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May 30, 2018

Our velveteen electronica and soul faves, HONNE, has been rolling out some spectacular collaborations lately whilst teasing us with rumors of a new album. The London outfit last linked up with dashing Tom Misch to give us Me & You ◑. And now they’ve teamed up with edgy UK artist and drummer Georgia, whom you might recall we were championing quite a lot a year ago after falling hard for her dark fidgeting, gritty bristling electronic pop. We haven’t heard from Georgia since, so we’re glad to come across her unexpected cameo (and lovely voice) on HONNE’s Location Unknown ◐, a beautifully moving, swanky stirring, and luxuriantly affecting infusion of their smooth rolling, snug melting electro-soul sound. HONNE has also shared another divine new track named 306 ◑, which you can stream below. Location Unknown ◐ is available, here, while 

306 ◑ is available, here. Though we still don’t have any additional information to share regarding HONNE’s next album, a world tour has been announced for later this year. Details can be found, here.

May 22, 2018

Molly Moore’s new EP Third Eye High has been out for well over a week, but we want to make sure you haven’t missed out on the four track release which showcases the Los Angeles based artist’s stunning evolution. Take for example, EP track Catch and Release which sees the captivating chanteuse venture into soulful R&B pop territory, complete with jazzy horns and much smoky, slinky allure. It’s a laid back groover of a sensual yet frisky pop. She easily catches our hearts once again, and we never want to be released. Catch and Release is a sumptuous development for the singer songwriter, whom we’ve been ardent fans of through her earlier pop releases and her collaborations with progressive soul talent Brandyn Burnette (including their electronic pop project together, Cosmos & Creature). Third Eye High can be streamed in full via all major services, here.

May 22, 2018

I’m going to come clean right now. I confess, I have a ridiculous obsession with Conrad Sewell’s sonorous voice and his new single Come Clean. The Australian singer songwriter has been spending much of the past couple of years touring, but he’s now unfurling new songs off his new project Ghosts & Heartaches. Come Clean is a piano pop song on which his voice alternates between gravelly soulful and lofty sleek. The weathered, heartfelt ballad is accompanied by a second new song named Healing Hands, which you can stream below. It’s a gospel endowed heartbreak pop anthem with beautifully stirring organ chords that builds its way towards erupting catharsis. Both songs are out now via 300 Entertainment. Stream/download, here.

May 22, 2018

A pilot who has a fear of heights seems like an ironic tragedy, albeit a rather comic one at that, but that scenario seems to have inspired NYC based Australia-via-Cape Town newcomer Felicity to serve up some truly vivacious and feisty spirited pop for her debut. Felicity’s anthemic pop is a striking introduction to the singer songwriter, whose powerfully soulful, gravelly rich voice have been compared to the likes of Sia, Florence + the Machine, and Joss Stone. Pilot With A Fear Of Heights, which was produced by Grammy winner Brian Kierulf (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears) is a turbulence-inspired track that tackles the complex fear of destiny as it relates to love. The soaring aria features gospel-tinged back-up vocals and delicate keys, as well as Felicity’s raspy yet honeyed soprano. 

“‘Pilot with a Fear of Heights’ is a song I wrote from a timid place. I wanted so badly not to want this person but ultimately being with him was my destiny,” Felicity shares. “That’s exactly what this song is about; a fear of destiny, a pilot whose job is to literally be in the sky, navigating a plane but is ultimately terrified of the largest component of the act (the height). Conceptually I came up with the idea while actually on a plane myself. I brought the idea into the studio the next day and the song basically wrote itself. Sonically I wanted it to be turbulent, which is why the song is slow until the first chorus hits, like a jolt of unexpected turbulence in your ears, then I got the lyrics to match and from there the song felt complete.” You can also stream the single via Spotify, here.

May 19, 2018

Camille Trust’s voice is ridiculously good on her new single Move On, which made its premiere on Billboard earlier this week. It’s beautifully captivating yet smoky raw, encapsulated in the sparse soundscape of the bluesy soulful ballad. The artist from NYC sings about heartbreak and loss on the single from her debut EP, No Other Way, which will be released on May 25th. She’ll be celebrating its release with a sure to be stunning album release show on May 26th at National Sawdust in Brooklyn. 
Move On was written following the separation of an extremely influential person in her life, the song reflects the feelings that were unfamiliar to Trust. “I’m the type of person that would rather have a raw and real relationship than waste time with quick satisfactions,” she reflects on the breakup. “Making the smart decision isn’t always easy and I didn’t know if I could see out to the other side. It’s important to feel and breathe through that pain. During that time, it was difficult for me to speak my mind out loud in conversation, but when this song was created I tapped into a new wave inside of me.” Camille gained a loyal following with her first two singles, No Matter and Lose You earlier this year. Her stage presence and her soulful ambiance have been compared to both Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse. Move On can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

