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February 13, 2018

Late last year, Houston’s own production marvel PRISMO dropped a sweetly lulling but breezy lifting track named Pretty Stranger. You can re-visit the original, here. PRISMO now offers up a different take of his own song on the new VIP version of Pretty Stranger. It’s still quite a saccharine stirring, melodic affecting anthem, but this time around, PRISMO has injected his track with more exuberance and a kick of lofty future bass energy. The end result feels more vast and expansive, exhilarating and ecstatic. You can stream/download PRISMO’s new Pretty Stranger VIP, here.

November 22, 2017

Earlier in the year, SLUMBERJACK dropped a superb future trap opus named ‘Afraid, Unafraid’. They paired their sawing bass and barbed beats with Australian pop buzzmaker Sydney Carter’s honeyed vocals to give us a magnificent taste off their sophomore EP, Fracture. The Australian two-piece now offers up a ravishing VIP of their own track, adding an immense amount of serrated grit to give us a spacious whomping, bass shuddering version of ‘Afraid, Unafraid’. SLUMBERJACK’s brain rattling, intensely textured alternate edit is a free download, here.

October 24, 2017

Naked is a slamming SLUMBERJACK collaboration off of Alison Wonderland’s 2015 debut album Ran. Though spacious and steady, it’s also quite the powerfully jolting, sharp jabbing, and sonorous shuffling extravaganza. The Australian production heavyweights bring the jam back with a thunderous rumbling, cinematic gripping VIP remix of the track by SLUMBERJACK. Naked takes on an even more raw gritty, spine tingling intensity on this heavy hitting, bass pounding, taut stabbing re-fix. The suspenseful VIP is like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. SLUMBERJACK has been playing the edit at their shows. Now, we can blast it to our heart’s content at home, too. Just watch out for annoyed neighbors when you pump up that dirty bass. Download the track for free, here.

July 4, 2017

Yes indeed, there have been tons of Hunter remixes this year, but you’re going to want to dance to this addictive future house one, trust me. The gargantuan Galantis hit, which just received the music video treatment this week (watch below), gets a sharp jouncing, high voltage re-work, courtesy of a dance duo named ADAG!O. Their crisp bouncing thriller is a free download, here. The pair explain that this is their last future house track for now as they’re exploring new genres nowadays. We’re eager to hear what else they have up their sleeves after such an incendiary first introduction. 

June 14, 2017

Bonnie X Clyde’s Rise Above is an anthem of strength and vitality, a steadfast and resolute future bass and melodic bass opus that is a testament to this fast rising production and vocalist duo’s talent. The pair, known for creating the term “vocal bass”, have now offered up their own VIP of the track, and it’s a stupendous rendering of the original that amplifies its potency and fortitude. It’s a clout of a sawing, surging remix, as grandly expansive as they come, and it comes just ahead of the pair’s appearance at EDC in Las Vegas. In fact, the track is on a compilation from Insomniac Records for the festival, available here.

June 1, 2017

Fresh off the success of his honeyed melting summer anthem Love Somebody comes the emphatic exhilaration of Justin Caruso’s new VIP remix. The producer from Los Angeles gives 3LAU and Said The Sky’s Fire a heavy hitting, hard whomping, yet still mellifluous sweeping trap edit that strays far from Love Somebody’s dulcet radiance. Justin Caruso explains that he loved the original, and though this isn’t his usual sound, he wanted to throw it up for the VIP listeners. Download the glorious track for free, here.

January 24, 2017

Dutch producer Robby East offers up a crisp airy remix of his own frisky, summery house aria Leap Of Faith on this gleaming VIP. The rising electronic artist decided to give the buoyant leaping jam a chill makeover, painting over Leap Of Faith with a dreamy melodic future electro finish sure to appeal to fans of k?d and Porter Robinson. It’s a fanciful and whimsical adventure that we’re taken on by this bright eyed charmer. Visit the original, here, and download the VIP, here.

August 23, 2016

Los Angeles production whiz Kap Slap dropped a melty sweet, electro pulsing dance track earlier this year named Felt This Good, featuring M. Bronx. On a brand new VIP edit, the producer himself gives us an alternate approach to the hit track. Kap Slap goes future bass and chill trap on his recent remix. The edit’s feathery plush, fleecy light atmosphere seems to accent the melancholic tenderness of M. Bronx’s vocals even more. Kap Slap has thawed out the original’s electrifying heat and inundates us with a molten pool of heart rending feels.

August 18, 2016

Austin based producer CLOUDCHORD has taken us to cloud nine with remix after remix of songs I love this year, but for his latest track, he chose to take on one of Bon Iver’s strangely named new masterpieces. Just the fact that CLOUDCHORD has the courage to initiate a meticulous interpretation of Bon Iver is cause for great respect. The twinkling entrancing deep house and garage remix he gives 22 (Over Soon) is breathtaking beautiful. It’s softly pumping, emotive sparkling soundscape starts out reminding me of my all time favorite Flight Facilities song, Clair De Lune. Underneath its spirited thrumming, percussive skittering beats is much introspective depth and a touch of wistful sadness. CLOUDCHORD’s remix then alights with the ethereal airiness of Odesza and the profound scope of RÜFÜS’ more ambient throbbing dance tracks. This is a gorgeous and enlightening remix that Justin Vernon himself would probably enjoy. Download CLOUDCHORD’s masterful remix free at Toneden.

July 5, 2016

Late last year, SoCal duo Two Friends offered up a remix I’m still very much in love with, a crisp bouncing, balmy brisk electro house edit of classic Blink-182 track I Miss You. When a new remix of I Miss You turned up in my inbox late last week, I was initially confused and thought it might be a re-hash of this older remix. As it turns out, this new treat sitting handsomely in my inbox is a brand new VIP. Two Friends partners up with their young friend Shoolz to present us a different approach on their dance sound. I Miss You gets the future bass treatment this time around and its scintillating, to say the least. Though the I Miss You VIP still has the robust brightness of last year’s remix, it jabs a little sharper, drops a little harder, and rumbles a little fiercer. You can re-visit last year’s Two Friends remix below. Two Friends and Shoolz’ VIP is a free download, here.