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May 11, 2018

If it’s thrills, chills, and a reason to get up and reach for the sky that you seek, then we suggest you dive head first into this fresh edit from HtPkt. The New York based producer has given Swedish duo NOTD’s collaboration with breathy chanteuse Bea Miller, I Wanna Know, an exhilarating remix bursting with feels. Our hearts nearly erupt out of our chests and our feet lift far off the ground as Bea Miller’s high flying vocals and HtPkt’s house progressions fire us clear across the universe. The remix is a free download, here, courtesy of Dancing Pineapple.

April 13, 2018

Vancouver production enigma 3XIT takes us on a profound journey this afternoon with Switch. We visit our innermost thoughts and contemplate the meaning of life, before we dance and celebrate living at all. The producer transports us to a basement rave before taking us to an enlightening dance ritual on a high peak. Techno, trance, ambient house, and progressive house intertwine on the track. 3XIT’s pristine brushstrokes utilize bass, beats, snares, and synths. With them he’s painted an inspirational and lifting masterpiece, one that enshrouds us in optimism and hope. 

March 13, 2018

If anyone wants to tell us about Carchii, we’d be greatly appreciative. All we know about the production project is, well… next to nothing. He, or she, or they, sure have a handle on life changing electronica, as heard on sprawling and epic Interstellar, a masterful blend of melodic bass, future bass, and vocal bass that feels like k?d, Porter Robinson, and Illenium decided to write a magnum opus together. You can also stream the monumental track on Spotify, here. Or download for free, here.

March 13, 2018

San Francisco’s own HIGHSOCIETY reaches new heights of electronic splendor on the producer’s new single, Fireproof, featuring Beta State’s Matty McDonald on heated vocals. He expertly melds stadium crushing future bass, metallurgic dubstep, and blazing trap on the adrenaline pumping track. Fireproof is a cinematic jarring, grandly jolting tour de force. Just remember, you aren’t actually fireproof, so while HIGHSOCIETY is setting us all on fire and smelting us to the core with his wildly impassioned electronic opus, please don’t actually set yourself on fire in the midst of the delirious ecstasy that has taken hold of you. Fireproof is so explosive, it almost needs a disclaimer. But then again, the same could be said about every other HIGHSOCIETY track we’ve shared. Combust, at your own risk. Download/stream Fireproof, here.

March 8, 2018

From one monumental trap and bass producer, we turn to another acclaimed bass duo for some panoramic thrills and heart pumping exhilaration. Los Angeles’ SLANDER offers up emotionally charged melodic bass and progressive house on sprawling opus HAPPY NOW, and while the song carries some very poignant undertones, we’re extremely elated to ride this rising tide driven by heartbreak and nostalgia. According to Slander, Happy Now started off as a collaboration with San Holo two years ago. Slander has since let it evolve organically from there and 

ompleted the track themselves. It’s a high flying anthem that shows us a different side to Slander. HAPPY NOW is out now via Monstercat.

March 8, 2018

A potently moving spectrum of electronica takes hold of us as we dive into All Day Long, a collaboration involving rising Chi-town producer SEPPIE and ear perking newcomer AERGØ. From fervent pounding progressive house to deep summery house, lush flickering melodic trap to wavy synthpop, this powerhouse anthem’s got it all. I could let it whisk me off my feet, “all day long”. It’s an uplifting and exhilarating aural experience, and it’s a free download, here.

March 2, 2018

My heart palpitated with excitement when I encountered a fresh track from young production whiz k?d last week. A new banger from the genius producer usually sets my heart on fire already, but this time around, k?d has partnered up with veteran magnate Wolfgang Gartner, too. Prepare for a rush of thrills as the duo assaults our ears and pumps us up with some throwback electro house on cinematic and theatrical Banshee, a must for any fan of Justice and Sebastian, but with a harder hitting approach. Banshee would fit right in on Ed Banger Records collection of French house inspired jams. Stream/purchase the exultant thrasher, here.

February 13, 2018

We were all taken by surprise in a very welcome manner when global chart conquerors and controversy magnets The Chainsmokers unveiled their latest single Sick Boy. With it, they exhibited a new evolution in their artistry and sound, giving us a riveting track with an alt timbre that even evokes the likes of Twenty One Pilots for many. The track has spawned many remixes and covers in the short time it’s been out, but a new slew of official remixes have just hit the airwaves. ZAXX, a sound magician from Staten Island, New York, gives us a spectacularly cathartic interpretation of Sick Boy, fusing indie electronica with progressive house and melodic bass on his atmospheric sprawling, widescreen sweeping official edit. It’s as invigorating and rousing a remix as they come, and it infuses The Chainsmokers’ single with a bit of Illenium and Said The Sky’s lofty exuberance, as well as a touch of k?d’s intergalactic creativity near the end. You can grab the official remix pack for Sick Boy, here.

January 28, 2018

Shhh… don’t tell Post Malone, that dude is pretty cool, but I just might love this remix of I Fall Apart even more than the original. BKAYE has given the track a high flying, vast soaring, heart sweeping remix, and it feels me with sanguine wonder and a sudden urge to climb the highest peak in the bay so I can gaze out upon the world in all its glorious beauty. It’s a rather sharp contrast to some of the anguished lyrics found on the original, but it also feels very much like a message of hope. BKAYE promises a bunch of new music coming soon. In the meantime, we’re riding to the heavens on the back of this progressive house and future bass styled re-imagining of I Fall Apart. Download the remix, here.

January 9, 2018

Los Angeles future bass producer William Black unites with NYC project Rico & Miella on a breathtaking expanse of emotively charged electronica on Here At Last. It does feel like we’ve arrived somewhere special when we’re lost in this sprawling future bass opus, its fluid progression and shiver inducing chops. Here At Last is a beautifully moving, triumphant lifting piece, whose spacious and atmospheric moments also feel like we’re floating in deep space, unshackled from the chaos of earth. Then we take magnificent dives to the song’s drops, like graceful peregrine falcons dipping back into life giving oxygen in the planet’s rich atmosphere. Here At Last is a free download, here.