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May 17, 2018

Ever enigmatic production luminary ZHU dropped his new EP Ringos Desert Pt 1 last month, on which he continued to push the boundaries of house music and electronica. We were hoping the new release and the lack of a Bay Area tour date on his fall DUNE tour meant he would be announced as part of this year’s Treasure Island Music Festival lineup. Though we’re rather disappointed that this hasn’t happened, we’re also quite glad that ZHU has dropped a music video for slinky smoldering

Still Want U, his song with England’s Karnaval Blues. It’s the second track from Ringos Desert Pt 1, and a sparse misty, spacious burbling dose of deep humming, sensual simmering house hypnosis. Learn more about ZHU’s DUNE tour, here. We’re holding out hope that there’s still going to be an announcement about additional dates. Stream Ringos Desert Pt 1, here.

May 2, 2018

I’d imagine very few of you missed the arrival of a new ZHU EP late last week, but just in case you did, and just because new ZHU is always worthy of much deserved praise, let’s marvel over the enigmatic producer’s latest volume of dark, sultry electronica! After all, we’ve been absolutely spellbound by the San Francisco-native’s music ever since he first released an Outkast cover mashup anonymously. Sure enough, the brilliant spark we saw in that track several years ago has since become a flaming inferno; ZHU is now a superstar. And he’s just dropped a seven track EP named Ringos Desert Pt 1, which can be streamed in full, here. The EP takes us on a journey across barren lands and through magnificent dunes, where windswept beats, howling synths, and rich bass quench our sonic thirst and give us sustenance to survive the wasteland of the arid world. Ringos Desert Pt. 1 even opens with a superb collaboration with Australian singer songwriter JOY. named “Stormy Love, NM”. Her ethereal vocals and tendency for hypnotic haunting music is the perfect fit for ZHU’s inky sleek, glossy opaque house. Catch ZHU on his DUNE fall tour later this year. No Bay Area date has been announced, but we’re predicting a Treasure Island Music Festival appearance considering the tour dates. Find out more, here.

March 8, 2018

We aren’t done with our ZHU kick for the night just yet. While we’d love to spend the rest of the night with ZHU and Tame Impala’s My Life on endless repeat, we’re also more than happy to raise the energy level several notches with a hard and heavy remix that comes courtesy of California’s own NGHTMRE. The producer has given ZHU and Ekali’s Blame a raucous and unruly, tumultuous and jarring edit that boasts some nasty drops and filthy chops. While it’s not the most strident and vehement NGHTMRE track we’ve ever enjoyed, the trap and bass remix achieves a perfect balance in texture, restraint, and release. To put it simply, it’s a wicked track. And it’s available, here.

March 8, 2018

I think it’s safe to fathom that the majority of you have already been enjoying this gargantuan sized collaboration since it dropped on Monday. Even if so, it’s only proper we take a moment to marvel at long awaited My Life. ZHU has been teasing the track for quite some time now, and it’s been well worth the anticipation. The San Francisco native and much beloved producer has linked up with Australian psych rock legends Tame Impala on an ambient spiraling masterpiece, which features hypnotic synth arpeggios and booming house beats. Their visualizer for My Life is also deeply transfixing with a sleek Porsche traveling down a warped desert road. We’d love to live our life riding in an expensive sports car to the tune of this crisp pulsing, brassy warbling jam. ZHU will be hitting the road again this fall, check out his tour dates, here.

January 28, 2018

When Elderbrook and Camelphat’s Cola first surfaced last year, I immediately labelled it as one of the year’s best electronic tracks, even though we weren’t close to halfway through 2017 yet. Cola has since been nominated for a Grammy for best dance/electronic track, and we’ll be finding out in a few short hours if Elderbrook and Camelphat get to snag that trophy for their incredible electronic masterpiece. It seems only fitting that we cheer them on and celebrated Cola with this brilliant remix by who else, but magnificent ZHU. He gives Cola the trademark ZHU workover, a visceral pumping, torrid smoldering deep house styled edit, permeated with slick buttery cooing. Cola has never been more sexy. The remix is out now on Big Beat. Stream/download, here, then tune in to the Grammys tonight to root for the original. London based multi-instrumentalist and producer Elderbrook will be headlining Popscene in San Francisco on February 15th next month. It’s a can’t miss show, and I can’t wait to dance to Cola. Tickets and more info can be found, here.

January 5, 2018

An epic union graces our ears as Canadian producer Ekali teams up with esteemed house magician ZHU on Blame. They seamlessly meld their signature styles on the explosive electronic track. Dark syncopated beats, tense percolating synths, and ZHU’s sooty brooding drawl pull us into the future trap spectacular, out now on OWSLA. Blame keeps us on our toes yet seduces us with its torrid, muggy heat. Snag the immense song, here.

December 24, 2017

ZHU, Skrillex, and THEY. were a jaw dropping triumvirate when the three acts united on mega-hit Working For It two years ago. Even today, I still can’t get enough of that massive tune, which you can re-visit via YouTube, here. A mysterious brother duo named TWO LANES has served up a brilliant re-imagination of the track. It’s a robust whirring future bass and melodic bass edit.  The electronic project plans on releasing their very first single, Long Way Home, on January 26th. This gripping remix of Working For It certainly leaves us salivating for more from the pair, and we can’t wait to hear their single. 

November 9, 2017

In case you missed this treat late last week, let’s dive into the wonderfully eerie music video for ZHU’s Exhale/Stardust, featuring blood red forests and spectral images, as well as a strange and bizarre turn into a corporeal spectacle. Both Exhale and Stardust are lifted from the celebrated producer’s EP, stardustexhalemarrakechdreams. The video’s striking decadence and cinematic grandeur complements ZHU’s trademark dark and graphic style of house music. Grab the EP these songs are off from, here. Side note: can someone tell me why The Weeknd and ZHU haven’t officially collaborated yet? 

October 31, 2017

We were fast fans of slenderbodies when the California indie pop duo released their EP fabulist half a year back, a collection of songs that includes Anemone. I’m still much addicted to the slinky puckered, dreamy gleaming indie gem that feels kind of like Glass Animals mixed with Foals, Alt-J, Hundred Waters, and The Antlers. You can re-visit Anemone with us below. But before you do that, I highly recommend you check out slenderbodies’ brand new remix of ZHU’s Hometown Girl. They’ve given the track a brilliant indie electronic re-work that falls right in line with the smooth funk and slick guitars found on their originals. The remix is an indie house treat, a sublimely soothing yet muggy searing jam that evokes a cross between Portugal. the Man and Milky Chance. 

September 29, 2017

Parisian producer Khamsin, who’s also a member of French electronic supergroup Slow Hours besides the likes of Kultur, Kidswaste, and more, serves up his re-imagining of ZHU anthem Hometown Girl for his latest track. ZHU has never felt lighter on its feet. Khamsin’s remix is a melodic hopping, luminous lifting new approach on ZHU’s usually dark and guttural sound. Sure, Hometown Girl is already uniquely soft and misty for ZHU, but the original still feels somewhat pensive and introspective. Khamsin’s remix gives Hometown Girl a sanguine glow and an irresistible bounce. Jaymes Young’s velveteen cooing shines even brighter on Khamsin’s re-work, which is a free download, here.