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January 5, 2018

When the “lights go down”, there’s really only one thing to do. Put this monolith collaboration on blast and get down and dirty to its gritty eruption of filthy bass! Towering production luminaries Zeds Dead and JAUZ have teamed up on glorious Lights Go Down, a bass snarling, beat thundering adventure that melds dubstep with drum & bass into one brain melting, body jolting experience. Lights Go Down can be streamed or purchased via major outlets, here.

July 27, 2017

Canadian electronic bigwigs Zeds Dead have been quiet as of late since their debut album came out a year ago, but they break that silence in grand and majestic fashion with a track on which they’ve teamed up with another behemoth production magnate, Denver’s ILLENIUM. Behold Where The Wild Things Are, a larger than life dubstep anthem bursting with heavy emotions and cathartic feels. It’s a spine tingling, heart jolting combination of ILLENIUM’s cinematic propensities and Zed Deads’ high voltage drops and kicks. You can buy or stream the epic collaboration, here.

June 16, 2017

Venerated Canadian dance duo Zeds Dead dropped a juggernaut remix pack for their 2016 album Northern Lights last week, and its chock full of incredible edits by esteemed talent. The pair’s collaborative track with Charlotte OC, Symphony, has been subjected to a dramatic gripping, epic whomping remix by Colorado’s Bear Grillz for the release. Symphony is still symphonious, but in a synth sawing, bass clobbering fashion that makes it a grand and intense sonic inferno. Northern Lights Remixes is available from retailers, here.

June 14, 2017

My heart skipped a beat when I encountered this remix of Zeds Dead’s Lights Out, featuring Atlas. I saw the name Delta Heavy, and I knew, this was going to be an astonishing experience. I’ve been a long time fan of this English production duo, whose heavy hitting drum & bass and dubstep hybrids have thrilled me countless times over the years. And their videos, like their animation for hit single Hold Me, are just too deliciously twisted and entertaining. So, I dove eagerly into the pair’s new remix, and I was thoroughly fulfilled by its laser sharp pulsing, cracking percussion, and jagged wobbling. Delta Heavy’s adrenaline pumping edit of Lights Out is part of the new juggernaut remix pack which Zeds Dead released last week. You can grab your copy of Northern Lights (Remixes), here.

February 5, 2017

Last Friday, an absolutely ridiculous remix package was unleashed for Zeds Dead and Diplo’s massive tune, Blame, a hit single which blends electropop, future bass, and dubstep then tops it off with Elliphant’s spunky magnetic voice. The five track EP features edits by the likes of Gorgon City, Nebbra, Dirtyphonics, and Michael Sparks. It also features a colossal remix by rising LA project Champagne Drip, an electronic act I touted as a fast new favorite when debut EP Of Course I Still Loved You dropped last month. Prepare for an experience as effervescent beautiful as it is gut punching exhilarating as Champagne Drip douses Blame with a trap and melodic dubstep flurry of wavy trills and wobbly chops. You can download this remix and the rest of the Blame remixes from iTunes, here.

January 7, 2017

The galactic enchantment that is GG Magree featuring Frontlines, or Canadian legends Zeds Dead’s hot collaboration with buzzing production star NGHTMRE, goes panoramic technicolor on a breathtaking remix by HUXTER, a producer to watch from Denver, Colorado. While I often call electronic tracks “cinematic”, this one truly lives up to the adjective. It soars magnificently, a vast stirring future bass and trap affair. Just don’t forget to breath during its beautifully drawn out build up so you don’t pass out before it’s cathartic drop. I don’t know what it is about the Denver area, but the world’s best melodic bass seems to come from its great heights. You can download HUXTER’s remix for free, here. For one of his stunning originals, take sprawling trap opus Arrival for a spin below.

November 1, 2016

Zeds Dead’s star studded Northern Lights album is most certainly one of the highlight electronic dance albums of the year, and red hot single Too Young is easily one of the top jams of this fall. We dive into the jaunty snapping dance track via its adorable stop motion animation music video tonight as we whip our heads from side to side to Rivers Cuomo and Pusher T’s lilting vocals. This playful charming mid-tempo treat showcases this Canadian production duo’s imaginative vision and versatile skillset. Snag your copy of Zeds Dead’s Northern Lights from iTunes.

October 4, 2016

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October 1, 2016

A Zeds Dead track involving Los Angeles synthpop troubadour Twin Shadow is an unexpected surprise, but what isn’t a curiosity is the fact that George Lewis Jr’s dramatic vocals and this Canadian production duo’s legendary craftsmanship could result in something as dark ravishing and fiery smoldering as Stardust. After all, we’re used to epic intensity from Twin Shadow, and who else but Zeds Dead could take advantage of that to the fullest? Gritty whomping Stardust teems with burning chords and biting guitar. It’s also the opening track on Zeds Dead’s forthcoming album Northern Lights which features a sensational list of guest talent including Pusha T, Diplo, and Rivers Cuomo. Learn more about Northern Lights and Zeds Dead’s forthcoming tour, here.

September 19, 2016

A collaboration with producer of the hour NGHTMRE and Canadian electronic legends Zeds Dead is a massive event. It’s so gargantuan that we’re taken to the critical “frontlines” of this mind blowing domain by that effort together, a galactic rumbling future bass anthem featuring GG Magree on voluptuous burning vocals. Frontlines quivers and pounds, a theatrical and intense voyage through dark turning trenches to the “event horizon” of this sonic battlefield. Purchase the epic track from various outlets, here.