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June 30, 2016

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June 29, 2016

Los Angeles based bedroom producer and alt soul artist VOKES has revealed the fourth and last single from his soon to be released debut EP, Fractalism. Backroad is a fluid kaleidoscope and flickering spellbinding work of art that also features female vocals from fellow LA based project Nevve. Her sultry coy vocals add to the snazzy chic song’s feverish heat. VOKES wrote the song about a guy getting “hit up by a ex-girlfriend who he still has feelings for but all she wants is a casual hook up and nothing more for a weekend”. That aching passion and desperate yearning certainly oozes plentifully from this smoldering song, whose sonic soundscape, as VOKES reports, was predominantly inspired by the canyon landscapes where he grew up around Malibu. Backroad is a tactile divine addition to a sure to be magnificent EP. I’ll be waiting for Fractalism.

May 6, 2016

VOKES first proved himself a smooth Casanova earlier this year on debut single Cruel Game. The Los Angeles based bedroom producer and alt soul artist is thoroughly charming on new song Slow Down, too. I can literally feel the second hand ticking slower on the clock of life as the world stops to slow shimmy away to VOKES’ sexy breezy, satin chic gem. HONNE goes Toro Y Moi on this third seductive single from this magnificent 24 year old multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer songwriter. A debut VOKES EP is on its way. Be still my heart.

January 31, 2016

Out of Los Angeles comes a new bedroom alt soul producer named VOKES, and he’s a smooth Casanova on breezy debut Cruel Game. He croons “what a cruel game you play” but if anyone’s playing a cruel yet sublime game, it’s him, wooing us eternally with his 80′s new wave suffused dreamy soul pop. VOKES’ swoon factor is up there alongside HONNE, with a touch of Lostboycrow charm and some Great Good Fine OK satin sheen. Cruel Game is the first single from VOKES’ debut EP, Fractalism.