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May 16, 2018

Detroit to LA transplant Yoshi Flower is back with a new single named Woke, and it’s a splendorous effusion of the gifted artist’s genre-bending music. He first dashed on to the scene two months ago with Movies before featuring on Elohim’s Panic Attacks. I don’t usually watch live streams of festivals, but I just had to tune into Elohim’s set at Coachella, not only because we’re eternally in love with that amazing human, but because we’re such huge fans of Yoshi Flower too. It was a thrill to see the LA roommates tear up the stage with their song together. On new song Woke, Yoshi Flower expertly blends alt rock, hip hop, and trappy electronica to give us a truly enlightening song. He takes broiling guitars reminiscent of Opia and the sooty allure of The Neighbourhood then gives that concoction his own hazy smoldering twist. Yoshi recently finished working on his debut album, which we can’t wait to find out more about. He’s also hit the road with chillwave extraordinaire Washed Out for five West Coast dates culminating in shows in LA on May 30th and NYC on June 6th. Woke will be streaming on all major services come this Friday, May 18th. Re-visit our prior Yoshi Flower features, here.

April 3, 2018

It’s been a fantastic few weeks for fans of Josh Smith’s musical forte. If the name doesn’t quite ring a bell, it may be because you know him as one half of Detroit cosmic pop duo Gosh Pith, who were we’ve been fervently supporting here on IHM. Though it looks like Gosh Pith may have disbanded, or gone on extended hiatus, we’re elated that Josh has re-emerged as new solo project Yoshi Flower to give us much of the same quirky, forward-thinking innovation that he gave us with Gosh Pith. Yoshi Flower debuted with whimsically whizzing alt/electro-pop song Movies last month before teaming up with singer songwriter/production prodigy Elohim on Panic Attacks. And he’s quickly followed both of those gems up with a second solo single, Just On Drugs, a hazy prancing, gritty drifting effusion of Smith’s unique blend of hip hop, electro, and alt pop. Yoshi Flower’s Just On Drugs is just the sort of binary sonic high that we need, a playful and youthful, yet pensive and stirring listen. Re-visit Movies and Panic Attacks on Soundcloud, here. Catch Yoshi Flower on tour with Elohim. Find out about dates and tickets, here. We can’t wait for their stop in San Francisco at Slim’s this weekend.

March 12, 2018

Over the weekend we shared a striking debut from a new project named Yoshi Flower, which as it turns out, is the solo project of Josh Smith from our Detroit favorites, Gosh Pith. We also learned that Josh has moved in with another favorite of ours, singer songwriter and producer Elohim, in Los Angeles, and they’re hitting the road together on tour soon. As if the surprise news couldn’t get any better, the pair have even collaborated on a brand new song! Panic Attacks is a tenderly waltzing electronic pop song which, despite its title, is quite the chill dreamy, pensive gliding affair. Elohim and Yoshi Flower trade off on intimate and heartfelt vocals on their soft lulling minimalist lullaby about anxiety and remorse. If only panic attacks in real life were as sublime as listening to panic attack! To add even more splendid news to this growing list of reasons to celebrate, Elohim has also announced her self-titled debut album, due to arrive April 27th. It’s obviously going to be another wonderful year for this Elohim fan, and I can’t wait for what Yoshi Flower brings us next! Pre-order Elohim’s debut album, here. Panic Attacks is available, here. And you can find out about Elohim and Yoshi Flower’s tour, here.

March 11, 2018

Lately, I’ve been wondering what Detroit’s Gosh Pith has been up to, since it’s been a very long time since we’ve heard from the two Joshes of that genre defying act. Though Gosh Pith is still silent on all fronts, I found out on Friday that Josh Smith has moved in with electronica and electro-pop phenom Elohim in Los Angeles and started a new solo project named Yoshi Flower! The two are even heading out on tour together and have a collaboration out, which I’ll be sharing soon. Are you as mind blown as we are? I’m seriously floored by this wonderful news. Two of IHM’s favorites collide and we couldn’t be more excited about this fresh turn of events. Yoshi Flower hits the ground running with a sensational first single named Movies, an easy breezy, whimsically whizzing alt and electro-pop aria with an alluring trap cadence and witty lyrics that immediately grabs hold of our ears and catches our fancy. Movies is described as a hazy, romantic romp through cinematic trappings, which Josh himself likens to “nailing the coffin closed for genres and the old, constructed ‘normal’”. We can’t get enough of this brilliant hybrid construction, which made its debut on venerated publication The Fader. Stay tuned for our share of Yoshi Flower’s Elohim collaboration, too, it’ll knock your socks off.