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July 12, 2012

To mark the day we like to call “Friday the 13th” for spooky superstitious purposes, witch house and drag artist White Ring released a “fri 13th mix”. The dark, trippy 40 minute long mix features music from the duo’s debut album Gate of Grief as well as from a buncha other amazing artists. Tracklist is below. Get ready to creep the F out. The longer you stick with it, the creepier and more atmospheric the mix gets (and the more I like it). White Ring will be performing at 1015 tomorrow night Fri the 13th, for those in the SF Bay Area. 

Prater Dome – Open The Gates
Ginger Snap5 – Katya
Club Cheval – Now U Realize
WHITE RING – Leprosy (excerpt)
Deathface – Prince Of The East
WHITE RING – Angels (excerpt)
Janet Jackson – Pleasure Principle (Rank 1 Remix)
Bosstone – Lean
Dream Trance – Vampires (Youtube rip)
Blawan – Getting Me Down
Gesaffelstein – Belgium
Ozma Otacava – Snow Goblin
Deftones – Digital Bath
WHITE RING – Do U Love Me 2 (excerpt)

May 7, 2012

So what happens when you mix Kaskade and Deadmau5 with some “witch house”? Something like this, a remix of Kaskade and Deadmau5’s Move For Me by bewitching electronic act White Ring! Actually, the end result is nowhere as hazy and witchy as I’d expected. I wouldn’t mind a little more darkness and slowing down/distortion of the beats and vocals. It’s still a wonderful remix that adds that signature heavier, creepier feel to the track. I’m more into this kind of sound than un-remixed Kaskade these days, which sometimes, when not paying close attention, starts to sound too similar to most of the popular American house stuff flooding the machine due to the American EDM craze. Hmm. Now, I’m craving for some truly dark, distorted, choppy witch house!

Is it getting chilly in here?

January 11, 2012

One last change of genre before I end the music chugging for now. Ear Milk composed this nice little column titled Tarot Chords, and Vol. 1 focuses on the chilling, dark sounds of witch house and other related sounds within that arena. It’s a nice intro to all the different sorts of sounds within that proximity and again shows how much this kind of music has become very much a part of the lasting and influential music landscape. Go to their website to check out the short intro and listen to a long list of gems, some of which I’ve shared before from the likes of Balam Acab, Crim3s, Clams Casino, oOoOO, White Ring, Pictureplane, Salem, cult (and personal) favorites Crystal Castles, Cr33p, GuMMyBeAR (whom I just heard spinning live a few nights ago… local pride!), and more. Great job, Ear Milk. Great list.

Quote from Tarot Chords Vol. 1:

Welcome – You might hear a punky harsh synth of Crim3s (previously known as Story of Isaac)the peaceful yet haunting vocal from Holy Other, or the icy chill of Toronto’s ownB∆SSCULT. That’s what makes this post unique – there are no boundaries and we’re not liking to see any given the stage of this new “genre”. With dubstep singing it’s swan song on mtv, witch house and the paranormal passions it brings are picking up the slack. 

More White Ring

August 18, 2011

OK been kinda stuck listening to some witch house after my earlier post. Here’s another track from White Ring, who is also going to be at the showcase tomorrow night.. hmmm.  Triiiiiiiiiiiippy goodness.

Witch house! It’s here to stay

August 18, 2011

Just saw this article that covers the event at 103 Harriet tomorrow night.

It makes some very interesting and true statements too, IMO.

I’ve been paying some attention to this “newer” movement called witch house, and I’m very much fond of a buncha the tunes coming from it.  I can already see it having an effect on the rest of the musical spectrum, as there are artists who are releasing their own solo witch house projects when they normally don’t work in the genre. There are also a lot of remixes of ALL sorts of songs, utilizing the creepy-ish shoegazy electronic sound.  Of course, there’s a huge wall it has to overcome just because people have a tendency to associate such darkness with evil or bad, which is a premature jump to conclusions. Always keep an open mind, you’ll never know what treasures you’ll find.

Even Crystal Castles, who are or are not witch house depending on who you speak to or what songs are in question, are often judged unfairly just because they sound a little more.. wicked? A little more intense and sinful? Of course, as a newly emerging genre, it’s a little questionable how to define the genre and what really falls underneath the term or not, I’m confused at times whether to truly consider something witch house or not… but that’s true of almost any genre, lines are always blurred as new things are created.  

Note this quote from the linked article: “ At its most basic, a combination of hip-hop and goth cultures, many music snobs and bloggers declared it dead on arrival. Even those associated with it seem to at least avoid using the term "witch house” itself.“

That’s kind of sad.  I have no problem calling it witch house and there’s no reason to be snobby about it. And it has proven not to be dead on arrival at all.  Those that actually followed my posts back on Facebook through the past half year or more must remember my posting witch house tidbits here and there. It’s only going to keep evolving and growing.  I suppose some people call some of it "trip hop” or another common term is “drag”, but hey, witch house, so what?  Pictureplane, who came up with the name, makes some really awesome music!

Witch house is a REAL movement in music and it’s not going away. Out of the ones standing out in the genre, I’m also a fan of OoOOo’s material (was that right? I can never remember.. OooOo? I think I got it right the first time).  He’s from SF. We actually have a very healthy “witch house talent pool” here in the bay area. I, for one, look forward to watching the evolution of this music.  Maybe I should go check out 103 Harriet (which is at 1015) tomorrow night. Anyone else want to go? Not sure any of my buddies are into witch house type of music, at least, not YET. 😉

Here’s some great samples I like, some of these I posted back some time ago on Facebook already, so you may recognize them, sorry for any redundancy: