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May 22, 2018

Justice’s We Are Your Friends is a French house classic that’s more than survived the test of time since it first dropped in 2002. It takes some guts to take on such a song for a remix, but production brothers TWO LANES more than prove their mettle once again as they give us an exhilarating update by turning the track into a rambunctious whirring, bass romping spectacular. Seismic thrusts, percolating jabs, and vigorous surges leave us gasping for air on the blowout trap and future bass edit. Download TWO LANES’ remix, here.

December 3, 2016

Innovative incognito production virtuoso k?d has already given us one of the year’s best remixes in the form of his edit of French duo Daft Punk’s Doin It Right (among so many other incredible remixes and originals), but it’s another French duo that he turns his attention to for his latest jaw dropping, face melting gift. This time around, he’s taken on Justice and their beloved hit We Are Your Friends, the pair’s tweak on Simian’s Never Be Alone from the mid-2000′s. While I’d normally say it takes an incredible amount of guts to remix such a classic anthem, I must remind you that we’re talking about k?d here, who seems to have the acumen and skills to do justice (ahem, pun intended) to any song in the universe with his creative re-imaginings. k?d is invincible these days. His version of We Are Your Friends is pure epicness, a rapid pounding burst of electronic fireworks. Now, I’m truly ready for the weekend. But I may end up daydreaming about seeing k?d live and dancing away at home to his spectacular jams instead. This heavy hitter may cause some neighborly complaints from below, but that’s an unmanageable issue in light of the brilliance that is k?d. Download this euphoric rattling, earth shaking, adrenaline pumping remix for free, here.

August 20, 2015

I must admit I’m rather on the fence in terms of that Hollywood EDM film We Are Your Friends. Early teases looked rather cheesy, and the last thing we need is more misunderstanding and hate when it comes to electronic music. However, the soundtrack for the film is already shaping up to be an amazing creature on its own. For the soundtrack, SoCal’s Deorro teams up with Erin McCarley to offer up a melodic, popping anthem named I Can Be Somebody. It’s a progressive track that walks a fine line between straight out banging and a pretty chill dance tune, a surprising move for producer that’s given us some rather raging tunes, including some very filthy future bass and trap bangers. I Can Be Somebody is available on iTunes now, and it will be on the soundtrack and Deorro’s upcoming debut album, too.