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May 30, 2018

If you haven’t been jamming to Westerman’s latest single for much of the month already, it’s high time you strut your stuff to groovalicious Edison, a slick warbling, funk slinking indietronica and pop song that gives voice to the frail inner monologue of the narcissist. As Westerman says “It’s about ambition, petulance and ill preparation. I imagined myself inside the head of the megalomaniac. I played around with all the unmet need and fear you would find there.“ The Londoner certainly crafts some of the most fascinating music of the moment. On warm glowing Edison, Westerman continues to collaborate with electronic producer Bullion to sculpt his sophisticated experimental sound. Edison even features some moments that remind me of early 80s classics by the likes of Talking Heads, but then Westerman quickly switches up the vibe of the song again with his lush blend of instrumentals. A Westerman album is slated for 2019, which seems like a very long time for us Westerman fans to wait, but we promise we’ll be patient. Edison is out on Apple Music, here.

May 25, 2018

Perhaps you somehow missed the news and buzz surrounding this welcome development, but in case you didn’t know, Theresa Wayman of Los Angeles art rock band Warpaint has been releasing some fabulous new music as solo project TT. In fact, she just released her debut album LoveLaws last Friday, and it’s high time we pay homage by sharing its latest single, a murky, muddy trip hop and art pop song named The Dream. It’s a heady Björk meets


treat that I’m very much looking forward to sinking into live when TT headlines Popscene in San Francisco on July 6th (with our French-American favorites Freedom Fry supporting, too). For more tour dates and links to TT’s debut album, head over to her site, here.

May 18, 2018

Well, woopty woop, scoopty poop, I’ve made the egregious mistake of completely missing out on the arrival of Chaos Chaos’ debut album and I’m feeling rather sheepish about it, considering how good the lead single off the sisters’ record is. The now LA-based indie project released their eponymous first album earlier this week. The 10 track record features this playful charmer, Pink Politics, a crystalline bubbling indie pop meets electronic pop gem that’s kind of like a mix of Dirty Projectors and School Of Seven Bells gone pop, with a drizzle of Grimes’ whimsicality. Its simplistic video seems an extension of the song’s squeaky clean minimalist charm. I don’t know about you, but I’m making time to listen to Chaos Chaos’ debut album soon as I can. Stream via Spotify, here.

May 11, 2018

Still very much cloaked in intrigue and mystery is NAVA, though we have learned a little bit more about the artist since she made her debut last month with mystical RITUAL. As it turns out, NAVA is a solo project created by Nava Golchini, and the Milan based Iranian singer songwriter has followed up her first single RITUAL with another left-field experimental electropop work of art named NAVIGATE. Navigate we do, through its razor-sharp tribal drums, dark nomadic synths, and skittering trip hop beats, absolutely delighted by an enigmatic soundscape and its icy opaque threads. Like RITUAL, NAVIGATE is a near spiritual, thoroughly imaginative experience that evokes Fever Ray and Kill J, but less caustic and more inquisitively meditative. Re-visit our RITUAL feature, here, as we await further treats from this bewitching sonic shaman. 

May 1, 2018

The fanciful magic of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream dances through our ears and paints evocative images of beauty and chaos in our minds as KYYN serenades us with Arabesque, which is loosely based off of one of the motifs from Debussy’s Arabesque which depicts what it may have been like to be one of the faeries from the play. It’s an utterly beautiful experimental electropop piece from the Brooklyn singer songwriter, a gorgeously chiffon fantasy land, always shifting, ever kinetic. The intricately drifting, misty baroque jewel finds a halcyon balance between tranquil and dynamic, peaceful and restless, like a serene lake under the caress of a capricious breeze. Every ripple is recorded, every crest and furrow manifests in Arabesque’s mesmerizing tides. KYYN co-produced the song with Tiger Darrow, giving us one of the more remarkably refined soundscapes we’ve encountered this year. 

