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September 13, 2017

If it’s a breath of sunshine and a skip in your step you need after a rather dreary day, you can turn to chill tropical house virtuoso Matoma and The Vamps to give us a lift as they reunite on Staying Up. This chipper island delight will leave you beaming with its summery bounce and its infectious alt pop vocals. Staying Up is a celebration of love, and it’s well worth staying up to dance to, all night long. Matoma explains: “For me it’s about not wanting the party to stop, and after an amazing summer that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now!” Stream/purchase the single, here.

December 13, 2016

It was more than a year ago that an edgy new artist named Gia arose out of the shadows of LA to spellbind us with her sound and charisma, dealing out a bold yet honest brand of electropop that was fresh and scintillating. I’ve long been wondering where she had gone, or what she’s been up to, since she soon disappeared back into the shadows. All of a sudden, and to my great delight, Gia has re-surfaced, and in such captivating style, too! Gia  returns alongside Norwegian melodic house producer Matoma on a luminous pop meets electronica emulsion named Heart Won’t Forget. It’s been a moment since we’ve heard from Matoma too, and it’s impossible not to immediately fall head over heels for his tropical mellifluous, buoyant sparkling production all over again. Heart Won’t Forget leaves a bittersweet imprint in it’s tender stirring wake. It’s apparent our hearts will never forget the beauty of Matoma and Gia’s new song. 

August 3, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 08.01.2016

Featured music – August 1st, 2016

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August 2, 2016

Though this is labeled as a preview, it’s no 30 second clip that suddenly cuts out on us and leaves us hanging. Instead, we get a full 1 minute 26 seconds of deep summery house perfection from Dutch producer Steve Void as he takes tropical house prodigy Matoma’s Becky Hill featuring single False Alarm and gives it a melodic lustrous, vivacious springing metamorphosis. Of course, we’re left hungry for more by the luscious tease. This official remix whet’s our appetite for Matoma and Steve Void’s tour together this fall.

May 18, 2016

Norwegian producer Matoma’s Running Out, featuring Astrid S, is one hot smash. It’s no wonder Running Out has been receiving an endless amount of remix treatments from producers all around. It’s also the subject of Austin based rising producer CLOUDCHORD’s latest ebullient remix. CLOUDCHORD adds vibrant guitar and sprightly keys to his rendition of Running Out, and it takes off like an uplifting future deep, electro buoyant Gryffin track. The gleaming remix is a free download, here.

April 26, 2016

Matoma and Astrid S’s Running Out is a gorgeous chill tropical beauty, one infinitely enchanting. Dutch production act Mike Bravo gives us a warmer, more fluid Running Out with his intoxicating new remix, an uplifting and sweeping progressive house approach sure to brighten your day with flushed hues and rosy sunshine. The mellifluously thrilling, heart lifting remix is part of a remix contest Matoma is holding for Running Out. Head over to Wavo to vote for the remix. Download the radiant gem for free, here.

April 3, 2016

Running Out is more than likely my favorite Matoma original, its chill tropical luster and much bewitching vocals by electropop artist Astrid S a magically sparkling sea of glacial beauty. The Norwegian producer’s new music video for Running Out affords us a joyful revisit of the song, plus its visual representation of the song’s contrasting sun kissed warmth and snowy iciness is a delightful addition to the already staggering effect of the song. Running Out comes from matoma’s debut abum HAKUNA MATOMA!, available now at iTunes.

December 2, 2015

The bevy of incredible artists collaborating with Matoma on his new music of late is jaw dropping. Yet, it should come as no surprise since the Norwegian producer has been winning over hearts easily with his chill tropical house tracks for quite some time now. Lately, the producer has been revealing fantastic song after fantastic song off his Hakuna Matoma LP, and the latest must share tune is a crisply enchanting song named Running Out which features fellow Norwegian electropop songbird Astrid S. This one feels like a tropical jam for the winter. It glows softly, sparkles icily, and bewitches deeply. If you missed Matoma’s Unchained Melody sampling collaboration with Akon, stream Stick Around on Soundcloud. Head over to iTunes to snag what’s been unleashed so far off Hakuna Matoma.  

November 18, 2015

I was much surprised and very delighted to see that Norwegian producer Matoma’s new track Knives features indie newcomers FRENSHIP. It’s been less than a month since FRENSHIP swooped out of Los Angeles to enrapture us with vibrant synthpop debut Nowhere, and here they are, collaborating on Matoma’s soothing tropical house music. Heart warming Knives comes from Matoma’s  new Hakuna Matoma album, available on iTunes. Let’s revisit FRENSHIP’s Nowhere below, while we’re here. Those sweeping falsettos get me every time.

October 9, 2015

CRSSD Fest – Day 2 – The Palms – 515 to 6pm. Matoma is personally an act I can’t miss. Someone asked me before to classify it. Was it tropical hip hop? Was it a fusion of nu-disco and house? All I told him was “it’s that good shit”. Sensational mash ups and remixs.