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May 4, 2016

Though it’s very rare nowadays for me to be up at 4am in the morning (unlike my younger years when I didn’t need as much sleep), I still recall that there’s a magic to that hour, particularly if you’re in a solitary, ruminative mood. The rest of the world is quietly asleep, and your heart’s murmurs of desire and torment seem to crescendo and take over every cell of your body. London boy girl duo 4am captures that witching hour head space dwelling to perfection on seductively foggy, lustfully longing Yearning & Calling. The shadowy intimate cocktail of downtempo electronica, sultry R&B, and creamy pop is a nebulous ode to those burning hungers and aching wants we oft keep hidden when under the blinding light of the sun. Yearning & Calling is the duo’s second song, following on the heels of breathtaking drifter More. Stream More below, and let it carry you away into a wistful dreamy mist.