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January 24, 2018

One of these days, I really must find out what the impetus is behind Penguin Prison’s name. But until then, I’m more than happy to continue joyously waddling around like an awkward penguin to the beats of this NYC synthpop and nu-disco artist’s music. In fact, I just waddled a few rounds around the room to Penguin Prison’s new single, Keep Coming Alive, a funk strutting, glittery whirling dance pop and electro pop banger whose glamour and vivacity are like RAC gone Le Youth. Keep Coming Alive is a coruscant taste from Chris Glover’s new EP Turn It Up, due out February 9th. The sanguine tune sticks to the overarching theme of the EP. It’s about staying hopeful in daunting times. 

“On the night of November 8, 2016 I initially wondered how I could even keep being an artist,” Glover reflects on the writing of the track. “It seemed like making art was trivial at that moment.  Upon further reflection I realized that of course the world needs people to make music and film and all kinds of art.  It can get very hard to keep coming alive while it seems like the world is trying to cut you down.  You have to keep reminding yourself every day." 

In support of the EP release, Glover will be heading out on the road for a headlining tour kicking off on April 5th in Austin, TX with support from Mating Ritual and Little Monarch. He’ll be hitting the Independent in San Francisco on April 28th. Stream/download Keep Coming Alive, here, and find out more about Penguin Prison’s forthcoming tour, here.

October 27, 2017

After a bit of a distressing Penguin Prison drought, the NYC synth pop artist seems to have opened the music floodgates this month. Alongside his effulgent new original, Turn It Up, a must listen here, Penguin Prison has also offered up his savvy skills on a synth propulsive remix for D.C. duo Broke Royals. As Long As I Can See gets a fluorescent pulsing dance pop meets epic electro house makeover much worthy of some weekend dance shenanigans. Penguin Prison’s remix is very Grum meets Bag Raiders. You can stream the original from Broke Royals, here.

October 27, 2017

One of our favorite indie electronic and synthpop purveyors, NYC’s Penguin Prison, is back to ignite an indie dance frenzy with a fresh new charmer named Turn It Up. As always, Penguin Prison lifts us to great heights of effulgent joy with his uplifting anthem, replete with lavish guitars, a funky strut, and chromatic beats. Turn It Up is like Bleachers gone RAC. The spry summery dazzler is a taste off a new EP coming in early 2018.

June 22, 2017

Los Angeles based French-American indie duo Freedom Fry gave us a series of endearing new tunes earlier this year, which they released on a weekly basis, giving us something fresh to look forward to for quite some time. They now speed up the process with a new set of remixes of said tracks, culminating in the release of a remix EP on Friday. The new adventure began with a most delightful surprise from Grammy nominated duo SOFI TUKKER, who gave Freedom Fry’s Brave a light and airy lift on their dance edit, which you can listen to, here. Penguin Prison is up to bat next, and the producer from New York straight knocks it out of the ballpark with this exuberant bouncing take on Junkie. A plump bassline, luscious guitar licks, and youthful springing beats adorn the indie dance banger. Who knew nu-disco Freedom Fry could be so dashing? If you’re not dancing around the room right now, you’d better have a good excuse. 

September 21, 2016

If you’ve yet to encounter Janelle Kroll’s latest single, 24 hrs, prepare to fall head over heels for the magnificent soulful electropop tour de force. The Chicago native gives us a polished infectious ballad on which Andy Seltzer and New York talent Penguin Prison deliver handsome warbling synths, dashing keys, and crisp retro beats, reminding me of some of my favorite 80′s music, ie. Toto’s Africa. 24 hrs will be on Janelle Kroll’s forthcoming Outsider EP, due out September 30th via Lokal Legend. 

January 9, 2016

Anything that involves both The Knocks and Penguin Prison is sure to be a cracking tune. It’s a spectacularly thrilling New York affair as Penguin Prison remixes The Knocks’ I Wish (My Taylor Swift), giving the song a deeply funky bassline and suffusing the track with a massive bounce that requires some major dance floor shredding. It may be the dead of winter, but it’s going to get hot and steamy to this disco house banger.

October 28, 2015

Atlas Genius’ wonderful sophomore album Inanimate Objects struck me as more electronic leaning than their debut album, and my favorite single off the release illustrated that quite clearly. Now, Molecules morphs into an even more electrifying dance song, thanks to New York production act Penguin Prison, who gives it a slick edit that bounces entrancingly. The remix palpitates and pulses with beats like those of a heart of darkness. It’s a wired jam that jolts and jars pleasurably. 

August 2, 2015

Elliphant’s Love Me Better gets a sexy indie dance and electro remix by Penguin Prison! The producer from New York smooths out her signature sassy dancehall flavored electronic pop with some smooth, glistening synths and a glowing 80′s sheen. It’s a boogie ready, heart warmingly joyous jam, and it’s available on iTunes, now.

May 12, 2015

For an additional jolt of summer joy, we turn to Penguin Prison, who gives us a fabulous indie dance treat in the form of Show Me The Way. The New York based electronic act has my head wagging from side to side in bliss via the balmy dance pop jam, which boasts plenty of Penguin Prison’s breezy, funky nu-disco. For some of those folks who were missing more uptempo, indie electronic vibes on RAC’s brilliant but more diverse remixes of late, this one should feed that lingering hunger. Show Me The Way is off Penguin Prison’s just released new album Lost In New York.

April 1, 2015

I’m on a roll with the happy music right now. Penguin Prison’s Never Gets Old is already a very buoyant and bursting retro dance jam. Now it’s become a glitzy and dazzling disco banger thanks to an official remix by fellow New York production act Solidisco. Any attempt at trying to keep your body from moving in even the most minute fashion will be a total failure. Just saying.