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February 3, 2018

Just before I dove into writing up a fresh set of features for the day, I decided to rummage through YouTube one last time to see if I could turn up any new gems. That’s when I came across VODI, a seven piece independent band from Houston, Texas. They recently put forth a music video for their single, Pressure, and I found myself immediately drawn into their dusty rolling rock, which very much reminds me of bands like The War On Drugs and Fleetwood Mac,  both of whom I love dearly. Right away, I knew. I had to find more of VODI’s music. Upon digging deeper, I came to realize that VODI’s debut album Talk, which came out last year, is something to cherish. Its a nourishing nine track record, whose twangy guitars and melancholic drawls are weathered and worn, like your favorite leather jacket, or those tattered jeans that hug your hips perfectly. VODI is soothing and comforting, even while they pluck at the very scars that still adorn your weary heart. Punctuating many of their songs are fine moments of spacey psychedelic elements that add to the depth and captivation of their music. Stream debut album Talk below and support on iTunes, here. Trust me, you won’t regret it, and you just might find yourself falling head over heels for VODI, like I did.