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April 6, 2018

Our journey into intense electronic euphoria continues tonight with a spine-tingling, suspenseful gripping trap and moombahton take on Elohim and Whethan’s hit collaboration Sleepy Eyes. At the helm of the edit is Los Angeles by way of Philadelphia production whiz NEO FRESCO, who keeps us on our toes with his thrilling rendering of the inebriating original. There’s an exotic feel to NEO FRESCO’s atmospheric twerking, spacious skittering edit. He takes us on a fascinating and intoxicating sojourn with an ever shifting, nomadic roving remix, which you can download, here.

December 20, 2017

We were wildly excited about this highly anticipated collaboration after Whethan and Opia teased its arrival days ahead of Aftertaste’s release, and now we finally get to share the track with you, too. Chicago based producer Whethan has certainly been the man of the hour when it comes to fast rising electronic artists, and he’s thrilled us with his live sets in the past. LA based electro-R&B duo Opia has also been a champion of ours for some time now, and we were lucky to catch them headlining Popscene with their scalding guitar riffs and creamy melting vocals again recently. The two come together and fuse their excellent musical talents on Aftertaste, which expertly balances Whethan’s brisk and frisky future trap and Opia’s soulful, buttery, and guitar smoldering magnetism. It’s a smooth yet electrifying swooner, perky and restless but plush and luxuriant. Watch their lyric video for the swanky, sultry single below. Aftertaste is out on Big Beat, and you can download/stream via major outlets, here.

September 29, 2017

Time and time again, Whethan and Oliver Tree prove to be like peanut butter to jelly, or ham to a sandwich, or burger to fries, when it comes to their music together. The Windy City producer and Los Angeles singer songwriter have given us a myriad of infectious and frisky bangers, which they’ now follow up by reuniting on new genre defying collaboration, Enemy. Whizzing synths, peppery keys, a punchy cadence, and larkish beats endow this signature Whethan and Oliver Tree offering. Enemy nearly feels like dance foray involving twenty one pilots and K.flay with its alt flavored charm and jaunty vibrancy. Download Enemy, here.

August 31, 2017

Yes, I know this is the second remix of Lorde’s Perfect Places that I’ve shared tonight, but there’s simply no way to ignore the perfection of Whethan’s take on the hit single, too. The Chicago wunderkind and electronic prodigy, arguably the hottest commodity right now in the dance music scene, gives us a brilliant revamp of the tune brimming with his signature frothy, airy, and brisk future trap. Playful pops, whimsical bubbles, and a whole lot of weightless bounce permeate the seesawing extravaganza. If you’ve never caught Ethan Snoreck live, make sure you do when he heads out on his expansive fall tour. Get ready to be mind blown. Find out more about the tour, here.

August 2, 2017

There’s no doubt Windy City production auteur Whethan is the man of the hour. The adulated electronic artist’s latest single is a spectacular collaboration with LA production and pop sensation Elohim. Sleepy Eyes isn’t the first time he’s teamed up with the edgiest, most visionary pop artists in the scene, either. There’s no forgetting the boom bap fire that is Whethan’s Love Gang, featuring Charli XCX. Santa Barbara’s Candyland and Sweden’s Filip give us a ravishing new remix of Love Gang that amps up the gritty energy of the song. The dark thundering, spiky thrashing trap and bass remix is nothing short of galvanizing. The menacing undertone on the intense edit leaves us on the edge of our seats. This head rush of a sonic beast is a free download, here.

July 30, 2017

Sometimes, the music scene feels incredibly cozy and quaint. Artists we love and support somehow end up collaborating with each other quite often. It almost feels like a game of round robin, except these talented musicians are in cahoots rather than competing with one another when they link up for a magnificent collaboration. One such dream track that just arrived involves Chicago production prodigy Whethan and LA’s ever brilliant, always creative singer songwriter and producer Elohim. They’ve conjoined their artistry and combined their ingenuity on Sleepy Eyes, a thoroughly enchanting dance and electro pop hybrid. Sleepy Eyes is lush and ethereal, gauzy and summery. They’ve seamlessly interwoven Elohim’s enthralling, other worldly pop with Whethan’s brassy whimsical electronica for a dreamy amorous mid-tempo jaunt. Each artists’ vital contribution to the track is unmistakable. I don’t think you’ll be able to find any “sleepy eyes” for miles when this song’s playing. I know my eyes are wide open with wonder and astonishment, elation and pleasure. You can download/stream Sleepy Eyes, here.

July 27, 2017

We’ve learned that when Windy City production wunderkind Whethan links up with Los Angeles singer songwriter Oliver Tree, music magic happens. Aside from their snappy playful, brisk bouncing charmer All You Ever Talk About, the pair also gave us When I’m Down, easily one of the catchiest jams to grace our ears this past year. It’s that coltish and frisky jam that Austin duo Bronze Whale has chosen for their latest remix. They give When I’m Down an utterly fresh and unique take, amplifying its bounce and adding extra muscle to its composition. It chops robustly, a powerfully authoritative future trap edit that still feels nimbly whimsical and mellifluously bright. You can download Bronze Whale’s remix for free, here.

June 28, 2017

Ethan Snoreck, the young producer formerly known as Wheathin, now known as Whethan, has been a mainstay on IHM for some time now, and our every experience catching the buzz worthy Chicago producer live has been mind blowing, to say the least. So it’s with great excitement that we encountered his announcement of a massive new tour, accompanied by other IHM favorites like Bearson, Opia, Saint WKND, and Ashe. You can find out more about Whethan’s Good Nights North American Tour, here. The reason why the tour is named Good Nights is because Whethan decided to drop his tour announcement alongside a new single. Good Nights, which features Mascolo, is a smooth whirring summer anthem, yet it’s still frisky vivacious with a ravishing spectrum of fine texture. You can snag Whethan’s fine new single, here.

May 1, 2017

You can accuse me of gloating, but I can’t help but feel a tad smug for being one of the few fortunate ones to have heard this next stupendous track early when ascending production star Whethan (fka Wheathin) dropped it at SXSW last month. I quickly whipped out my phone and took some requisite IG footage as I bounced shoulder to shoulder with the crowd to perky larking Love Gang, all the while glowing from the privileged knowledge that Whethan had collaborated with Charli XCX. Love Gang is the perfect juncture where Charli XCX’s booming pop and sassy spunk come head to head or cheek to cheek with Whethan’s whirring synths and woozy bass. “We’re all about that love love love,” sings ever charismatic Ms. Aitchison. Words couldn’t ring more the truer as we all ‘gang’ up for a love fest over this wonky fusion of pop and future bass. We revel in the spice and relish in the zest that is Whethan’s anthem, out now via all digital outlets, here.

February 9, 2017

Whethan (formerly known as Wheathin when we first picked up on his talent) has been a man of the hour when it comes to red hot collaborations and exhilarating anthems. He’s been warming the cockles of the heart with frisky lifting, dulcet playful tunes alongside Oliver Tree, and let’s not forget his sensational single Savage which features legendary bass producer Flux Pavilion and MAX as guests. That brusque lurching tune gets a thorough transformation on a new remix by fellow Chicago resident and electronic artist Will Crockford, who turns Savage into a glossy sleek, cool glistening, and vibrant chopping future bass opus. As much as I love the bass buzzing original and its heavier hitting dubstep atmosphere, I can’t help but adore this effervescent future re-work, too. It’s right up my alley. Download Will Crockford’s remix for free, here.