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April 11, 2017

Lorde’s Green Light is high up on my list of favorite singles this year. Aside from being wildly infectious, the song is more than capable of totally whisking us off our feet. Green Light picks us up and tosses us in the a uncontrollably triumphant riptide. We let go with Lorde, we go for it, and we never want to stop. It’s as cathartic a journey as Lorde has ever given us (with the assist of Jack Antonoff), and a delicious contrast to her dark pop offerings of yore. One would think such a song would lend itself well to clever remixing, but we’ve yet to encounter a prime tuning of Green Light, until now. German DJ and production duo VITIZE offer up a club ready dance remix that highlights the vitality of Lorde’s original. What truly stands out about their progressive house remix is how much they’ve changed things up despite staying true to the essence of the original. There are people out there who confuse remixes with “improving on the original” (same people tend to make the same mistake with covers) when a good remix is really a new adventure based on the original, with different smells and tastes to be enjoyed. VITIZE’s Green Light opens the floodgates to ecstasy with its stratospheric synths and powerfully lurching beats. It’s a stadium or arena sized dance anthem that sees the duo rebuilding the track from ground up. Download VITIZE’s remix, here