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August 19, 2016

Finnish electronic whizzes TJH87 are back with another track borne out of the one year long hiatus they broke just last month. As always, the duo serves up an epic sweeping number in Wait For Us. The song pays tribute to the 80′s with its spacey electro house and chromatic nu-disco. Figure in a fantastical melody and sparkling piano, and Wait For Us comes off like a cross between Porter Robinson and Luke Million’s Stranger Things Theme remix, a tremendously glorious and suitably relevant combination. Wait For Us is sophisticated and complex. Each successive listen only reveals more to our eager ears, and you’ll listen countless times before you know it. Wait For Us is out now on Youth Control.

July 14, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 07.11.2016 

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July 12, 2016

New Horizons is a clever name for TJH87′s latest. After all, the Finnish electronic duo takes us on an epic journey far and wide with their grand expansive masterpiece. New Horizons, though clothed in sleek and driving progressive house threads, is also influenced by a plethora of genres, including indie rock, disco, and even trance. Its vast soundscape and sweeping vistas offer up increasingly finespun detail with every new wide eyed listen. TJH87 offers us an invitation to join them on a magnificent foray into the unknown, and I readily take their hands and alight on this beautiful sojourn, one as much of self exploration as it is of new frontiers. New Horizons is out now on Youth Control. Snag the track over at Beatport.

July 31, 2015

For some fleecy levels of dance music bliss, Finnish producer Lucky Stripes offers up a sublime remix of fellow countrymen TJH87′s recent smooth funky single, Lost Into The Night, featuring signature satin vocals by Mammals’ Guy Brown. Deep house groove, nu-disco resplendence, vibrant chord progressions, and Guy Brown’s buttery vocals make for an inebriating and steamy slice of fluid sound. Download Lucky Stripes’ remix for free, here.

July 3, 2015

Finish electronic duo TJH87 already had my heart in their hands when they dropped their swanky nu-disco jam Lost In The Night last month, which featured the always satiny smooth crooning of Mammals’ Guy Brown. Now, fellow Finish disco and electro producer Roisto has teamed up with TJH87 on a new tune named Aftermoon that has me convinced I’ll never get my heart back. The team of production talent launches me past the moon with their dashing French electro house and funk jam, one that evokes the intoxicating electro-rock heat and outer space robot swagger of Daft Punk. Despite its pumping beats and vigorous spirit, Aftermoon is incredibly smooth and sleek. The track is a killer taste from the Lost Into The Night EP,

May 28, 2015

If you’re up for some smooth, sensual, and funky goodness, you’re going to love this new one from Finnish duo TJH87. Lost Into The Night is a swanky disco jam featuring the easily recognized, satin vocals of Mammals’ Guy Brown (remember Goldroom’s Till Sunrise?). We already know how divine Guy’s voice is when paired with summery, glistening, grooving production, and TJH87 takes that symbiotic resplendence to a whole new level on this solid gold electro disco slice of buttery suaveness. Slick back that hair, throw on those shades, and shimmy on down to this luxurious treat. Lost Into The Night is the title track ffrom TJH87′s new six track EP, which features two originals and four remixes. The title track will be available on Spotify on June 2nd, with the full EP following a month after.