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January 18, 2018

I’m a devout fan of British band Wolf Alice and their 90s inspired rock. Though their 2017 album Visions of a Life was stupendous, my love for their earlier tracks is stronger than ever. Their music can’t be easy to remix, and it’s not often anyone wants to take on their alt rock and transform it into a dance track, but that’s exactly what Myten has done with White Leather, a song I adore very much. White Leather’s ethereal rock gets infused with a magnificent dosage of buoyant energy on Myten’s deep house remix, which at times carries the resiliency and sharpness of future house. Myten’s edit is dance paradise for a fan of both electronica and rock, and I’d like to thank him for giving us this deep thrumming gift, which is a free download, here

January 5, 2018

Wolf Alice’s Visions Of A Life was one of our favorite indie/alt rock albums of 2017. The beloved British band, whom I was lucky enough to see on tour at Rickshaw Stop when they opted for an intimate show in San Francisco, certainly outdid themselves with their sophomore album, though 2015′s My Love Is Cool will always have a special place in my heart. An unexpected delight cropped up this week in regards to one of the best songs off their second album. Don’t Delete The Kisses has received a re-work involving both Charli XCX and emerging indie duo Post Precious (Alex Winston and MS MR’s 

Max Hershenow). This new version of Don’t Delete The Kisses is the perfect combination of Charli XCX’s booming, rumbling electropop and Post Precious’ opalescent synthpop. It also feels somewhat like a CHVRCHES re-work with its throbbing beats and glossy synths. You can grab the remix, here.

September 28, 2017

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am for Wolf Alice’s sophomore album Visions Of A Life, due out in but two days from now on September 29th via Dirty Hit / RCA. The UK band has without a doubt been one of our favorites for several years now and it’s been such vindicating fun watching their star power grow as they released their acclaimed first album followed by nominations for a Mercury Prize, a Grammy, and a Brit Award, among other accomplishments. This brand new video for their single Heavenward only serves to fuel our excitement even more, particularly since it captures some of the sheer energy of the band’s live show (which I was lucky enough to experience quite recently when they played intimate Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on a hot, sweaty, and packed evening). Is there anything better than Ellie Roswell’s voice, which has the capacity of being so delicate and sweet yet spunky and full of fire all in the span of an album? Visions Of A Life is unfurling as quite a diverse collection of alt rock and indie rock songs. From the pounding furious to the dreamy melodic and gazey swirling, it seems to have it all. If you haven’t pre-ordered the album yet, here’s your chance to do so:

July 6, 2017

Wolf Alice returned a few weeks ago with a trasher of an alt rock song named Yuk Foo, and it’s probably the most gloriously hard the UK band has gone in their short but illustrious career so far. Now they’ve followed it up with a completely different kind of tune named Don’t Delete The Kisses, also a taste from their forthcoming sophomore album Visions of a Life. This time around, Wolf Alice has gone gazey and dreamy, wading deep into dream pop, shoegaze, and synthpop territory. The band continues to surprise and delight with a grasp on a wide spectrum of music. Visions of a Life will be out on September 29th via Dirty Hit / RCA. I can’t wait to see one of my favorite bands at intimate Rickshaw Stop on July 24th. It’s a show which sold out in a matter of minutes, as expected. 

June 12, 2017

It was a real treat to hear Ellie Roswell of Wolf Alice on Alt-J’s new album RELAXER. Her voice graces one of my favorite tracks this year, 3WW. But there’s really nothing like a brand new track from the alt rock quartet from London, whom we’ve been championing for more than four years long, since the days of Every Cloud and White Leather. Yuk Foo arrives by lyric video, and a glowering, menacing one at that which totally matches the song’s restless bristling, ferocious seething rock. The song, the band’s hardest yet, arrives alongside news of Wolf Alice’s sophomore album. Visions Of A Life will hit the shelves on September 29th via Dirty Hit, and I expect it to be a fine follow up to acclaimed debut LP, My Love Is Cool, one of my top albums of 2015. Rebellious snarling Yuk Foo is out now on iTunes, here. Between this and the new DFA I just shared, I’m ready to aggressively jump all over my office room with my head swinging violently in every direction possible. 