May 16, 2018

Just as we expected when we first heard Billy Raffoul’s debut single Driver last year, this Canadian singer songwriter has been reigning in a heap of buzz with his gruff, endearing voice and his deeply emotive ballads. The fast rising musician just confirmed summer tour dates with NEEDTOBREATHE after having spent the past two years on the road sharing the stage with the likes of Kings of Leon, ZZ Ward, Mondo Cozmo, Judah & The Lion, and more. And he’s dropped a robust new alt strummer named I’m Not A Saint, a gravelly marching knockout with a whole lot of smoky wallop. Guess who he co-wrote I’m Not A Saint with? None other than pop sensation and songwriting genius Julia Michaels, who even lends some pristine backing vocals to the recording. Keep up with Billy Raffoul via his website, here

May 11, 2018

Our very first encounters with Carmody were her sublime collaborations with Tom Misch, but we’ve been duly enamored by the South Londoner’s solo music, too. With over 30 million streams to date, Carmody now takes a bold step into new musical territory with Singing Your Love, reportedly a staple at her sold out live shows. It’s an uptempo ode to infatuation and romantic obsession, an electronica meets soulful pop dazzler with an expansive sonic palette crafted out of fine textures and sweetly soulful vocals. Singing Your Love is a bit like Oh Wonder gone more snazzy sophisticated electro. Of the inspiration behind her new single, Carmody says: “‘Singing Your Love’ feels like my first love song. I read somewhere that songwriters are always documenting each phase of their lives through their music. I had never thought of it like that before, but it felt important to write about a moment beyond the battles that can exist when you fall in love. I’ve always struggled to write about happiness without stumbling into cliché, but it felt like something worth celebrating, something worth dancing about, beyond the scrutiny that I usually put my relationships under. It also came from a conversation I had on the Are We Live podcast, where I started talking about how there are no songs that objectify men, no videos with men washing cars in little cute boxers. So it also stemmed from a desire to see and write about the male form as a muse and sexual object.” Those in the UK can catch Carmody on tour this month. She’ll also be performing at Barn On The Farm Festival and Wilderness Festival this summer. 

May 1, 2018

I’ll forever remember Quinn Lewis as the very first act I caught upon landing in Austin for SXSW last month. My plane arrived in the evening, and I immediately dashed out with some friends to grab my badge and hit up Danger Village and Force Field PR’s showcase up on Rainey Street. Who else was on but this dashing swooner, who’s more than melted us in the past with his buttery smooth crooning and slick R&B pop? I immediately knew, this SXSW was off to an extraordinary start. The Nashville based Australian artist presents us with a new pop-driven love anthem named Weekend Luv, well worthy of a lot of loving, no matter what day it is. A hint of Craig David, some Opia, and a dash of RKCB ooze in confluence from this song’s sensually seductive pop and lush warbling electronic production. Stream more of Quinn Lewis’ music on Soundcloud, here.

May 1, 2018

New Swedish singer songwriter Elina makes a dazzling entrance with her first single, a piano pop ballad named Wild Enough, on which the songbird stuns with her acrobatic voice and dulcet delivery. Resolute statements and raising morale seem to be the welcome fad these days when it comes to female pop music. Elina joins the fray with her heartfelt debut about facing your fears and overcoming self-doubt. Though Wild Enough is Elina’s first official release, she’s already co-written hit songs with other artists, including Sexual by NEIKED. We can’t wait to hear more from Elina. For now, you can also stream Wild Enough on Spotify, here.

April 26, 2018

It’s taken nearly a year for James Gillepsie to return with a new single, but Dead In The Water was more than worth that long wait. The British crooner first impressed us with a sound reminiscent of Hozier, James Blake, and Jake Garratt on his debut single What You Do, and now he’s back with more of that gritty soulfulness and potent resonance on Dead In The Water, on which he also reminds us of Rag’N’Bone Man and Dermot Kennedy this time around. A hypnotic, stripped back piano melody is paired with a beautifully uncoiling, expansively unwinding chorus on the magnificent track. Speaking on Dead In The Water, James states: “It’s about knowing you’ve fallen before you do, the feeling that you will carry on floating aimlessly without that love. In this case, its a forbidden one – that you both want but can’t have. I produced it with Mike Spencer, whose studio’s in the middle of a wood; it definitely captured a moment, turning off the lights and recording vocals using only the light coming through the trees.”