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December 13, 2017

Even though the end of the year draws near, Win and Woo show no sign of slowing down. When it comes to stellar remixes and dynamic originals, these two talented fellows from Chi-town don’t hold back. On the heels of their sultry smoldering remix of JP Saxe’s Anybody Else and their recent collaboration Gold, with Shaylen, comes this swaggering original named In Love Again. Win and Woo showcases their chameleon expertise with a fresh new amalgamation involving frisky pop and brisk electro house, leaving behind some of their usual future bass for the symphonic, harmonic release. In Love Again’s uptempo elasticity are a compelling contrast to its bittersweet lyrics. We wax nostalgic over the excitement of past love as we look to the new year in hopes of experiencing both the anxiety and rapture of new loves and connections. And we’re infinitely lucky to have Win and Woo’s new single here to keep our spirits up through those holiday blues. It’s a time when we can’t help but reflect on the past and wonder about what comes next. The production pair explains that their song represents the need for more compassion in an ever changing world that is easy to get lost in. “How we fall in and out of love, and how we learn to love again.” Re-visit Win and Woo’s ever growing collection of rousing originals and remixes on Soundcloud, here. You can also stream/download In Love Again, here.

November 29, 2017

Meritorious Chi-town production duo Win and Woo seem adverse to inertia and silence. Fresh off their stellar original Gold, featuring magnetic songbird Shaylen, the pair return with wicked new remix. Their force of their momentum only grows in strength as they give swooning crooner JP Saxe an agile springing, sultry scalding future beats makeover. Win and Woo’s remix of Anybody Else is a seductive smoldering, drum shuffling, and bass whizzing extravaganza. You can also stream the remix via Spotify, here.

May 21, 2017

I had to pinch myself to be certain I wasn’t dreaming when this collaborative track surfaced last Friday. Could it be true? Has long time IHM praised electronic duo Win and Woo really linked up with buzz making Los Angeles based artist Bryce Fox on a rhapsodic song? As sure as sure can be, this ode to Win and Woo’s hometown is no elusive illusion. Chicago is a beautifully lifting piece and a ravishing tribute to a spectacular city I’ve fallen in love with myself during my brief visits in the distant past. Win and Woo’s effulgent billowing, stringy shimmering electronic production and Bryce Fox’s slick soulful crooning take me right back to those wonderful days. A fresh draft of nostalgia washes over me, yet I also find myself dancing in joyous celebration of the memories that were made. This divine union of talent has delivered a crisp buoyant, brisk melodic boost of sanguine euphoria. Bryce Fox & Win and Woo’s lambent anthem leaves me glowing. I’m more than ready to take a long overdue trip back to the Windy City. Download and alternate streaming links for Chicago can be found, here.

March 22, 2017

It’s such a fitting treat that the new video for Win and Woo’s irresistibly hooking Killer With A Smile, which features Los Angeles based artist Molly Moore on enthralling vocals, arrives just after my return from SXSW. I ran into Molly Moore and her boyfriend/fellow music talent Brandyn Burnette while in Austin. It was part serendipity, part fate. IHM has been such a long time supporter of Brandyn, Molly, and their project together, Cosmos & Creature, it was high time we all met face to face. The video for Killer With A Smile stars both Molly Moore and Brandyn Burnette, and seeing the pair act out Win and Woo’s lusciously jouncing future electro ballad and its hot blooded feistiness brings a glowing smile to my face. Chicago electronic whizzes Win and Woo ensnare me once again with their previously shared single, leaving me reveling in endless euphoria from the rush of the song. Snag the jam from iTunes, here.

November 15, 2016

Come tomorrow night, November 15th, Chicago electronic duo Win and Woo are making their long awaited San Francisco debut at The Social Hall. It’s only fitting that we celebrate the occasion with a fresh remix of the duo’s stellar dance single Recognize, featuring Ashe, by Brooklyn’s N2N. The frisky melodic, sassy springing beauty gets a “cosmic house” makeover full of spacious depth and dark sultry feels. N2N’s Recognize is the sort of visceral thrilling tech house and carnal enthralling deep house you’ll want to lose yourself to with other like minded writhing bodies on a steamy packed dance floor. The track is a limited free download, here.

July 14, 2016

Los Angeles based St. Louis transplant Brandyn Burnette is stirring up a storm these days with his rousing progressive soul. A sure sign of his impact on the music scene can be found in the deluge of remixes of his songs that are surfacing near daily. Argentina’s UTUTUT gives us the latest can’t miss remix in the form of a buoyant spry edit of Brandyn’s Win and Woo produced Underneath. Pairing deep house with soulful indie dance, UTUTUT sends us on a ornate journey of intoxicated bliss. 

July 11, 2016

As If Los Angeles based progressive soul artist Brandyn Burnette’s music isn’t already compelling enough on its own, the St. Louis native has released a powerful new music video, too. The visualizer for Underneath even stars Brandyn’s little brother Jakob Burnette and Pretty Little Liars’ Lindsey Shaw. Its close quarters look at a fictional relationship adds visual clout to Brandyn Burnette’s beautiful single, which features Chicago’s Win and Woo on expert production duty. The spacious and smooth, meditative and emotional ballad sweeps me away every time I eagerly dive back in for another listen. Grab the single from iTunes, here. Underneath can also be found on Brandyn Burnette’s stellar State I’m In EP, available here.

June 13, 2016

It’s always a treat when new Win & Woo arises, but the fact that their latest remix is an edit of brother sister duo XYLØ’s L.A. Love Song makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Two amazing acts I’m super fond of combined into one summer ready anthem?  The music gods smile upon me! The Chicago production duo have given the dark intoxicating gem an uplifting twist, one that manages to stay true to the original’s emotive beauty but suffused with the energy of jouncing beats and effulgent animation. I’m brought into a flushed love story part celebratory, part meditative, and one hundred percent exhilarating. Win & Woo give us the perfect indie dance jam to frolic poolside on a warm day, while we coyly ogle our gorgeous summer crush. Win & Woo’s remix is part of the brand new America (The Remixes) EP that XYLØ  just released last Friday. Purchase from iTunes, here.

April 26, 2016

I was a bit mind blown when I saw two acts IHM has been supporting with much gusto combine on one original track. Progressive soul talent Brandyn Burnette has released a sleek new song named Underneath, and who else is on production duty but Chicago’s Win and Woo? Underneath premiered at fabulous Youtube channel Koala Kontrol, and its a slight turn of direction for Brandyn, whose last songs were smoldering dark, moodily brooding tunes. The song is also a change for Win and Woo too, its downtempo ambiance much soothing and chill. Underneath is meditative and smooth, its spaciously caressing atmosphere much heart rending and sigh inducing. The divine ballad leaves me hoping this won’t be the only time we get to listen to a collaboration between Brandyn Burnette and Win & Woo. The single is available now from iTunes.

February 20, 2016

Bryce Fox knocked it out of the ballpark a few weeks ago on the Los Angeles based crooner’s debut, Burn Fast. The soulful pop song made such a huge impression that some sensational remixes have been rolling in this past week, out of which a sure favorite of mine is Chicago duo Win & Woo’s interpretation of the tune. Win & Woo’s remix whisks us away on a seductive tropical voyage accompanied by woozy bass, twinkling marimbas, and breezy brisk beats. The heavenly remix really does burn fast, its balmy richness over far too soon. Fortunately, we can just hit that play button once more as we jubilantly belt out Burn Fast’s lyrics alongside Bryce Fox all over again. Grab Win & Woo’s uplifting remix for free over at Facebook.