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April 10, 2018

A new Superorganism music video is a must share in my books. The international collective are my favorite live act of the year. I caught them in Austin, then at their sold out debut at the Rickshaw Stop here in San Francisco but two days after I returned from SXSW. Each time was as much fun as the last. I can’t attend a Superorganism show without smiling and laughing my whole way through, the indie pop outfit just lifts my spirits with their whimsically squishy pop. Their self-titled debut album has quickly become one of my favorites of the year too, and I’ll likely keep it in my car as my go to pick-me-up for a long time to come. The band’s unique music, which has been compared to the likes of MGMT and Gorillaz both due to sound and performance style, is just incredibly catchy, fun, and playful, yet also immensely clever and astute. It’s just the warm, peppy radiance we need to get through any long day. Watch Superorganism’s adorable new video for one of the tracks off the album, Night Time, above. Remember to wag your head, flash your happiest grin, and tap your feet in joy (as if you need a reminder). Orono is as charming as ever as lead vocalist and the star of the video. One of the most endearing aspects of the band, besides their amusing stage presence, is their ability to perform their songs with a smattering of unconventional instruments and sounds (obviously their music is recorded in the same manner). For an additional treat, watch today’s brand new
La Blogothèque A Take Away Show performance below and bop to their disarming rendition of Everybody Wants To Be Famous. Do yourself a favor, catch the group later this year when they hit the road on yet another expansive tour. And get their debut album, here.

November 4, 2015

The fin. is a dream pop and indie rock band that comes all the way from Japan. The quartet recently signed to Lost In The Manor records, and Night Time is the ethereal, drifty title track from their new EP. Night Time’s swooning guitar pop blends the languid beauty of Beach House with the smooth glissade of Metronomy. It’s a song that twinkles and sparkles like a star spangled night sky, yet it also urges me to twirl enthusiastically in dance ecstasy. The fin.’s Night Time EP drops on all digital formats come December 4th, and it includes a remix by Petite Noir, too, which you can stream here.