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May 9, 2018

I was traipsing through Soundcloud nonchalantly like I always do in the mornings while fast at work, when I encountered this sick track that I knew I had to hop on to share immediately. The lightning bolt jolt that it’s brought me is way better than any rush the coffee I’m having right now could ever give. All hail Pon De Time, Wuki’s absolutely genius mashup of Daft Punk’s timeless hit One More Time and Major Lazer’s 2009 dance classic Pon De Floor. French electro, steely future house, and dancehall meld together exceptionally in Wuki’s hands to become the most exhilarating mashup I’ve come across in ages. Pon De Floor is a free download, here.

April 13, 2017

There isn’t a more appropriate name for this conflagration of talent than Bullseye. OWSLA favorites Anna Lunoe, Valentino Khan, and Wuki forge a three way symbiosis of epic proportions on this gritty whomping, steely lurching spectacular. Plenty of filthy bass and punchy electro endow this eye widening, adrenaline pumping experience. An interesting dichotomy is achieved when those aforementioned visceral elements are paired with Anna Lunoe’s dreamy sleek vocals. Turns out, a heavy hitting banger like this can be both relentlessly driving and dulcet euphonious. So go ahead, “pull the trigger” and blast Bullseye loud. Shake those floorboards, have a Wednesday night dance party. Bullseye is even a free download, here.

December 24, 2014

Mad Decent dropped a Christmas compilation album titled A Very Very Decent Christmas, featuring ten seasonal electronic tracks. Seeing as it’s the eve of Christmas, what better time than now to visit opening track Rock Them Bells, a playful “Deck The Halls” styled collaboration between Jess Slayter and Wuki? If you prefer your Christmas filled with bass and beats, this one’s for you. It’s a fun track to close out with right before I sign off for some fam bam time. If you covet more, stream Mad Decent’s compilation in full, here, and snag on iTunes, hereMerry Christmas, everyone.