedroom dream pop on new single Joshua, out today via Royal Mountain Records / Communion Music. The pellucid trickling gem follows on the heels of remarkable prior singles like Swim and Pretty Thing. Airy, lustrous guitars and soft, saccharine vocals truly leave us dazed by Dizzy and their gently heartrending, intimately stirring lullaby. 

Singer Katie Munshaw explains it’s ”a goodbye to someone who left my life unexpectedly. There’s a constant buzzing in your entire body after a relationship ends without closure. At first it chatters through to your teeth and bones, but eventually it dwindles down to a soft humming in a secret hiding spot in your heart. Coping. This song is ‘Goodbye, and thank you. I hope you’re well. This is what’s happened since you disappeared on me.’” Dizzy will be playing a series of tour dates these next few months, including stops in the UK, France, Canada, and Austin. Perhaps they’ll fit in some California shows at some point, too. One can hope…

May 1, 2018

I must have been hiding under a massive rock when Floating Room released their acclaimed debut album Sunless back in 2016, and I’ve made it a mission to take time to check it out now that the Portland band has re-surfaced with an intimately thrumming new tune named Seashell. Gazey purling rock and stormy glistering dream pop intertwine on the song, which arrives with a fittingly misty and cloudy video. Seashell is like a combination of My Bloody Valentine and Pixx, wonderfully bewitching and deeply intoxicating. Not an idle moment can be found on the song, whose knotted guitars also exude a hint of dark post-punk. Floating Room has announced their sophomore album, too, which is named False Baptism. The full length arrives June 22nd via Good Cheer Records. Pre-order, here.

April 19, 2018

My heart skipped a beat this morning when I came across news of British duo Let’s Eat Grandma’s North American tour this fall. The duo has been one of our favorite rising experimental/electro pop projects for the past couple of years, and the buzz surrounding their music has grown manifold with each new release they’ve put forth. Plus, as we’ve mentioned many a time before, we’re always tickled by their quirky name, too. The tour will bring them to Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on September 3rd. I already have a dedicated browser tab open and ready for me to grab hold of my ticket when the tour goes on sale this Friday. On top of this exciting news comes even more joy as Let’s Eat Grandma teams up with SOPHIE and The Horrors’ Faris Badwan on their latest song and the third single from their sophomore album I’m All Ears, arriving this June. It’s Not Just Me is a crisp crackling, synth wavy charmer that weds Grimes’ perky whimsicality with the sweet tartness of Kero Kero Bonito. It pulses and prances both lightly and nimbly, all the while inundating us with ambrosial nostalgia. It’s Not Just Me arrives with a music video directed by Balan Evans. Pre-order new album I’m All Ears, here. Learn more about Let’s Eat Grandma’s forthcoming tour on their website, here.

April 5, 2018

I’d love to learn how rising bedroom-pop artist pizzagirl came up with his name, but for now, let’s focus on the downtempo analog bliss that exudes from Seabirds, his latest taste from a forthcoming debut EP instead. A hint of early The xx trickles through the song’s tender, airy strums during its opening bars, while some early Youth Lagoon also rears its head in pizzagirl’s misty soundscape. Seabirds’ lo-fi electronica & pop is riddled with syncopated beats that evoke Starfucker, but there’s a starkness to pizzagirl’s vocals that remind me of Majical Cloudz, too. Yes, it’s minimalism is quite misleading, a veil for its eclectic sonic anatomy. The Liverpool artist will be releasing his debut EP, titled An Extended Play, on April 13th. Seabirds is out today via independent label Heist or Hit. Keep up with pizzagirl on his website, here.

March 28, 2018

We’re so in love with Oakland’s Still Woozy and his funky warbling psych funk and hazy curling bedroom electronica that we rushed out to see his opening set at Popscene late last year when he opened for Knox Fortune. We can’t help but feel incredibly proud that the intoxicating new talent hails from here in the Bay, and we’re immensely excited for his sure to be upwards trajectory in the indie scene. Still Woozy confirms the merits of our devotion with new song Lucy, which features ODIE on vocals, who’s a rising R&B soul artist himself. Lucy is like Phoenix gone slenderbodies wonky and slithery, drenched in the dreamy, jazzy funk of Tom Misch. Re-visit Still Woozy’s prior singles on Soundcloud, here.