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May 25, 2018

Perhaps you somehow missed the news and buzz surrounding this welcome development, but in case you didn’t know, Theresa Wayman of Los Angeles art rock band Warpaint has been releasing some fabulous new music as solo project TT. In fact, she just released her debut album LoveLaws last Friday, and it’s high time we pay homage by sharing its latest single, a murky, muddy trip hop and art pop song named The Dream. It’s a heady Björk meets


treat that I’m very much looking forward to sinking into live when TT headlines Popscene in San Francisco on July 6th (with our French-American favorites Freedom Fry supporting, too). For more tour dates and links to TT’s debut album, head over to her site, here.

May 22, 2018

Within the dusky shadows of Two People’s music is much melancholia and woe, as we learned last year when we came across the Australian duo’s song If We Have Time. Phoebe Lou and Joseph Clough, the masterminds behind the project, are well known for their role in now dissolved project Snakadaktal (whom we were huge fans of here at IHM). And now, the pair are back with an exquisite new song named ‘I’m Tied, To You’, a moody smoldering, seductive throbbing alt pop and electro piece brimming with visceral burning, lonely aching saxophone and doused with a kinetic tide of impassioned beats. Of the track, Phoebe says:  “The words are written about being tied to yourself. There is a fragility and frustrated loneliness in that. It’s a kind of dialogue. Here, the ‘you’ is myself. We had a great moment recording the ‘sax’ through our guitar amp and pedals. Joey was improvising in the final stages of production and the room sounded like a big dark rave, it just sounded right, we knew then that it was ready. We used that initial recording on the album, if you listen closely you might hear us yelling wildly and moving around the room.” 

Two People will launch their awaited live show at Splendour In The Grass this July as a three-piece. They aim to create a flowing set that that exaggerates every sound, moment and feeling from their recordings. I can only imagine how arresting ‘I’m Tied, To You’ will be, with its galvanic current and ambulatory flux. Stream/download the sensational single, here.

May 22, 2018

On July 6th, Grammy-nominated British trip hop and electronic legends Goldfrapp will be releasing a deluxe edition of Silver Eye, their latest album from last year. On it are several new bonus tracks, including a rendition of album closer Ocean featuring none other than Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan. Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp is a more than epic union, and this glorious new version of Ocean more than reflects that. You can find the track on Apple Music, here. Pre-order Silver Eye: Deluxe Edition, here.

May 11, 2018

Still very much cloaked in intrigue and mystery is NAVA, though we have learned a little bit more about the artist since she made her debut last month with mystical RITUAL. As it turns out, NAVA is a solo project created by Nava Golchini, and the Milan based Iranian singer songwriter has followed up her first single RITUAL with another left-field experimental electropop work of art named NAVIGATE. Navigate we do, through its razor-sharp tribal drums, dark nomadic synths, and skittering trip hop beats, absolutely delighted by an enigmatic soundscape and its icy opaque threads. Like RITUAL, NAVIGATE is a near spiritual, thoroughly imaginative experience that evokes Fever Ray and Kill J, but less caustic and more inquisitively meditative. Re-visit our RITUAL feature, here, as we await further treats from this bewitching sonic shaman. 

May 9, 2018

London’s Majik obviously made a play on the word “magic” for their name, but when it comes to the spells this duo casts with their moody seductive alt R&B and indie electro, it almost seems more fitting to call their music sorcery than magic. They’ve wooed us with creamy brooding, slinky pacing songs like High, Talk To Me, Closer, and so many more fine releases in the past. And now they’re back with their first song of the year, Animal, which pairs a spectral trip hop beat with sooty broiling, raspy simmering vocals. It’s a song that evokes salacious midnight incantations, driven by lust and heartbreak, rather than sparkly daytime fairy dust. “I’m lost like an animal,” they lament on the song. We gladly lose ourselves with them in this dark bitterness, this heart twisting sorcery. Majik’s Animal can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

April 26, 2018

Exhibitionist is a true exhibit of hypnotic electronica and futuristic pop. The Sydney based solo project created by multi-instrumentalist Kirsty Tickle, also known for her role in Party Dozen, has shared a third ravishing single named Sway, entrancing us with her silky synths, mesmeric trip hop beats, and acrobatic vocals on the song, out now on Future Classic. Sway was co-written with prolific producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP, and produced by long term collaborator Jonathan Boulet. The dark entangling track explores the tension between wanting to be vulnerable with someone while also guarding yourself against heartbreak. Stream/download, here.

