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May 16, 2018

To be honest, I had no idea that new Tors music dropped several days ago until a few moments ago, when Soundcloud decided it would be wise to auto-play the British trio’s latest single. I sat straight up in my chair as my ears perked skywards and my eyes became big round saucers. Soundcloud is perceptive and shrewd indeed, because not only do we love Tors’ earthy, folksy rock, but Won’t Remember is a high flying, earnest stirring spectacular! The heartfelt ballad was written about Alzheimer’s and the heartbreaking travails related to the degenerative affliction. Despite the agonized sentiment behind anthemic Won’t Remember, it’s an incredibly lifting and inspiring song. Won’t Remember is a guiding light, a much needed injection of hope. Let darkness not prevail. Won’t Remember is lifted from Tors’ brand new EP Wilder Days, available here.