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April 6, 2018

On the final day of SXSW last month, despite how exhausted I was after days of running around Austin, I made sure to venture out to Rainey Street to catch CYN’s 3pm set at Culture Collide. It was the hottest day of the festival, the sun was beating down on us, but the Los Angeles based Chicago starlet, who’s signed to Katy Perry’s label, enchanted us with her lissome vocals, a charming sense of style (loved her shiny pink outfit), and her ever infectious, bubbly spry electro-pop. Not long after we flew home, a remix surfaced of CYN’s Alright, one of our favorite singles from the blooming talent. And we were ever delighted that RKCB was at the helm of the re-work, too. The electro-soul duo smooth out the punchiness of the dashing tune on their dreamy lush remix, a sensual yet sprightly dance re-imagination of the original, whose IHM feature you can re-visit, here. You can also stream the remix via Spotify, here.

September 22, 2017

Brooklyn producer and songwriter Jonathan Dagan left an indelible mark on us as J.Views his 401 Days album last year, the culmination of a brilliant feat he called the DNA Project that brought all sorts of artists and musicians together over the course of two years to create incredible music. The Grammy nominations 401 Days received were well deserved, and just thinking about the release makes me want to go back and give it a hearty re-visit. A deluxe edition of 401 Days, entitled 401.1, will be out on October 5th. Among its new tracks is a transcendental remix of J.Views’ Don’t Pull Away, certainly one of the most smoothly seductive, lushly textured numbers from the album. Don’t Pull Away features Rhye’s Milosh on soft sensuous vocals, and now Los Angeles electro soul duo RKCB have given the track a sublimely billowing, wispy diaphanous edit that lulls us into a new plane of weightless euphoria. In other news, J.Views and Global Citizen have teamed up to create the #WeMove campaign empowering people to dance in public spaces around the world. The campaign will peak at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park in two days. Learn more, here. Catch J.Views on tour this fall across the U.S. He’ll be stopping by the Independent in San Francisco on November 18th. More details can be found on Facebook, here.

August 29, 2017

It’s been over half a year since I had the pleasure of managing a knock out SXSW showcase for my friend at We Found New Music, Grant Owens, but I’m still flying high from its stellar lineup, which included Los Angeles based singer songwriter and actress Bridgit Mendler. I find myself wistfully reminiscing about that night as I listen to this gorgeous new tune from Bridgit Mendler named Diving, on which she’s collaborated with one of our electro soul faves, RKCB. Diving is a chiffon hip hop and R&B pop confection, perfect for some late night lovesick sighing and dreamy longing. You can snag the song from iTunes, here.

June 28, 2017

The swagger is more than strong on RKCB’s latest, a brassy strutting, sooty prowling banger named Vice. Just like its name implies, the ever buzz worthy Los Angeles electro soul duo have offered up a wicked jam with a naughty groove. In fact, the sultry burning, sweltry throbbing vibes are so immense on this one that I’m reminded of Joywave, but with RKCB’s signature silky seductive alt R&B crooning. Vice can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

June 2, 2017

We can always count on Los Angeles electro soul duo RKCB to melt us with their satin swooning tunes. The pair are back again with a silky rippling ballad named Naive. It’s feathery plush and shimmery sublime. With all the spectacular songs we’ve been sharing from RKCB in the last three years, it’s hard to believe they’ve yet to announce a debut album. Here’s to hoping that will change sooner than later. Re-visit the pair’s fine compendium of heart rending tunes on Soundcloud, here. Catch them on tour soon with Bag Raiders.

April 16, 2017

We’ve been treated to some fine collaborations involving RKCB these past months, including the R&B soul project’s song with Ariana and the Rose,  Love You Lately, as well as a guest apperance on Louis Futon’s Surreal. But nothing beats a fresh new RKCB single. The LA based duo returns with creamy aplomb on satin warbling, hypnotic textured Bloom, a consuming squall of passion and desire. Ever amazing Sweater Beats turns in dazzling co-production duties on the seductive gem. RKCB’s latest swooning single is out now on iTunes.

March 16, 2017

Nostalgic and soulful ear candy by Louis Futon and RKCB. ‘Surreal’’s opening acts as one of those old fashion tiny music boxes. It’s smooth and crafted with an authenticity where it’s delicacy is such a beaut. It’s surreal.

February 20, 2017

RKCB’s moving R&B soul ballads continue to receive stupendous remixing treatments, a sure sign of how truly amazing their music is. The latest tour de force edit of RKCB’s Enough comes courtesy of Swedish producer Felix Palmqvist, who presents us with a synth shuddering, grand effusive future bass edit that stays true to the original’s emotionally charged, creamy stirring tendencies. Felix Palmqvist’s remix, a clean and polished work of beauty, is a free download, here.

February 7, 2017

For all the bad going on in the world right now, we take solace in the fact that two IHM praised projects have unexpectedly combined talents on a stunning new beauty. Budding London by way of New York electronic pop artist Ariana and the Rose partners up with creamy melting Los Angeles R&B soul outfit RKCB on Love You Lately. The tender ballad, a cut from Ariana and the Rose’s forthcoming Retrograde EP, is a harmonious balance of the two’s sounds. Twilight electronic pop meets velveteen soul on the poignant throbbing heartbreaker. Ariana and the Rose’s Retrograde EP is due to arrive on March 24th. She’ll also be performing at SXSW 2017 the week prior, where I’ll hopefully be catching her live. Love You Lately is out now on iTunes.

January 9, 2017

Despite the massive onslaught of RKCB remixes we’ve been accosted by in the past, it’s been a moment since we’ve enjoyed a bonafide edit here on IHM. The Los Angeles R&B soul project’s ace tune Enough makes a touching return via a stunning remix by East Coast musician and producer HtPkt. The electro wavy future bass concoction he serves up is nothing short of cinematic and vast. Its slicing synthwork and robust beats evoke Porter Robinson and k?d, but more silky plush, as one would expect any variant of RKCB to be. HtPkt’s remix of Enough is a free download, here.