March 6, 2017

Big Alt-J news for big Alt-J fans like me has surfaced tonight, and I just had to hop on immediately to share. The band’s third album, Relaxer, will be arriving on June 9th. Alt-J has also revealed a first taste from the album. Gently strolling 3WW is a poetic ambling experimental folk piece that feels like we’re taking in José González from a medieval cloister before it crests with a supple stratification that evokes Alt-J’s prior music. 3WW is an enriching experience that offers more with every renewed listen, particularly when done so with the same fastidious attention to detail that is always rewarding when it comes to these English raconteurs. The song also features the addition of female vocals. They sound familiar, but I’ve yet to find any information regarding who it might be. As it turns out, it’s Wolf Alice’s Ellie Roswell! 3WW can also be streamed via Spotify or Apple Music, here. You can already pre-order RELAXER, here. Keep in mind this is Alt-J, so most of us will likely be unraveling the song bit by bit for some time to come. I’m sure there’s plenty to be discovered in 3WW’s esoteric lyrics and meticulous consistency. For the moment, I find 3WW to be beautiful. Is there anything more romantic than “I just want to love you in my own language”? But then, there’s also a lustful sense of desire to be felt in other portions of the song, too. One thing’s for sure, 3WW is an escapade, and we are tourists in Alt-J’s world, one immensely vivid and melodious. This is a song you can smell and taste.

September 18, 2015

When it comes to (relatively) new indie rock bands from London with, say, only EPs or a debut album out so far, I’m confident that Wolf Alice is still one of my top three favorites. Not only do they now have one exceptional debut album under their belts, but the rockers have also demonstrated how incredible gripping and exhilarating they can be live. So, it’s a real treat when, out of the blue, a brand new Wolf Alice track surfaces in the midst of releasing singles off their My Love Is Cool LP. Baby Ain’t Made In China is the B-side for latest single You’re A Germ, and what a fabulous, grungy, yelpy song it is. As always, they bring in plenty of 90′s scuzz on the tune, with a touch of Pixies and a sliver of The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan mixed with Courtney Barnett via Ellie’s crystalline or yowling vocals.  Baby Ain’t Made In China and You’re A Germ will be available on a forthcoming 7″ out October 30th via Dirty Hit. Stream the song off Spotify above, Soundcloud below.

June 11, 2015

I really must shoot this over immediately to my pal, who has a good friend named Georgi. You’ll get why once you hit the play button on Wolf Alice’s brand new rocking tune You’re A Germ. As you should’ve noticed by now, I’m a devoted fan of the British band’s music, having been locked into it since I first heard songs like Every Cloud and Bros over two years ago. Since then, they’ve picked up quite a lot of speed, deservedly. I finally had the fortune of seeing Wolf Alice live earlier this year in San Francisco, and they were as glorious live as I expected. New single You’re A Germ is very retro, taking me right back to the 90′s with its grungy rock sound, which literally explodes into aggressive, rip roaring energy after the first few restrained and melodic bars. You’re A Germ is spectacular. It’s quite possibly my favorite Wolf Alice song yet, despite my love of their earliest songs. It’s like a Shawn Colvin meets Pixies concoction, and considering my love of Shawn Colvin’s Sunny Came Home and my devotion to the Pixies, I find this magnificent. You’re A Germ is the latest reveal from Wolf Alice’s debut album My Love Is Cool, out June 22nd on Dirty Hit Records. I pre-ordered that record ages ago, and I’m madly looking forward to it.

April 18, 2015

This one’s sort of a redux, since I first shared Wolf Alice’s Bros like, nearly two years ago. I’m still so incredibly fond of the grungy rock number, I’m pulled right into it every time those first bars start punching in. The UK band, who evokes a deliciously 90′s and early 2000′s sound with their indie rock music, has been picking up a lot of attention these days, after being nominated for BBC Sound of 2015. They’re finally gearing up to release a debut album, My Love Is Cool, on June 23rd, and Bros is the second vibrant single off the record. Bros reminds me of The Cranberries, with some Silversun Pickups, a fine amalgamation indeed. If you have a chance to catch Wolf Alice live, do it. It’ll be a night of glorious guitar rock.

OFFICIAL VID: Wolf Alice – Giant Peach

March 13, 2015

I’m a happy camper this week, because I get to see UK rockers Wolf Alice tomorrow night, after having enjoyed and featured the act for some time now on IHM. I’m so glad they were nominated for BBC Sound of 2015, it’s much deserved. I’m also very fond of Wolf Alice’s scuzzy, grungy rock music, which brings me straight back to the 90′s on many of their tunes. Today, the band released a video for their latest single, growling and fierce Giant Peach. And what a fuzzy, sweet peach it is. Giant Peach is from Wolf Alice’s coming debut album My Love Is Cool. If you’re in San Francisco, I recommend you spend your Friday night with Wolf Alice at Popscene at the Rickshaw Stop tomorrow night. It’s going to be glorious night.