One of these days, I really must find out what the impetus is behind Penguin Prison’s name. But until then, I’m more than happy to continue joyously waddling around like an awkward penguin to the beats of this NYC synthpop and nu-disco artist’s music. In fact, I just waddled a few rounds around the room to Penguin Prison’s new single, Keep Coming Alive, a funk strutting, glittery whirling dance pop and electro pop banger whose glamour and vivacity are like RAC gone Le Youth. Keep Coming Alive is a coruscant taste from Chris Glover’s new EP Turn It Up, due out February 9th. The sanguine tune sticks to the overarching theme of the EP. It’s about staying hopeful in daunting times. 

“On the night of November 8, 2016 I initially wondered how I could even keep being an artist,” Glover reflects on the writing of the track. “It seemed like making art was trivial at that moment.  Upon further reflection I realized that of course the world needs people to make music and film and all kinds of art.  It can get very hard to keep coming alive while it seems like the world is trying to cut you down.  You have to keep reminding yourself every day." 

In support of the EP release, Glover will be heading out on the road for a headlining tour kicking off on April 5th in Austin, TX with support from Mating Ritual and Little Monarch. He’ll be hitting the Independent in San Francisco on April 28th. Stream/download Keep Coming Alive, here, and find out more about Penguin Prison’s forthcoming tour, here.

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