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November 10, 2016

I near choked on my coffee this morning when I saw an ECHOS and Seven Lions collaboration surface on my radar, I was that agitated with excitement. It was but a few Fridays ago that I eagerly caught ECHOS’ San Francisco debut at Popscene to learn how spectacularly rousing their music can truly be in person. The fact that this incredible Portland duo has partnered up with venerated melodic bass producer Seven Lions was the best spirit lifting news to arrive in a rather unfortunately glum election week. It comes as no surprise that ECHOS’ emotively exquisite, atmospheric heartrending electronica pairs gorgeously with Seven Lions’ production. Cold Skin is cavernous and expansive, yet intimately tender and stirring. Lexi’s exceptional voice lifts us to cathartic apexes while Seven Lions’ cinematic production packs in those endless infinite feels. Trust me, you’ll be hard pressed to find another electronic aria as moving as this one right now. Cold Skin is out now on Monstercat. Grab it from iTunes.

June 10, 2016

Ah, Phoria, how you know your way around my heart, and now you do so with an entire album, too. The Brighton based ambient electronic five piece just released their eagerly awaited debut album Volition, one which I’ve yet to manage to obtain a physical copy of. But thankfully, I’ve been able to listen to it digitally, otherwise my heart would shatter in sorrow. From Volition comes yet another stirring beauty named Loss, a ravishing dream folk and experimental electronic beauty that leaves me crumlped up in a heap on the floor, lost in its mournful emotion and grand evocative expanse. Loss is a prime example of exactly how heart rending and soul moving Phoria can be. There are no words to describe the feelings they can ignite. I’m hardly able to breath for six and a half minutes. Phoria’s debut album Volition can be listened to in full on Soundcloud, but don’t forget to purchase your own copy from iTunes, too.

June 2, 2016

“Wow” is a very good name for Beck’s new tune, because it really is sort of awe-inspiring and quirky magnificent. As someone else put it quite accurately, Beck is Beck, he doesn’t quite fit into classifications and genres with what he does.

You never know what you’ll get when you dive into new Beck.

He takes things and turns them back around on us in his own way. On Wow, Beck plays on the current trap and hip hop trend that has much saturated the music world lately, but he delivers it in such an eccentric infectious way. Wow is woozy psychedelic, bubbly kaleidoscopic, and oh so sweetly thrumming fun. It’s like he’s channeling Kid Cudi and Børns, Foster The People and Animal Collective, all at once, with a touch of Rostram in there too. Since revealing Wow, Beck has confirmed that a new album will be out this Fall. Wow is available now from iTunes.

May 20, 2016

I happened to catch an early preview of this one last week and have been waiting to share it with you, and let me tell you, it is pure magnificence. SoCal’s Crywolf, who puts on a spectacular live show, has covered Flume’s smash hit Never Be Like You. The song goes gut pummeling atmospheric on the massive cover. Crywolf slows it down a notch and gives instills in it a bounty of his signature majestic sound. His voice near cracks under the pressure of passionate emotion. This is an extra organic Never Be Like You with much ominously brooding ambiance. Anguish and torment linger long after the cover ends. The air is so heavy I can barely breath, but I dive right back into this ocean of sweeping brilliance. Crywolf has presented the track as a free download, here.

May 5, 2016

You’ve probably heard this little ditty lighting it up this past week named This Is What You Came For, by two massive superstars in the music scene. Australian producer Just A Gent has given the track the royal remix treatment, and the resulting weighty jam is straight fire. Everybody’s Watching Her goes chill trap intoxicating. Just A Gent takes the song down a notch with a slower tempo and much downtempo timbre, but there’s no lack of emotive intensity to the gorgeous remix. The Soundcloud version of the flip is actually a slowed down version. You can download the original edit from Toneden.

May 4, 2016

I know I’ve been a broken record when it comes to my repeated praise for anonymous producer k?d, but every track the enigmatic act has released in past weeks has only been increasingly redeeming of my poetics. In fact, today’s mind blowing reveal is full on vindicating, one of the most brilliant remixes I’ve come across in some time. k?d takes on Daft Punk, a brave feat, and this immaculate edit of Random Access Memory hit Doin It Right literally sends shivers down my spine. The future bass and ambient electronic transformation that Daft Punk undergoes under the deft hands of k?d is transcendental, a tactile adventure and dramatic construction that shoots me straight into the space and beyond. k?d’s remix is sheer genius, a wondrous journey across the cosmos and through time. Download this remix for free, here. You might end up listening to it on loop for hours on end. It’s that good.

January 7, 2016

I must be dreaming right now, because one of the most talented artists with the most sensational voices to come out of the emerging act pool of 2015 has teamed up with a long time brilliant favorite for this amazing cover video. Los Angeles’ Gallant, one of my top ten artists to watch of 2016, covers Sufjan Stevens’ Blue Bucket Of Gold alongside Sufjan himself for the first in a series of collaborative videos Gallant is releasing. He aims to pay tribute to and create something special with the artists that inspired him most. Why am I not surprised that the great Sufjan is an influence on Gallant? Take a deep breath before you dive into this first episode of In The Room, because it might just leave you in a heap of sobbing ecstasy. After watching this many times over today, I’m about ready to crown Gallant as the best new voice in the scene right now. The Blue Bucket Of Gold cover was recorded live in one take on December 10th, 2015 in New York City. It’s also streaming exclusively on Spotify. If you pay close attention to festival news as I do, then you likely know that both Sufjan Stevens and Gallant (as well as his Mind Of A Genius label mate ZHU) are playing Coachella this April. They’re obviously acts you can’t miss if you’re heading out to the desert.

September 16, 2015

Just yesterday, Amy Winehouse would’ve turned thirty two. Yes, it was the tragic artist’s birthday. Instead, as we all know, she’s joined the legendary 27 club. British electronic act Digital Farm Animals offers up a proper tribute, intentional or coincidental, via an immensely breathtaking remix of Ms. Winehouse’s Stronger Than Me. In fact, this is the ONLY official remix of a song approved by her family since her passing. It’s a near gutwrenching experience, taking into account the lyrics of the song, Amy’s striking vocals, and the melancholia tinged, reflective atmosphere of the track. Digital Farm Animals’ expert adaptation is an ambient electronica, melodic trip hop, and entrancing breakbeat work of art. This leaves me at one of those special music moments where I can’t help but utter “magic”.

July 7, 2015

This one takes me straight back to my raver days, when I used to dance all night to trance music and wear baggy pants and visors. Yes, those were some fun times. There were many trance anthems that I still love to this day, including Chicane’s Saltwater. Irish producer Reuben Keeney brings that euphoric gem back with an incredible remix that really focuses in on the original’s sampling of Clannad, imbuing the vocals with an even more wispy, atmospheric quality. Lush layers, sparkling melody, and cinematic bass come together to build a cosmic deep house experience not easily found in house music these days. The serene yet thrilling remix reminds us all how beautiful electronic music can be, and how magnificent trance music once was. Take me back to 1999… The remix is available as a free download, here.

July 4, 2015

I love 80′s music. I love it a lot, and one of the best timeless classics from that decade has got to be Pat Benetar’s Love Is A Battlefield. Just thinking of the track tempts me to dance like Pat. Melbourne, Australia’s Godwolf turns in a spectacular update to the track with a genre defying indie electronic cover of Love Is A Battlefield. And it works, 100%, all the way.. .take it to the bank. Love Is A Battlefield has never sounded more poignant and commanding, with its dramatic electro soul and intense melodic bass production and Godwolf’s satin vocals. Download the colossal cover for free, here.