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April 20, 2018

Strap yourself in for a cosmic ride, because we’re about to dive into new k?d, the young wunderkind who’s taken us clear across the universe with his epic tracks in the past. New single Zero One fires on all pistons, quite literally, too. It’s a pneumatic rocket ship of a hard hitting, bass pounding vehicle, whose G-force acceleration will leave your pulse racing and your hands sweaty from the sheer exhilaration and seismic intensity of the spine-tingling expedition. Stream/download k?d’s heart-stopping bass house track, here.

March 2, 2018

My heart palpitated with excitement when I encountered a fresh track from young production whiz k?d last week. A new banger from the genius producer usually sets my heart on fire already, but this time around, k?d has partnered up with veteran magnate Wolfgang Gartner, too. Prepare for a rush of thrills as the duo assaults our ears and pumps us up with some throwback electro house on cinematic and theatrical Banshee, a must for any fan of Justice and Sebastian, but with a harder hitting approach. Banshee would fit right in on Ed Banger Records collection of French house inspired jams. Stream/purchase the exultant thrasher, here.

January 5, 2018

Whenever a new k?d track surfaces, I buckle in for a life changing ride. In the past couple of years, the once elusive artist has become one of my favorite producers. k?d floored us with remix after remix, original after original, proving himself a mainstay in the electronic scene while so many other producers’ work tends to fade quickly after making their initial impressions. My one experience seeing k?d live was also probably the most magnificent electronic show I attended last year. I can still feel my adrenaline pumping from that night at 1015. Now, k?d takes us on a whole new sojourn with Glass, a euphoric soaring anthem that takes us higher than higher than high. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful sonic elixir, or a soul searching aural expedition with k?d’s signature future bass and progressive house amalgam on glorious display. Glass is a free download, here.

December 21, 2017

Last weekend, I ran into an old college friend I hadn’t seen in well over a decade at a show. Turns out, he’s an electronic music fan, and he asked for an introduction to must listen hot producers. The first name that came out of my mouth was k?d. The young prodigy has given us so many tracks to indulge in over the past year, and some of the most brilliant remixes we’ve encountered in ages. And now he’s followed it all up with yet another transcendental remix. This time around, k?d takes on The Chainsmokers’ Young, giving it that widescreen and comprehensive treatment we’ve come to expect from the astute artist. The Chainsmokers has never sounded more vast and cosmic than on this phenomenal rendering, an enriching blend of future bass, electro trap, and progressive house. You want to know why I immediately suggested k?d to my friend? This right here is why… this grand and magnificent remix. Download k?d’s latest for free, here

November 9, 2017

Out of all the producers we fervently praise on IHM, k?d has been one of the most exciting newcomers to hit the scene this past year. From his cosmic and profound originals to jaw dropping remixes like his edit of Daft Punk’s Doin It Right, the young prodigy has left the dance music scene stunned with his natural talent. His sold out set at 1015 last month ago was certainly the most thrilling and satisfying electronic sets I’ve caught all year. k?d returns this week with a fresh new jam featuring hotly tipped rising Los Angeles artist Blair. If you’ve wondered what a Passion Pit and Porter Robinson collaboration might sound like, Distance is your answer. k?d offers up chromatic electro house, iridescent future bass, and infectious dance pop on the youthful bounding, brisk pulsing tune, which can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

June 29, 2017

k?d’s swift ascent to production stardom has met all of the expectations had taken root in us since we first heard of the enigmatic young artist well over a year ago and called him a “Florida newcomer”. He went on to stun the dance music scene with genius remixes like his still mind blowing edit of Daft Punk’s Doin It Right before dropping the most profoundly expansive and near philosophically moving originals. Fresh off his performance at EDC Las Vegas comes this new k?d masterpiece, a remix of The Weeknd’s hit collaboration with Daft Punk, Starboy. As always, k?d’s track is a starry eyed, blissful soaring composition. The lavish sweeping, airy surging electro house and future bass hybrid channels Daft Punk and Porter Robinson, all at once. I’m still waiting for catch k?d over here in San Francisco, and I have a feeling by the time I finally get to, he’s going to be selling out some massive venues. His new remix is a free download, here.

May 9, 2017

We’ve been extolling the virtues and genius of k?d for well over a year. In fact, we were convinced from the very beginning that this enigmatic young artist would ascend to the highest production ranks with his starry eyed compositions. Sure enough, his rise has been meteoric, and it shows no sign of stopping as k?d puts his musical savvy and visionary creativity on full display once again by offering us a fine new future beats anthem named glitch boy. k?d has the capability of rocketing us into a whole new universe with his fluorescent synths and choppy beats. Who needs to understand the theory of relativity, or a re-useable spaceship crafted by Elon Musk, or a theoretical wormhole, or a degree in astrophysics, when we have k?d to launch us into the great beyond? Take that trip over and over again by downloading glitch boy for free, here.

March 19, 2017

k?d has been an elusively artist for me in a sense that I’ve felt like it’ll be a long time till I see him. He’s recently been playing shows for Brownies & Lemonade in LA and also showcase at SXSW. ‘Lose Myself’, which was released a day ago, gives me hope that k?d will make a Coachella debut at The Do Lab. One can hope right?

January 11, 2017

As if we need more vindication of our faith in k?d’s brilliance, the incognito production genius has unleashed a new one named Vindicta. This “sequel” to prior banger Mortem is dark and foreboding, with mecha like sound effects that add to its growing sense of dread and danger. k?d has fashioned a thriller in every sense. The hair on the back of my neck rises to its unsettling energy. I’m sure we’re headed into battle of some sorts, and I’m ready to take on that future with k?d’s heaving synths buzzing through my veins and his acid washed bass quaking through my bones. No doubt Vindicta is very different from k?d’s last few gems, a reminder of the producer’s skill and versatility. Vindicta is a free download, here.

January 5, 2017

And here we go again, rocketing off on a fantastical and wondrous adventure alongside masked production prodigy k?d as he blows us away with another stunning original. Genesis is defined as the origin or source of something. I believe we have been witnessing the genesis of a legend when it comes to k?d, whose latest song is a propulsive display of what’s become the producer’s signature sound: whizzing synths, wobbling bass, wavy syncopating chords, and galactic cinematics. Download Genesis from Toneden, here, as we look forward to a massive year ahead for this adept “kid”.