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May 29, 2018

This new Weezer cover that surfaced today is a must share. I love Toto’s epic 80s anthem Africa, cheesy or not, and apparently, fans have been clamoring at Weezer to cover it. And now they have! I was fortunate enough to catch Rivers Cuomo doing a solo show just a few weeks ago at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. He did a flurry of covers, but it would’ve been sweet to hear this Africa cover live, too. You can stream/download Weezer’s rendition, here.

May 16, 2018

Rapport is defined as a close and harmonious relationship between people or a group. It’s a word that’s also used to describe an affinity, understanding, or bond. The moment I first listened to Rapport’s Unconscious, I developed more than affinity for the Toronto three piece, a new band who melds 80s pop rock with glossy whirring synthpop on their first single. It’s all very dreamy lustrous, like School Of Seven Bells, but dressed in more peppy rocking, new wave luscious threads then dusted with some frosty sugar. You can keep up with the new trio on Twitter, here.

April 24, 2018

Though I no longer have a VHS collection at home (all of my movies are on DVD or Blu-ray), there is a bounteous selection of tunes from NYC trio VHS Collection that I will cherish forever. It’s obvious our love for the band will never go obsolete as the indie trio regales us with their latest single, One, a rambunctious outpouring of sleek pulsing electro-rock and beatific new wave. The sweeping, soaring single is an epic first release of 2018 for the ascending band, whom we’ve been praising for well over two years. VHS Collection hits the road in May with a stop in San Francisco at Popscene/the Rickshaw Stop on May 18th. Guess who’s going to be in attendance and already purchased a ticket? Learn more about the tour on their website, here.

April 3, 2018

If you’re as fond of 80s inspired retrowave and synthpop as we are, then you’re going to love The Bomb. Its dark new wave comes courtesy of Santa Cruz duo Vandal Moon, who’ve even teamed up with rising Oakland project vverevvolf on the song, a very pleasant surprise considering our ever growing love for the recently discovered band. Shades of The Cure and Blaqk Audio bedeck the restlessly enamoring track, while vverevvolf’s vocals add some welcome and contagious heat. The Bomb is lifted from Vandal Moon’s upcoming album Wild Insane, out April 20th. Pre-order on Bandcamp, here.

April 3, 2018

With a jaunty step that reminds us instantaneously of The Strokes and a wavy sleek 80s vibrancy that also evokes Phoenix, Video Age pulls us into their synthpop world with “Hold On (I Was Wrong)”. It’s a fabulous preview off the New Orleans based duo’s forthcoming album Pop Therapy, and what sweet aural therapy it is! It’s nearly impossible not to get up and start twirling around the room to this smooth retro-earworm. Pop Therapy arrives June 15th on Inflated Records, and it follows Video Age’s debut, Living Alone, from 2016. 

March 23, 2018

joan tenderizes our hearts then liquefies them into molten goo with their new retro-pop heartrender, ‘i loved you first’. The Little Rock, Arkansas pair, who’ve also announced spring tour dates with San Francisco’s Geographer, deliver a prom-ready ballad drenched in tender melancholy and wistful sentimentality. ‘i loved you first’ encapsulates everything you wanted to say to your middle school first crush, but couldn’t without an adequate amount of self growth and reflection. Glazed chords, aching guitar, and joan’s sweet, glossy cooing brings back all the bittersweet feels of those ill-fated crushes and doe-eyed, youthful romances. If you missed out on joan’s music despite the fact that we’ve been fervently featuring the pair’s tunes for the past year, check out their prior releases, here. Keep up with the band and their tour dates on their website, here.

March 23, 2018

TWINKIDS, or Tokyo born musician Gene Fukui and Florida native Matt Young, continues to make a thriving impression with their music, whose pointed lyrics tackle the anxieties of being young, gay, and in love. The Los Angeles queer pop duo, who’s signed to Om Records, one of our favorite Bay Area labels, even premiered their latest single with Billboard, which says a lot about their upwards ascent in the indie electro/synthpop scene. Jigoku Tengoku, whose name means “heaven or hell” in Japanese, is a satiny jam with slick twirling 80s synths and sharp syncopated beats. It’s a song that subverts the usual heartache ballad by taking on the perspective of the heartbreaker instead. As TWINKIDS puts it: “This song is about that person who’s deeply broken and desperate for love. The guy who’s manipulating someone to come be with him, but only when it’s most convenient.” TWINKIDS kicked off their tour with Matt & Kim today in New Jersey. You can download/stream Jigoku Tengoku, here.

February 3, 2018

Overjoyed is an understatement when it comes to how we felt when Olivver The Kid suddenly re-emerged last month with a brand new single. The ex-member of The Neighbourhood took a long break before regaling us with alt pop song Bitter, and he’s picking up a fresh surge of momentum by quickly following the track up with new single Annie. The Los Angeles based musician hits us with lavish synths and crushing nostalgia on the dreamy waltz, a prom-ready slow dancr of a synthy alt pop ballad. Olivver The Kid’s creamy cooing reaches lofty heights on the lovelorn heart-on-the-sleeve melter. Whoever this Annie is, she sure made a lasting mark on someone’s heart. Stream prior single Bitter and Olivver The Kid’s fine collection of songs on Soundcloud, here.

January 31, 2018

Birocratic is a Brooklyn producer and multi-instrumentalist whose real name is Brandon Rowan, and he’s already established himself a force in the scene these past few years thanks to a slew of original productions and remixes. The 24 year old artist has even been featured in videos from Buzzfeed and YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat, as well as supported artists like MNDSGN and Grammy nominee StarRo live. He kicks off 2018 with a groovy homage to 90′s house and 80′s funk named, fittingly, Extra Fresh. The luscious track even comes accompanied by a cheeky “infomercial” video for, what else, but minty mouth wash. Get down to Birocratic’s robust basslines on his chill disco and glam house jam. Birocratic is also known for his brilliant live shows. He dazzles the crowd with his instrumental skills on bass guitar, keyboards, finger-drumming, and more, allowing him to bring his experimental jazz, hip hop, and house records to life in real time. Download/stream Extra Fresh, here.

January 31, 2018

We’ve been excited to share this huge new tune from Disco Shrine since we were afforded a serendipitous preview. The Los Angeles based pop starlet, also known for her DJing prowess and her crowd captivating stage performances, delves deeply into the personal on her aureate and luscious pop song Up In The Air. Slivers of retro synthpop and R&B pop vibes permeate the intoxicating ballad, giving us a nostalgic whiff of early Chairlift and even some Kate Bush in the process, alongside Up In The Air’s Say Lou Lou fluorescence and Shura plushness. Disco Shrine, or LA native Jessica Delijani, has crafted a ravishing single that’s very special to her. It’s about her parents immigrating to America after escaping the Iranian Revolution, and the struggles they encountered in order to start a new life here. The inspiring story behind Up In The Air is more than relevant in a day and time when our nation is struggling to cope with hate, exclusion, and pessimism. You can take this honeyed glowing, synth churning beauty for a spin via Spotify too, here.