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February 24, 2018

We’ve been wondering for awhile now what Robert Delong has been up to, since the multi-talented Los Angeles based artist and producer has been silent on the new music front for nearly a year. Not only has his music always been freshly creative and thoroughly riveting, but he’s a jaw dropping one-man band live, surrounded on stage by an incredible array of instruments and technical toys. Not only is Robert back today, but he’s partnered up with two-time Grammy nominated Stanford alumni K.Flay for his new release, too. As can be expected with anything that involves K.Flay, Favorite Color is Blue is a vociferous and confident strutting mish mash of alt electronica, alt pop, and electro-rock. The resounding single is a glitchy rumbling, torrid seething march of an exhilarating anthem. Favorite Color Is Blue is available, here.

February 20, 2018

It’s vindicating to see Los Angeles based Stanford alum K.Flay getting all the attention she deserves these days, including much warranted Grammy nominations for Best Rock Song and Best Engineered Album. As long time fans of Kristine Flaherty and her unique combination of hip hop, alt pop, and rock, usually intensely searing and immensely gripping, we can’t help but celebrate her latest accomplishments. We’ve experience that intensity live countless times, and we’re super stoked to see her bringing it all to the official soundtrack for the new Tomb Raider movie, too. Run For Your Life is her vehement scorching contribution to said soundtrack, an intensive thriller of an electrifying anthem. It’s explosive dynamite packed into her most cinematic track to date. Tomb Raider will be out in theaters come March 16th. K.Flay is out on a massive world tour through July, details can be found, here.

January 26, 2018

The Grammy Awards are this weekend, and we’re more than ready to root for some of our favorite musicians and artists, including K.Flay, the Stanford alumnus and ex-Bay Area resident who’s been a favorite of ours since the inception of this blog. Kristine Flaherty’s sophomore album Every Where Is Some Where really pushes music into new territory, and it’s no surprise that it’s been nominated for a Grammy. Our favorite song off the album is, of course, Blood in the Cut, a snarling and vehement spectacular which has also garnered a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Song. We’re more than ready to celebrate, wins or not, because these nods are well deserved.  And there’s no perfect way to do so than to delight in this new remix of Every Where Is Some Where cut Giver by another favorite of ours, LA alt pop band Sir Sly! 2017 was a stupendous year for both of them, and they now unite on this heady droning, moody prowling alt electro remix, out now via Interscope.

October 18, 2017

Illinois native and Stanford alumnus/former Bay resident K.Flay released a fierce album in the form of Every Where Is Some Where earlier this year. Even though we’ve been avid fans of Kristine Flaherty’s edgy and bold, unique and creative brand of indie music and alternative hip hop for a very long time and knew to expect only brilliance from the hard working artist, we were still blown away by the level of innovation found on the album, as well as her vehemently enthralling delivery. Today, we get to re-visit track number two, Giver, now that K.Flay has shared an artistic lyric video for the gritty bristling, infectious hammering mélange, a resolute gripping mixture of electropop, rock, hip hop, and electronica. Giver, produced by Tommy English, is available, here.

September 14, 2017

Vegas stalwarts Imagine Dragons certainly dropped a heckuva tune in the form of infectious Thunder, easily the best song off their recent full length, Evolve. An official remix of the song surfaced this past week, and the surprise guest at the helm of this whimsical re-work is none other than K.Flay. She gives the track a bouncy spry, playful teasing edit. She’s even inserted a new verse into the track. Thunder has never felt more mischievous and naughty. We’ve actually had a lot of abnormal lightning and thunder right here in the Bay this week. While that rumbling thunder was rather ferocious (and a whole lot of doom and gloom), this one is much more joyous and optimistic. You can catch K.Flay and Imagine Dragons on tour together this fall. Find out more, here.

August 10, 2017

It seriously blows my mind how Grammy award winning producer RAC finds time to do all that he does, and with such flawless execution, too. Fresh off of his new star studded EGO album (which I obsessively have on constant rotation) and that breezy lush edit of Joe Goddard’s Ordinary Madness comes a remix of K.Flay’s ever infectious High Enough. The gritty hooking original gets a plump sprightly, chirpy vivacious indie dance remix in the hands of

André Allen Anjos. “I’m already high enough, you got me, you got me good,” sings K.Flay. The words never rang truer. RAC’s remix is available now from iTunes, here. I can’t wait to catch RAC at Outside Lands Music Festival this weekend. 

March 22, 2017

The Bay’s own Stanford graduated music talent K.Flay may be thoroughly slaying with her fierce new tunes as of late, but let’s not forget how fine of an infectious and intense anthem FML was when it came out close to a year ago, too. San Francisco based producer FAREUS gifts us with a welcome revisit of FML by giving the track a dynamic remix full of twists and turns. Pensive and profound moments are followed by vehement flaring future chops, then displaced by mellow warbling cosmic introspection. I’m an avid fan of k?d’s expansive music, and FAREUS may be my city’s own answer to that whiz kid’s sonic artistry. FAREUS’ remix of FML is a free download, here.

March 12, 2017

K.Flay’s forthcoming sophomore album, Every Where Is Some Where, is really shaping up to be something special. She’s rattled us and fired us up with fierce numbers like Black Wave and one of my favorite tracks of the moment, Blood In The Cut. The Stanford alumnus, well known for her brilliant defiance of all genre classification and her edgy bravado, whets our already ravenous appetite for the album with another scintillating new tune. High Enough is Every Where Is Some Where’s second official single. It’s a vigorously entrancing alt and electro pop affair on which K.Flay bucks the norm and sings about not needing substances to feel an exquisite high in life. High Enough is out now on iTunes, where you can also pre-order Every Where Is Some Where ahead of its April 7th release date.

February 4, 2017

Having unleashed on us her most magnificent song yet in the form of ferocious hit single Blood In The Cut, I can’t help but wonder how Stanford alumni and now Los Angeles based genre bender K.Flay would follow up on such triumphant brilliance. She does so with resolute grandeur by dropping a dominating new tune and announcing a new album, putting to rest my curiosity and making me feel sheepish for ever wondering at all. Sophomore album Every Where Is Some Where is set to arrive on April 7th, and it’s going to be an inferno of a listen judging by Blood In The Cut and new single Black Wave, a dark glowering political commentary burning with searing passion and furious grit. K.Flay has certainly carved her own unique path in the music scene with her fresh sonic concoctions. Grungy electropop, alt rock, and hip hop beats meld into a sheer force to be reckoned with. Watch the lyric video for Black Wave below and purchase the single from iTunes.

December 15, 2016

I seem to be having a run of bad luck when it comes to my craving to see K.Flay live all over again despite the countless times I’ve already seen the Stanford alumni slay it on stage with her virile fusion of hip hop seasoned, grimy gripping music. Though she graced the stage at Live 105′s Not So Silent Night just this past weekend, I was unable to arrive early enough to witness her set due to a major pet cat crisis that I’ve been weathering at home. I’ll just assuage my aching heart and lick my wounds with the latest phenomenal remix of her music while I wait for my next chance to see K.Flay. Wicked ferocious Blood In My Cut, the musician’s best song to date, gets the Lash treatment as the production duo turns the song into a future trap meets house spectacular. The remix is some of the darkest tracks we’ve heard from the duo, and it’s a “lashing” of sorts that I readily embrace. Download the remix, here.