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May 1, 2018

At first glance, the title of Weslee’s new single might be mistaken as “sweet dreams”, but this dream of a tune from the British duo is steamy and hot, with a fierce and foxy strut. Sweat Dreams is a future funk meets R&B pop jam brimming with sultry vibes and hip-swaying beats. It’s a must for fans of Nao and AlunaGeorge’s dance-inducing electro and torrid sizzling R&B soul. You can follow Weslee and their growing compendium of outstanding songs on Spotify, here.

January 31, 2018

Tongue tied I nearly am over our growing affection for Weslee, the British duo who seduced us with their slow undulating, glossy rolling electropop on singles like Bathwater and Gassed. And now they’re back with a steamy undulating new ballad named Tongue Tied, whose downtempo electronica and slow simmering R&B pop is unrivalled when it comes to its lush nostalgic synths and aching vocals. It’s almost like WET gone Angelo Badalamenti/Twin Peaks, paired with a dash of LANY’s sensual and sleek 80s inspired synthpop. If there’s anything I’ve listened to that’s making me sigh endlessly today, it’s this beauty. Stream/download Tongue Tied, here, and re-visit Weslee’s growing catalog of exceptional tunes on Soundcloud, here.

December 12, 2017

There’s no resisting Weslee when it comes to this enigmatic British duo’s glossy, sultry brand of electronic pop and R&B soul. Their latest single Boy Like You is prickly nimble, sugary warbling treat. It’s mellow yet perky, sweet and addicting, a cheeky and playful ballad that evokes the butterflies and tingles that come with nervous infatuation and manic love. If you somehow managed to miss out on breakout singles like Gassed and Bathwater, make sure you swoon to them on Soundcloud, here.

August 19, 2017

Enigmatic British duo Weslee kicked off the year with a phenomenal debut named Gassed, and I’m still addicted to its slow undulating, rich rolling combination of glossy electropop and sultry sleek R&B. At the same time, I’ve been eagerly looking forward to Weslee’s return, curious as to how they’d follow up such a magnificent first single. The elusive pair have finally re-emerged from the shadows with Bathwater, and it’s stunning. Luscious R&B pop and gleaming electronica twist and coil, turn and tumble, but in a smooth and intoxicating manner. I don’t recall my bathwater ever being this beautiful and vibrant. You can find Bathwater on iTunes, here.

December 6, 2016

“Who is weslee?” fills the vacant space meant for a descriptive bio on this mysterious artist’s SoundCloud profile. I can’t help wonder the same after encountering Gassed, a hypnotic debut track from this enigmatic new project. Gassed’s slow undulating, rich rolling combination of glossy electropop and sultry sleek R&B brings to mind bands like Alpines, Haelos, and London Grammar, with dramatic brooding production reminiscent of SOHN. weslee’s smooth immaculate vocals cut through Gassed’s opulent whirring production like a hot knife through soft butter. Whoever weslee is, they’ve made a colossal entrance with their first seductive tune.