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January 31, 2018

California producer Xan Griffin continues to take us on a magical journey through all the astrological signs with his latest collaboration, a track named Capricorn featuring Los Angeles’ WOLFE on guest production duties. I can’t say I’m well versed in zodiac signs, though I seem an accurate Libra myself, but Capricorn stands tall and strong, just like the sign’s description seems to imply is inherent to people who are born under its dates. Xan Griffin’s Capricorn is a grand and adamant electronic track with high flying, raw impassioned vocals and a chord progression that leads us towards adrenaline pumping heights of triumphant bliss. It’s a twisted dark fantasy, a beautiful and theatrical voyage of enlightenment in an unmerciful world. The track’s dubstep inspired bass warbles churn tempestuously, like an electrified storm bursting with potent energy. You may your own way in this world, as Capricorn’s more than exultant velour emphasizes. Download the track for free, here, and listen to prior chapters in this fascinating astrological series on Soundcloud, here.

May 29, 2017

California producer Xan Griffin illuminates us in a chromatic glow with his soaring original Gemini, which features Los Angeles indie pop trio WILD. Gemini is grand and majestic, vast and sprawling. It’s as uplifting an electronic anthem as we’ve encountered all year, a magnificent eruption of emotionally charged, cosmic towering melodic bass. Xan Griffin named the track after his own astrological sign, having just celebrated his birthday over a week ago. What a gorgeous gift he’s crafted in celebration of the occasion! Stream or download Gemini via alternate sources, here.

November 15, 2016

It’s easy to forget how young some of these brilliant producers are in the face of their sonic sophistication. I find myself surprised once again that Xan Griffin is only 16 after listening to the California producer’s debut original, a cinematic soaring anthem that features Scandipop songbird Anuka on guest vocals. U Remind Me is an aerial dazzler, a prismatic painted trap and melodic bass tour de force that evokes the likes of Adventure Club and Illenium with a sprinkling of Jai Wolf. It won’t be long before Xan Griffin becomes a widely recognized, well loved production name in the scene at this rate. U Remind Me is a free download, here

July 26, 2016

Cryptically veiled producer Marshmello delivered one of the most memorable electronic jams of the year so far in the form of Alone, a Homer’s Odyssey of EDM if you will, wrapped up in whomping bass and bouncy synths. My curiosity as to how the track might develop under the hands of other producers gets satiated by California’s Xan Griffin, who gives Alone an epic remix that pulls together two of my favorite dance subgenres, chill trap and melodic dubstep. This high flying, wildly energetic remix is grand and gripping, a majestic march that will most certainly pump you up for the rest of the day and well into the night, too. Snag the track for free, here.

March 23, 2016

Just A Gent’s Heavy As A Heartbreak, featuring Lanks, is such a spectacular song, we’ve heard an abundance of remixes of the track already. But I promise that you’ll want to set aside some time to check out this new one by California’s Xan Griffin. The producer’s rendition of Heavy As A Heartbreak starts out light and airy, as if propelling us into a world of bright and hopeful fantasy quite disparate from the very heartache Just A Gent addresses on the original. The track slowly builds upon itself before erupting with dubstep and melodic bass power, but there’s still a wistful weightlessness to this version of the song that, though emotionally charged, gives off an uplifting and optimistic radiance. Xan Griffin’s official remix is majestic and grand, an ILLENIUM and Adventure Club evoking spectacular. It’s also free to download, here.