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April 6, 2018

Earlier tonight, we shared the latest from Chicago trio Autograf and mentioned their tour stop at Mezzanine in San Francisco on Saturday night. Joining them that evening is another one of our favorite Windy City production projects, Win and Woo! Alongside the sweet abundance of sensational remixes and originals they’ve released in the past, Win and Woo will probably be bringing with them their latest original, Every Feeling, which features ascending Los Angeles artist Ian Gott on igneous melting vocals. Soft, caressing guitar and dreamy spry beats reel us into Win and Woo’s future pop prancer, a sprightly teasing aria that evokes that out of control feeling that comes with being stuck in love, even when you know you should keep your distance for your own good. Hearts aflutter, hearts a bleeding… The torment of love and interdependence is rapturous when sculpted and defined through Win and Woo’s splendorous tune. Stream/download Every Feeling, here.

February 20, 2018

The name Chasing Tail seems like it might be something raunchy or dodgy, but that’s not at all what inspired Win and Woo to craft their whimsical new offering. In fact, the Chicago production experts tell an adorable story with their future pop and chill trap gem. They explain that Chasing Tail started as an idea to write a song from a different perspective. So they questioned themselves… “What if we wrote this about a dog, missing its owner?” They wondered what a pup does all day while they’re missing us, when we’re not at home. The end result is this upbeat and playful, glassy and heartwarming track that deserves a resounding collective “aww” from all of us. Win and Woo lights up our night with puppy love and the innocence of pure love on their dulcet and doe-eyed charmer, a pellucid escapade awash with luminous chimes, saccharine vocals, and larkish synths. Grab the electronic chameleon’s first single of 2018, here. Catch them on tour this spring. They return to San Francisco on April 7th with a show at the Mezzanine. I can confidently say that it’ll be a wonderfully uplifting, dance rampant night. After all, we had a blast of a time the last time Win and Woo were in town. 

December 13, 2017

Even though the end of the year draws near, Win and Woo show no sign of slowing down. When it comes to stellar remixes and dynamic originals, these two talented fellows from Chi-town don’t hold back. On the heels of their sultry smoldering remix of JP Saxe’s Anybody Else and their recent collaboration Gold, with Shaylen, comes this swaggering original named In Love Again. Win and Woo showcases their chameleon expertise with a fresh new amalgamation involving frisky pop and brisk electro house, leaving behind some of their usual future bass for the symphonic, harmonic release. In Love Again’s uptempo elasticity are a compelling contrast to its bittersweet lyrics. We wax nostalgic over the excitement of past love as we look to the new year in hopes of experiencing both the anxiety and rapture of new loves and connections. And we’re infinitely lucky to have Win and Woo’s new single here to keep our spirits up through those holiday blues. It’s a time when we can’t help but reflect on the past and wonder about what comes next. The production pair explains that their song represents the need for more compassion in an ever changing world that is easy to get lost in. “How we fall in and out of love, and how we learn to love again.” Re-visit Win and Woo’s ever growing collection of rousing originals and remixes on Soundcloud, here. You can also stream/download In Love Again, here.

November 29, 2017

Meritorious Chi-town production duo Win and Woo seem adverse to inertia and silence. Fresh off their stellar original Gold, featuring magnetic songbird Shaylen, the pair return with wicked new remix. Their force of their momentum only grows in strength as they give swooning crooner JP Saxe an agile springing, sultry scalding future beats makeover. Win and Woo’s remix of Anybody Else is a seductive smoldering, drum shuffling, and bass whizzing extravaganza. You can also stream the remix via Spotify, here.

October 17, 2017

Everything Win and Woo has given us in the exciting few years we’ve been fans have been “gold”. With each new release, the Chicago duo succeeded in disclosing even more of their strength and talent, surprising us and thrilling us with their growing shape shifting and ballooning versatility. It’s obvious Win and Woo have even more treasure hiding up their sleeves as they return with Gold, a moody prancer featuring magnetic Shaylen on guest vocals. Gold is a mid-tempo banger with a darker synth line and a sharp edge. It cuts into the heart like a gilded knife yet comforts with its luscious throbbing beauty. By the end of Gold, we’re dancing without abandon in pure bewitchment. Steal our hearts, break them to pieces, but we’ll never stop dancing to the buoyant euphoria that is Win and Woo’s weaving, bobbing orchestration. Stream/download Gold, here.

