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August 1, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 07.31.2016

Featured music – July 31st, 2016

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August 1, 2016

A long time friend of mine that I hadn’t talked to in ages messaged me on Facebook just a couple days ago, telling me that he’d recently gotten into emerging new R&B and needed some suggestions on artists other than Gallant or R.LUM.R to check out. It made me ecstatic that he wanted to explore new music. I fired off a quick list of recommended artists and bands, but I made sure to finish up by suggesting Yo Trane. The French artist has certainly established himself as a rising act to watch in hip hop, soul, and R&B with a myriad of sensual gooey tunes. New song Role Play, featuring long time collaborator and producer Kalim, is just the sort of molten creamy throwback to the 90′s that leaves you a sappy mess. Role Play is a slow burner one part Usher and one part The Weeknd. 

November 19, 2015

I stumbled upon this R&B artist from France named Yo Trane earlier today, and after listening through his recent Late Night Drive EP, he had me wondering… is he the next The Weeknd? Sure, his music is more sensually smooth, like Miguel’s, but what an amazing, flawless falsetto and what sweet seduction! The title track from the EP, above, is a shiny slice of atmospheric electronica and sateen R&B, a seamless piece of music both searing and cool. Stream another track off the Late Night Drive EP below. Let Me In is a far more moodier and reflective piece, a dusky slow burner. Visit Yo Trane’s EP in full on Soundcloud, where you can find a link to download the release for free, too. Keep an eye on this one.