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July 11, 2017

I know this one’s been afloat since earlier this month, but it’s far to dashing and swaggering an electronic jam to miss out on a requisite share. Canadian sibling duo Love Thy Brother partnered up with Australia by way of Germany artist YATES on Reminder, a sooty smoldering, fiery simmering conglomeration of deep house, indie dance, alt pop, and electro-soul. As they sing on their track, “I don’t need no reminder.” Nope, none is necessary when it comes to Love Thy Brother’s brilliance and Yates’ talent. You can download Reminder for free, here.

August 19, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 08.17.2016

Featured music – August 17th, 2016

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August 18, 2016

A divine web of softly wobbling bass, pure soulful crooning, and cavernous engulfing electronica entraps us on YATES’ It’s Over Now. The tense mesmeric song is the first in nearly half a year since the Australia based Berlin artist gave us Mercury. There’s no mistaking It’s Over Now’s dusky haunting ambiance and dramatic intensity. This is the YATES who has scintillated us many times over with his potent affecting, intense brooding indie soul and electronica. It’s Over Now ebbs and tides steeply, a sheer precipitation of gloomy resplendence. It’s Over Now can be purchased now from iTunes.

May 13, 2016

Every time I hear YATES’ silken sleek voice on Mercury, I fall head over heels for the softly wobbling indietronica gem all over again. Mercury goes majestic and cinematic on a superb remix created by Norway’s Kristian Lia. Though this is a summery deep house edit, Kristian Lia’s interpretation of Mercury is no cookie cutter indie dance remix. It’s an intoxicating and fluid sail past grand vistas and through swirling eddies, a magical journey thoroughly enrapturing and utterly captivating. The official remix will be out soon on Spotify and iTunes.

March 1, 2016

I melt into a mess on the floor every time I hear YATES’ beautifully deep and creamy sleek voice. The Australia based Berlin artist just revealed a brand new tune named Mercury, whose mellow atmosphere, softly wobbling synths, and dusky ambiance only serve to highlight that voice even more. Mercury is an indietronica song full of emotionally charged tension and regal magnificence despite its downtempo cadence, leaving us with a fully captivating, utterly engrossing experience. At times, YATES reminds me of LANKS, but when his voice softens up even more, I hear hints of Antony Hegarty. The gorgeous gem is the title track from YATES’ forthcoming debut EP, available for pre-orders on iTunes.

November 18, 2015

Berlin by way of Australia artist YATES threw me into fits of euphoria with his fine balance of acoustic and electronica on Virtue earlier this year. His bewitching vocals on the song are softly alluring, and they retain center stage on a bright, springy dance remix by Southern California’s Plastic Plates. The producer brings the summer heat on this one, giving Virtue a glossy dose of 80′s evoking tropical and nu-disco. Yates is working on a debut EP and the first chapter of his musical series Mercury, due out early 2016.

April 6, 2015

I’ve been doing some Easter Sunday night music discovery and email perusing, and been fortunate enough to encounter some great music. Suffice to say, this is one content music head right now. While I’ll be sharing much good tunes with you in the new week, I had to jump on immediately for an urgent share. Berlin by way of Australia artist YATES dropped a superb treat this weekend named Virtue. I’m thoroughly riveted by his emotive yet soft vocals and the song’s fine balance between melancholy and euphoria, acoustic and electronic. It’s an intoxicating, brilliant third song from the emerging act. 

March 18, 2015

The last we heard from Berlin’s YATES, several months back, he’d just dropped a stunning debut single named Mako. Today, he’s back with a new tune named Dive which starts with the slinky beats of earlier Foster The People (a la Pumped Up Kicks) before launching itself into a smooth and dazzling electropop enclave. Dive is a dreamy and rich gem. Listening to it does feel like a plunge into a fluid pool of glistening, swooning bliss.


December 1, 2014

I contemplated waiting to see if an official Soundcloud stream might be coming for this fantastic track, but I decided it’s far too good to wait and the official video is an immediate must. I might have to feature it again when there is one. Berlin artist YATES’ debut single Mako starts off delicately, like a tender, minimalist Deptford Goth song, before venturing into R&B imbued, passionate, and flushed synthy pop territory. Paired with the black and white video, I find myself suddenly thinking of VS commercials and the sultry music they like to employ for their ads.