April 19, 2018

My heart skipped a beat this morning when I came across news of British duo Let’s Eat Grandma’s North American tour this fall. The duo has been one of our favorite rising experimental/electro pop projects for the past couple of years, and the buzz surrounding their music has grown manifold with each new release they’ve put forth. Plus, as we’ve mentioned many a time before, we’re always tickled by their quirky name, too. The tour will bring them to Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on September 3rd. I already have a dedicated browser tab open and ready for me to grab hold of my ticket when the tour goes on sale this Friday. On top of this exciting news comes even more joy as Let’s Eat Grandma teams up with SOPHIE and The Horrors’ Faris Badwan on their latest song and the third single from their sophomore album I’m All Ears, arriving this June. It’s Not Just Me is a crisp crackling, synth wavy charmer that weds Grimes’ perky whimsicality with the sweet tartness of Kero Kero Bonito. It pulses and prances both lightly and nimbly, all the while inundating us with ambrosial nostalgia. It’s Not Just Me arrives with a music video directed by Balan Evans. Pre-order new album I’m All Ears, here. Learn more about Let’s Eat Grandma’s forthcoming tour on their website, here.

April 13, 2018

Madge’s Fight Or Flight Club is one of our favorite debuts of the year. We just can’t get enough of the Los Angeles based newcomer’s piquant and sprightly electro-pop on the song, and we’re glad many more people have picked up on the track since our feature last month, garnering it some impressive spots on viral Spotify playlists. Madge is back this week with her second single, and it’s as eccentric a hyperactive noise pop and electro pop single as her first. Bombastic Red James is like Grimes’ art pop mixed with Superorganism’s squishy pop, then coated with School Of Seven Bells’ lissome luster and shimmer. The song’s self-directed music video is also a capricious and outlandish treat. Re-visit our Fight Or Flight Club feature, here.

April 12, 2018

We’re immensely grateful we live in a world where some of the best in new music gets dropped right in our laps by hard working musicians and talented artists. Thank you, ggnoaa, for sharing your first single No Education with us. The electro-pop duo from Tel Aviv consists of 15 year old singer Noaa and producer Oren Emmanuel. And they’ve captured our hearts with a song both pitch-black dark and blazing hot like fresh burnt cinders. Noaa’s scratchy, smoky voice drives No Education’s inky bewitchment. Slow coiling synths, thunderous drum claps, and a labyrinthian electronic soundscape create a tense and suspenseful aura. R&B pop is fused with experimental electro-pop on the track, which channels slivers of Kill J and Banks. You can follow ggnoaa on Twitter, here, where we hope they’ll be announcing more music soon.

April 11, 2018

Buzzy Lee is certainly attracting a lot of buzz these days, particularly after the Los Angeles based singer songwriter, who’s also the daughter of renowned film ogul Steven Spielberg, released her last single Coolhand. She reunites with acclaimed producer Nicolas Jaar on her latest single, too, adding fuel to that buzz. No Her, a cimmerian indie pop aria, marches slowly and deliberately, a bewitching and other worldly beauty with murky, dusky production and aching, burning guitars. The entrancing songbird explains: “‘No Her’ is about that piece of myself that I’m worried my partner will discover isn’t really there. That there is an ideal ‘her’; someone’s idea of me is different from who I am, and yet, I’m worried the other ‘her’ is the one who has drawn them in… But to be fully honest it’s about not believing someone loved me.” Re-visit our Coolhand feature, here. No Her is lifted from Buzzy Lee’s forthcoming EP Facepaint, out April 27. Pre-order, here

April 10, 2018

A new Superorganism music video is a must share in my books. The international collective are my favorite live act of the year. I caught them in Austin, then at their sold out debut at the Rickshaw Stop here in San Francisco but two days after I returned from SXSW. Each time was as much fun as the last. I can’t attend a Superorganism show without smiling and laughing my whole way through, the indie pop outfit just lifts my spirits with their whimsically squishy pop. Their self-titled debut album has quickly become one of my favorites of the year too, and I’ll likely keep it in my car as my go to pick-me-up for a long time to come. The band’s unique music, which has been compared to the likes of MGMT and Gorillaz both due to sound and performance style, is just incredibly catchy, fun, and playful, yet also immensely clever and astute. It’s just the warm, peppy radiance we need to get through any long day. Watch Superorganism’s adorable new video for one of the tracks off the album, Night Time, above. Remember to wag your head, flash your happiest grin, and tap your feet in joy (as if you need a reminder). Orono is as charming as ever as lead vocalist and the star of the video. One of the most endearing aspects of the band, besides their amusing stage presence, is their ability to perform their songs with a smattering of unconventional instruments and sounds (obviously their music is recorded in the same manner). For an additional treat, watch today’s brand new
La Blogothèque A Take Away Show performance below and bop to their disarming rendition of Everybody Wants To Be Famous. Do yourself a favor, catch the group later this year when they hit the road on yet another expansive tour. And get their debut album, here.