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April 21, 2017

It took all my strength this week not to break protocol and share features out of sequence when this jaw dropping track arrived earlier this week. Gramatik and Ramzoid’s interpretation of Flume instrumental Wall Fuck is that incredible. Though it may have gotten the least spotlight out of all the amazing songs on Flume’s sophomore album, I actually consider it one of the best tracks off Skin. NYC’ Gramatik and Canada’s Ramzoid have accomplished no easy feat in creating their ethereal and other worldly take on the gritty jolting, visceral jabbing, and dynamic shuffling tune. The trap on these producers’ Wall Fuck feels a little bit more introspective, a tad more reticent, yet still labyrinthian thrilling.

July 12, 2016

If I could make a tribute to Flume, I would, but I have no skills when it comes to making music. Fortunately for me, we have German producer TRAILS, and he’s created an ode to Harley Streten and done so with aplomb, too. It’s three minutes, forty seconds of future trap bliss on “A Flume Tribute”, a seamless mash up of Never Be Like You, Wall Fuck, Helix, Free, and Hyperparadise. As the producer says, “Never Fuck Helix Walls For Free In Hyperparadise” wouldn’t be the appropriate title for this inferno of a sick jam, a little treat for us while TRAILS continues to write original music. You can grab TRAILS’ Flume tribute from Toneden.

May 31, 2016

Earlier tonight, I already babbled plentifully about how great Flume’s sophomore album Skin is, so let’s not dive back into that zealous praise once again, shall we? Instead, let’s revisit one of the most wicked instrumental tracks of the year, Flume’s Wall Fuck, via a flip by Milwaukee’s Melvv. This is a very different soft of mind melt that Melvv gives us. Though it doesn’t seem to stray too distantly from the original, Melvv’s Wall Fuck is much more slick and far less sharply venomous. Its jab is crisper and cleaner, less rattling and more phosphorescent. Simply put, its gloriously intoxicating, and infinitely triumphal and exultant, just what I need to close out my epic holiday weekend. 

April 11, 2016

By now, plenty of you have probably had your brain rattled and ears tickled by Flume’s latest, which was initially only available as a download but is now streaming on YouTube, too. Wall Fuck defines itself well. Harley Streten has created and composed an instrumental tour de force with earth shaking bass and pummeling drums. The heavy hitting, restlessly fidgeting song can still be downloaded for free from Flume’s website. Wall Fuck leaves me madly ravenous for Harley’s new album, Skin, out May 27th on Future Classic.