September 18, 2017

We’ve been crushing on Windy City electronic producers Win and Woo for awhile now, but despite our love for all things Win and Woo, we have to admit, their recent single Chicago is one of their most memorable to date. Its smooth billowing melody oft creeps up on me at the most unexpected moments, and I’m suddenly filled with a intense urge to belt out “There’s not enough wind in Chicago, to blow this over!” The sleek future bass ballad is most certainly a fine ode to a city I fell in love with during my few brief visits. As such, it’s only proper that Chicago has received a fine remix package treatment. The four track pack, which can be streamed on Soundcloud here, includes the original plus remixes by SHADES, AUGUSTII, and INZO. The latter is a buoyant and airy makeover loaded with vibrant and frisky energy. Chi-Town producer INZO gives Chicago an extra skip and some additional pop with his future trap re-work. You can download the edit for free, here. Additional streaming/download links for Win and Woo’s Chicago remix pack can be found, here.

September 8, 2017

It’s been close to a year since Big Gigantic dropped their massive album Brighter Future, but the Colorado “livetronica” duo is not about to let its songs go quietly into the night. In fact, they’ve dropped a gargantuan remix pack for the album featuring a jaw dropping list of production talent. Aside from KRANE, Kasbo, Naderi, Luca Lash, Sweater Beats, Autolaser, and so many other remixing geniuses, the collection also features a remix of Naaz featuring title track by our Windy City faves, Win and Woo. They extract the grittiness out of the brassy jolting original and give it a truly “brighter” refix that aligns perfectly with the thrilling feel good vibes we’ve come to associate with the pair. A loaded deluge of future trap and bass permeates their shiver inducing, euphoria forging high voltage remix. You can download Win and Woo’s remix, here. The full Brighter Future remixed album is out on iTunes, here.

July 14, 2017

I wish I knew my constellations better, but I think I’m not the only one out there who can really only recognize the dippers and Orion’s belt when I gaze up into the night sky. Even though I’m bad at recognizing cosmic arrays, just staring into deep space and watching those stars, light years away, twinkling in the atmosphere fills me a great sense of wonder. That same sense of wonder nudges its way into my heart when I’m listening to Win and Woo’s new song, Constellations. The ever enthralling Chicago producers encapsulate the wistfulness of an introspective evening of star gazing with this new future bass and future pop opus. Its twilight effervescence and weightlessness evoke early ODESZA with some of Louis The Child’s frisky liveliness. Constellations is nothing short of an enrapturing return by our favorite pair of Windy City dance connoisseurs. 

May 21, 2017

I had to pinch myself to be certain I wasn’t dreaming when this collaborative track surfaced last Friday. Could it be true? Has long time IHM praised electronic duo Win and Woo really linked up with buzz making Los Angeles based artist Bryce Fox on a rhapsodic song? As sure as sure can be, this ode to Win and Woo’s hometown is no elusive illusion. Chicago is a beautifully lifting piece and a ravishing tribute to a spectacular city I’ve fallen in love with myself during my brief visits in the distant past. Win and Woo’s effulgent billowing, stringy shimmering electronic production and Bryce Fox’s slick soulful crooning take me right back to those wonderful days. A fresh draft of nostalgia washes over me, yet I also find myself dancing in joyous celebration of the memories that were made. This divine union of talent has delivered a crisp buoyant, brisk melodic boost of sanguine euphoria. Bryce Fox & Win and Woo’s lambent anthem leaves me glowing. I’m more than ready to take a long overdue trip back to the Windy City. Download and alternate streaming links for Chicago can be found, here.

April 25, 2017

One of my favorite tracks off Big Wild’s Invincible EP is the California producer’s snazzy soulful track Empty Room, featuring none other than much beloved Malaysian singer songwriter Yuna. Chicago production whizzes Win and Woo have given Empty Room a spectacular remix. On full display are the pair’s resourcefulness and dexterity as they welcome us into a fully resonant ‘room’ with their sonorous humming future bass and deep house hybrid. Win and Woo’s brilliant new track is unexpectedly but delectably dark, a bottomless chasm we never want to climb out of. In this thrilling space, every beat, every tremor, and every drop reverberates through our bodies, urging us to dance as if we’re pushed up next to a ginormous sub on a packed dance floor. Grab Win and Woo’s epic remix from major outlets, here.