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OFFICIAL VID: Washed Out – A Dedication

August 1, 2012

Crowd favorite chillwave artist Washed Out has been relatively quiet for months on end after last year’s few music videos off incredible album Within and Without. Today, he returns with a wonderful video for another track off that album, A Dedication. Ernest Greene never fails at capturing heart melting tranquility and beauty in his music and videos. He even includes a calico kitten to drive it home. Kitten? AWWWW. You. Win. I. Melt.

Bonus Within and Without track

October 31, 2011

washed out

Been awhile since I’ve posted about chillwave talent Washed Out and his highly acclaimed album Within and Without. Turns out the iTunes edition had a great bonus track (meh, I don’t quite like that, but I guess it has to do with how popular of a medium iTunes is in the market, despite being one of the systems that compensates the artists the least). The bonus track is titled Call It Off, and it’s a perfect dose of more upbeat dream pop laden, yet still relaxing chillwave from artist Ernest Greene.
Washed Out – Call It Off by WeirdWorldRecordCo