April 25, 2018

It’s rather appropriate that Vacationer’s last single released a month ago was named Magnetism, considering how truly magnetic the project’s dreamy tunes always are. And now the Philadelphia based outfit is back with a balmy luscious, luminously sailing gem named Being Here, a second taste from Vacationer’s forthcoming full length Mindset. Electric Guest’s diaphanous groove meets Phantogram’s shifty, glitchy beats on the blissed out beauty. New album Mindset will be out on June 22nd via Downtown both digitally and on limited edition vinyl, limited to 500 copies. You can also stream Being Here via Spotify, here.

April 12, 2018

UK trio LOWES took my breath away when they debuted last year with Awake At Night. The exquisite grace and gliding elegance of that ambient pop song reminded us of the spotless purity of London Grammar’s music, as well as Hannah Reid’s immaculately angelic vocals. It’s taken a full year for LOWES to follow up that first release, but they’ve finally re-emerged with Here We Are, a cathartic soaring beauty that vindicates our conviction that LOWES is a magnificent band. 

Speaking on the track, the band state: “’Here We Are’ is about those times when you force yourself to stop for a moment, and recognise just where you are in a certain time and place. It felt like the perfect song for us to introduce ourselves, and our first EP, to the world. It’s about the calm and the wildness you feel when immersed in nature.” What’s that? A first EP? We’ll be looking forward to it with much eagerness! Get a taste of all four tracks from debut EP Elements in LOWES’ film, Norway, below. 

April 3, 2018

Transcendental and atmospheric can’t even begin to describe the stunning beauty of IDLE, an ethereal billowing, pellucid burbling electronic track off a new EP from SoCal three piece mAsis. IDLE’s electronica and pop is chiffon yet moody, and its prowling beats and future bass styled production flickers are sensually hypnotic. It’s one of five flawlessly immersive must-listen tunes from the new EP Always You, which can be streamed via Soundcloud, here. mAsis achieves an exquisite balance between organic and synthetic on the dusky electronic release. Drawing us deep into every song are mAsis’ silky soft, plush enchanting vocals. It comes as no surprise that mAsis’ members have worked with the likes of Rhye, Banks, and Mr Little Jeans. They say of their new EP: “‘Always You’ is a journey towards atonement, of revisiting our past so we can embrace our ever-changing future.”

March 12, 2018

East Coast electro-dream pop veterans Vacationer last released new material in 2014, when their sophomore album Relief dropped. So it’s a pretty big deal in our books that the Philadelphia-based band has unleashed a new tune on us. Magnetism is a sonic “vacation” well worthy of the long wait, a gauzy grooving, wonky skipping jam that almost feels like Electric Guest and Phantogram had a wild child together. Perhaps this intoxicating new arrival is a sign of much more to come from Vacationer, maybe even a new EP or full length? You can count on it that we’ll be on the lookout for news, while we’re jamming out to Magnetism on repeat, of course.  About the song, Vacationer’s Ken Vasoli’s says: ‘"Magnetism" was fun to write and came together fairly quickly. It’s intimate subject matter, trying to describe the connection I share with my loved one. I wanted to keep it lighthearted. The title comes from an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story that my girlfriend had mentioned early in our relationship. I like the word and it’s an accurate representation of this feeling we experience. Sonically, I wanted the track to bounce like a 60’s uptempo soul groove; like my warped interpretation of “The Loco-Motion” instrumental. This song gave me a lot of rejuvenation to finish the record. It sparked a new approach for my music-making and marks a point when I started enjoying the process much more.’ The single is out now on Downtown Records.