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May 23, 2018

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 05.14.2018 – 05.22.2018

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February 13, 2018

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 02.06.2018 – 02.12.2018

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July 27, 2017

Lizea Harper is an indie hip hop artist and activist who hails from Minneapolis, and she just released her new album Dive earlier this month. Dive we did, into the seven track release, and captivated we were by her en point delivery and the array of spunky jams and soulful slow burners on the record. You can stream Dive on Soundcloud, here. But for now, let’s jam out to resilient hooking Rise, a resolute anthem of a hip hop track that features additional vocals by Jahkobi Martian and riveting production by BMBU. It’s obvious Lizea Harper is a jewel in the rough, a talent that many have yet to encounter. You can keep up with the artist on her website, here.

March 7, 2017

I’d be surprised if you haven’t been jamming to the new Louis The Child yet. The swag hooking jam has been selected as a must listen by a long list of influential media outlets, and it’s been going viral since last Friday. Phone Died sees the esteemed Chicago duo venturing deeper into hip hop territory as they link up with Blaise Railey for a light and airy jaunt. This summer ready anthem is a “hands in the air”, “sway it like you just don’t care” sort of carefree and heartwarming delight. The jubilant tune comes as a taste off of Louis The Child’s Love Is Alive EP, a six track record due out March 24th on Ultra Music. You can pre-order the EP, here

May 10, 2016

Australia’s BLESSED is back after having impressed on debut track One And Only. On new song Sorrows, rock bleeds into hip hop in a riveting manner. In fact, BLESSED even reminds me of Kid Cudi on this thunderous hymn, with hints of raw, genre bending artistry redolent of Los Angeles alt hip hop groundbreaking outfit HUNTR. The powerful and compelling song is a free download, here.

April 12, 2016

I certainly did not wake up today expecting to encounter a collaboration between indie hip hop artist SiDizen King and indie rock band The Moth & The Flame. When I stumbled upon SiDizen King’s new song Disappear, featuring said quartet, my heart leaped with joy. I’ve enjoyed SiDizen King’s re-works and re-imaginations of indie songs in the past, when he added his own emceeing and some light production tweaks to stellar new music. It’s a much delightful surprise to see the Los Angeles based artist releasing a brand new original featuring gripping vocals by fellow Southern Californians The Moth & The Flame. SiDizen King’s passionate verses and The Moth & The Flame’s fervent singing intensify the song’s lovesick urgency. Disappear is a song that will never fade. It’s a tightly wound, heavily charged, and much innovative blend of alt and hip hop. Purchase Disappear from iTunes.

January 30, 2016

California’s Love Hunt first caught my attention with a song named Amy Amy nearly a year ago, and they reeled me right in with their unique fusion of Red Hot Chili Peppers like funk rock and alt hip hop on the song. This week, the trio returns with more of their genre defying music, an endearing gem named Hilltops which ones again seamlessly pits hip hop and funk flavored alternative face to face. Its a smooth hilltop I’d love to climb to the top of on Love Hunt’s new single, a fusion of old school with a dance ready cool and styling groove. Hilltops is the first single from Love Hunt’s second EP, It’s Been Funk.

January 9, 2016

I can’t wait to return to Austin in a couple months for SXSW. But I’ve come to learn that not only is Austin a hot bed of musical activity in March, but it’s also a haven for musical talent all year long. Take for example, this duo from that lovely town, a producer and vocalist duo named LZRS TXN. They list their genres as intergalactic groovy chillwave hip hop, and their single Let It Go (not at all related to James Bay or Frozen) is a lavish current of chill hop and electronica bliss. I get carried away by its warm, dreamy flux as its surges of dance euphoria take me to new levels of highs. The luxuriant song is a free download direct from LZRS TXN’s Soundcloud, here.

December 10, 2015

The last I wrote about Daye Jack, I called the hip hop artist a must watch emerging talent. Fast forward to today, and here he is collaborating with fellow Atlanta based rapper Killer Mike on a tune named Hands Up.  The song is infectiously melodic yet gritty raw, too. It’s a meditative examination of some of the major issues facing our nation right now. Come 2016, Daye Jack will be dropping a fulll length debut with a star studded production roster that includes Nosaj Thing, Max Martin, and Mike Elizondo among others. Hands Up is available now on iTunes via Warner Bros.

December 8, 2015

It’s been a long moment since we heard from Detroit duo Gosh Pith, a unique and captivating act that first lured me in with a magnificent song named Waves over a year ago. Though Waves might always be my favorite Gosh Pith song, the versatile duo’s latest have me drifting in ponderous reverie. Gold Chain is gritty and smokey, a languorous and sleepy eyed song that ventures deeper into hip hop territory than Gosh Pith has gone before. Gosh Pith describes the mellow jam as a “ratchet love song about the constant conflict between the meaningful and the meaningless”. The hazy swirler will be on a forthcoming new EP, due early next year ahead of their upcoming shows in Chicago, Brooklyn, and Detroit.