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February 8, 2018

A sudden burst of summery heat this week in San Francisco seems to give us the perfect winter opportunity to head out for a nice Bay sail in our best boating threads and some cool fedoras. Except, I don’t have a sail boat, and I’ll have to ask someone to take me sailing instead. Oakland’s Same Girls seem to be on the same wavelength as me as they coo “take me sailing” on their new single, a yacht rock meets chill disco ray of lazy afternoon sunshine. Sailing’s wonky intoxicating, hazy twirling groove is reminiscent of Homeshake’s bedroom pop paired with a touch of Trails and Ways’ breezy indie pop, all laid out on languorous shimmering waves. You can check out more of this intriguing Oakland band’s music on Soundcloud, here.

May 18, 2017

With the yacht rock breeziness of Vampire Weekend, the dreamy surfiness of The Drums, and the whimsical charm of Cayugas comes Modern Aquatic and the Cincinnati band’s latest single C.B.L. This sun kissed indie pop meets glimmering indie rock treat will have you yelping and hopping along in no time. The five piece band’s blissed out and bright lifting tune is available now from Bandcamp

May 11, 2017

There’s no filtering out the perky whimsicality of this new one from Denver’s POPFILTER, and there’s no way you’ll want to, anyway. The band returns in style with Ksenia Ksenia, their first single of the year, a sun kissed springing, playful gurgling jam with the yacht rock charm of Vampire Weekend, the surfy glow of The Drums, and the jovial liveliness of South Africa’s Al Bairre. Ksenia Ksenia is jolly and chipper, and it’s sure to brighten your day. The self-released single is available now from iTunes.

July 14, 2016

I know many people who adore German producer Roosevelt’s electronic music, and I’m sure they’re all happy with excitement over the news of a debut full length, just like me. Marius Lauber will be releasing his self titled debut on August 19th via City Slang / Greco-Roman. Sun dappled summer anthem Fever only increases my feverish zeal for the full length. This is a weightless euphoric, florescent hued beauty flawlessly formed from live guitars, dreamy synths, and effortlessly sailing vocals. 80′s new wave, French house, and tropical pop all make a welcome appearance on this smooth skimming dance Romeo. Fever can be attained as a single from various outlets, here.

April 1, 2016

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Southern California. London’s Holy ‘57 languorously whisks me away for a quick trip to its balmy beaches on the band’s new single Venice, CA. Yacht rock meets Balearic pop on the Vampire Weekend and Cayucas evocative treat. Excuse me as I break out my boat shoes, some sunblock, and a straw hat. Venice, CA comes from an upcoming EP entitled O. Download Venice, CA from Bandcamp.

August 26, 2015

When I was little, I always loved bubble baths. I think I still do, though I don’t recall the last time I had one. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I was immediately drawn to this bright and peppy treat named Bubble Bath, or maybe it’s just too irresistible with its tropical pop sound and breezy, laid back charm. Vancouver quartet BESTiE are endlessly endearing on the whimsical song with playfully coquettish lyrics. Lead vocalist Tristan Orchard’s voice reminds me of a combination of The Antlers’ Peter Silberman and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig. Come to think of it, Bubble Bath nearly feels like a cross between Vampire Weekend’s yacht rock and The Antler’s earlier dreamy rock. Bubble Bath is available now on iTunes. Watch out, you might find yourself as addicted to the tune as I am. 

August 20, 2015

Earlier this summer, Southern California surf pop band Cayucas released their sophomore album, Dancing At The Blue Lagoon. I was worried whether I’d love it as much as their debut album Bigfoot, since that album was an absolute delight two years ago. I shouldn’t have worried so much, as Dancing At The Blue Lagoon is a burst of sun kissed charm. While Mooney Eyed Walrus is my favorite song off the album, Hella is an infectious second favorite. When I saw that Cayucas had uploaded the track on soundcloud (stream below, Spotify above), I realized it was time to give Hella a bump here on IHM. Plus, it’s so NorCal of me to have a song named Hella on here, isn’t it? Hella is a warm breeze and a flip flops & straw hat on the beach sort of delightful tune.

July 8, 2015

Kick back and relax, because new London band Holy ‘57 are about to take us on a languid, drifting trip with washed out, sun drenched debut single Island Kids. I literally feel like I’m floating in on the gentle waves of a warm shore while listening to this hazy lo-fi Balearic pop gem. I need to bring this blissed out, shimmering treat with me the next time I head to the beach. It’ll be utter perfection.

February 13, 2015

New Los Angeles trio Jr.’s The Caller was included on a third volume of new act tunes compiled by Beech Coma, out March 9th digitally and on cassette. It’s certainly a great choice to introduce listeners to the indie pop and rock band. Their dreamy, languid sound captures California sunshine and balmy, beachy warmth to the tee on the wistfully nostalgic tune. It’s said that they sound like Paul Simon fronting Vampire Weekend, which rings very true. I also hear some Beach Boys, minus the massively high falsettos. The Caller can truly bring on a blissful beach coma.

February 8, 2015

Playful, lightly bouncing disco and funk vibes meander along whimsically on UK alt electronic trio Patawawa’s charmer of a single Strange, along with its irresistible bass line and breezy horns. The immensely hooking tune comes along with a colorful new music video, which you can view below. Strange is a warm gem sure to get your feet tapping in jocund liveliness. The endearing song is off Patawawa’s upcoming EP, Knowleston Palace, out March 16. The catchy lyrics on Strange are some of my favorite of the moment. How can you not fall in love with: “It’s like a sabbatical, intensely fanatical, with nothing problematic, it’s strange” to that punchy beat and balmy air?