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December 21, 2017

Las Vegas alt rock band Imagine Dragons and Texas R&B sensation Khalid have been having an immense year. Imagine Dragons released their third studio album Evolve to great success and acclaim, Khalid released his debut album American Teen, and they’re both up for some well deserved Grammys. If you happened to tune into the American Music Awards this year, you likely caught the two acts performing together on stage. The medley they dropped on us live is now an official single, and we can now enjoy a studio recording of Imagine Dragons and Khalid’s Thunder / Young Dumb & Broke, an immaculate conjoining of the two hit songs. The punchy mashup is a great way to cap off 2017 for the two projects as we look ahead to Grammy night in early 2018. The single is available, here.

October 12, 2017

Vegas superstars Imagine Dragons was probably one of the very first bands we wrote about on IHM in its early days. I’d stumbled upon their earliest releases during my obsessive adventures searching for music on the interwebs, and I couldn’t help but hop on to babble about the band. This was long before they released a debut album or won any Grammys. What followed was a very sweet ride. It was a treat, watching Dan Reynolds and his bandmates achieve massive success over the years. The band released their third full length, Evolve, earlier this year, and as you probably know, it’s chock full of wildly hooking anthems. Imagine Dragons released a music video today for Whatever It Takes, a propulsive cut off the album that’s so infectious, I couldn’t help but give it a requisite share.  The Matt Eastin & Aaron Hymes directed video was filmed in their hometown of Las Vegas at the Bellagio Resort & Casino on the stage of “O”™ by Cirque du Soleil® and also features performers from “O.” Imagine Dragon’s latest album Evolve is available, here.

September 14, 2017

Vegas stalwarts Imagine Dragons certainly dropped a heckuva tune in the form of infectious Thunder, easily the best song off their recent full length, Evolve. An official remix of the song surfaced this past week, and the surprise guest at the helm of this whimsical re-work is none other than K.Flay. She gives the track a bouncy spry, playful teasing edit. She’s even inserted a new verse into the track. Thunder has never felt more mischievous and naughty. We’ve actually had a lot of abnormal lightning and thunder right here in the Bay this week. While that rumbling thunder was rather ferocious (and a whole lot of doom and gloom), this one is much more joyous and optimistic. You can catch K.Flay and Imagine Dragons on tour together this fall. Find out more, here.

June 14, 2017

Imagine Dragons was one of the very first bands we eagerly praised and incessantly rooted for on IHM right after its inception oh so many years ago. We were immediately taken in by Dan Reynolds and his band’s versatility. Their songs seemed to range from electropop to alt rock to indie pop and beyond, and there was even footage on the internet of Dan rapping at their shows, too. You know the rest of the story, this Vegas band took off a couple years later and conquered the whole wide world after the release of their debut album Night Visions in 2012. Third album EVOLVE is set to arrive on June 23rd, and it’s got some massive jams, including lead single Believer, which I believe is one of their best singles in years. Believer has now been remixed by production legend Kaskade, who utilizes the pounding grandeur of the anthem to create an angular jabbing, squishy electrifying future bass experience. This prime cut of Believer is much darker. There’s a touch of menace in its undertow, and its turbulence and suspense is utterly exhilarating. For more information regarding Imagine Dragons forthcoming third album, visit their website, here.

February 2, 2017

Imagine Dragons, that Vegas band that achieved wild success in the past couple of years and whom IHM is proud to have featured since its inception so many more suns ago, is back with a new tune, and a mighty fine one at that. Believer is explosive, as we’ve grown much accustomed to from this alt rock outfit lead by Dan Reynolds. His scratchy raw vocals soar over a vibrant clattering soundscape. Believer has been selected to be featured in Nintendo’s first ever super bowl ad this Sunday. No doubt it’s going to be a swift alt charts topper. Believer is out now via KIDinaKORNER / Interscope Records. 

July 8, 2015

After that gut wrencher of a magnificent track I posted previous to this one, I think we need a bright and colorful pick me up. There’s no better track to do that right now than this radiant, uplifting remix of Imagine Dragons’ Shots by Tel Aviv’s The Young Professionals (TYP), who seem to be pushing out remix after spectacular remix these days to thrill our ears. TYP’s indie dance remix of Shots takes advantage of how insanely catchy the original is, but then spruces the track up with 80′s evoking glowing electro pop synths and epic, simmering guitars. A hint of a nu-disco groove gives the number a passionate, gripping rhythm and groove. Let TYP warm your heart up with this gem.

April 24, 2015

Imagine Dragons’ I Bet My Life is incredibly catchy to begin with, so much so that it’s been used in television adverts as an unforgettable, earworm of a jangle (sadly, I can’t remember the exact company the advertisement it was for, fail). Lash offers up a remix of I Bet My Life that I might love even more than the original. The duo from the Dominican Republic bring a bountiful bundle of their breezy island vibes to the track, melded into some hypnotizing, pulsing future house tendencies. It’s a feel good house remix that puts the whole world in a “cup half full” light of jovial optimism. Woohoo, tomorrow’s Friday! Woohoo, the Warriors are up 3-0 against the Pels! Woohoo, woohoo! I love you, world.

March 28, 2015

I’m sure you’ve heard Imagine Dragons’ Demons before, as it was only a one of several massive hits from the Vegas indie darlings turned international mega star band. You may have even heard the covers of Demons by Jasmine Thompson and Hilman. But how about a tropical, weightless, and blissfullly soothing remix mashup of the covers to delight your senses? Norwegian producer Henry Land teams up with Samuel on a breezy, uplifting re-imagining which combines both covers created by Jasmine Thompson & Hilman. It’s like a heavenly duet featuring both their pristine, enchanting vocals.

Imagine Dragons – Shots

January 27, 2015

It’s still so surreal to me that Imagine Dragons is, pun intended, on top of the world now. Having been a fan of the Las Vegas band since their early days of songs like Tokyo and America, it’s no wonder that the versatile act and their skillful talent has brought them to such world conquering levels of achievement, though my personal favorite ID tunes are still their oldest ones. Imagine Dragon’s sophomore album Smokes + Mirrors might harken back to some of that older sound. New song Shots is certainly carries more indie flavors than the high voltage pop rock anthems of 2012’s Night Visions, and I find it very deliciously tasty. Smoke + Mirrors will be out February 17th via Interscope Records.

September 18, 2014

I don’t recall ever thinking “summer” or “tropical” when I thought of or listened to now GIGANTIC STARs Imagine Dragons. Yet, skilled Norwegian electronic producer Matoma apparently did, because he’s taken their hit It’s Time and crafted a laid back, sunkissed chill house remix out of it. This is the Imagine Dragons you want to listen to when you’re on the beach. Oddly enough, Dan Reynolds vocals sound more magnificent than before.