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November 14, 2017

Allie McDonald and Mike Derenzo are busy music bees this past month, having released exceptional tunes as electropop duo EXES. Now, they’ve even partnered up on a new song from rising Los Angeles siren Alexx Mack. Your Car is a dreamy wistful, sultry simmering, and breathy ravishing effusion of slow burning, melancholic aching pop. Alexx Mack and EXES takes us on a late night drive, riddled by the heavy weight of nostalgia and haunted by dark deserted streets. But then they infuse us with the light of hope as Your Car takes on a beautiful ascent and a vibrant crescendo to close out our escapade. By the end of their song, we aren’t cruising asphalt streets but flying through a beautiful night sky, with a world of possibilities lying ahead of us.