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May 11, 2018

PRXZM’s transcendental cover remix of LA producer William Black’s Letting Go, featuring Park Avenue, arrives like a soft, aching sigh, but it leaves us floating on cloud nine with its effulgent flickering, majestic marching beauty. Their milky smooth vocals and tender keys emphasize the original’s emotive future bass potency. Melancholia abounds even as we’re whisked away on a blissful journey by the refined rendition. I’ve always been drawn to sadness and the beauty it encapsulates in its own, unique way. PRXZM’s version of Letting Go is the epitome of all that I love about sorrow and joy. You can listen to the original, here.  PRXZM’s remix can be found on The Letting Go Remix EP, here.

January 18, 2018

Los Angeles production artist William Black’s I Wish, which features SKYLR on chiffon vocals, is a dreamy beaut. The halcyon gliding electronic track feels like Stonefox and Ember Island, with a bit more atmospheric body and ethereal energy. For those that like their electronica with some extra oomph and a whole lot of epic feels, don’t miss out on this remix of I Wish by Vancouver’s tofû and Los Angeles’ Yetep. Their future bass edit of I Wish is a celestial delight and undeniably gorgeous. The two unite to give us a cathartic experience, like therapy for the heart and comfort for the soul. The breathtaking remix is a free download, here.

January 9, 2018

Los Angeles future bass producer William Black unites with NYC project Rico & Miella on a breathtaking expanse of emotively charged electronica on Here At Last. It does feel like we’ve arrived somewhere special when we’re lost in this sprawling future bass opus, its fluid progression and shiver inducing chops. Here At Last is a beautifully moving, triumphant lifting piece, whose spacious and atmospheric moments also feel like we’re floating in deep space, unshackled from the chaos of earth. Then we take magnificent dives to the song’s drops, like graceful peregrine falcons dipping back into life giving oxygen in the planet’s rich atmosphere. Here At Last is a free download, here.