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May 18, 2018

This week, Sweden’s Violet Days, who last partnered up with morgxn on lachrymose ballad Somber, released a music video for their new single Just A Little. We’re more than a little enamored with the lusciously pumping, sonorous sweeping pop dazzler. Violet Days, which is the artistic project of singer songwriter Lina Hansson and her creative partner Kris Eriksson, regales us with bass-heavy, addictive sweeping pop on the richly animated, vibrantly whirling single. The video for the exultant, dance-inducing song brings us visual highs with its prismatic lighting and turbulent storytelling.  

April 19, 2018

Last month, Sweden’s Violet Days recruited Echo Park crooner morgxn for her latest acclaimed pop single, a gorgeously stirring gem named Somber. And now, the pair have reunited for a new acoustic video for the track. I found myself utterly transfixed by this stunning rendition, on which both singer songwriters turn in exceptional vocal performances. Their pure, harmonious voices intertwine tenderly with the song’s dewy keys. It’s a heartrending, lachrymose experience involving two rising stars. Listen to the original version of Somber below. 

November 2, 2017

Addicted’ seems a mighty fine choice of name for a song like Shaun Frank’s new original. The Toronto based producer unites with Swedish pop outfit Violet Days on the mellifluous prancing treat. Lina Hansson’s golden voice guides us on a sentimental sojourn alongside Shaun Frank’s high springing, island breezy chill dance jam. Addicted you’ll surely be to the warm lifting, key florid anthem, which you can download, here.

May 29, 2017

Lina Hansson lead Swedish project Violet Days continues to dazzle with their infectious alt pop as they treat us to brassy bold I’m A Dreamer, a taste from a sure to be enthralling new EP. I’m A Dreamer’s dark simmering pop and whiskey soaked opulence grip and spellbind like XYLØ gone Misterwives. Lina Hansson explains of the song: “I wanted to tell the story of realists versus dreamers. It´s about the frustration when you have people around you that don’t see things or believe in them the way you do. When you constantly want to escape reality and dream away.“ 

February 17, 2017

Violet Days continues her pop ascent out of Sweden with a fresh new gem named Suck At Love. We know for a fact there’s at least one thing Violet Days doesn’t suck at, and it’s music. From originals like Screaming Colors or O.D. On You to imaginative cover mashups like Dirty Diana / This Is What I Came For and to guest vocal duties on hit songs like Hotel Garuda’s Fixed On You, Violet Day has proven that many times over. She continues the trend with her new single, a vivacious infectious fusion of glitchy electronica, dark electro pop, and cheeky alt pop. The polished gem is the perfect post-Valentine’s Day treat. 

January 2, 2017


Violet Days – Your Girl (Minno Remix)

Our very first premiere of the year is one I’ve been excited to share since last year. East Coast production talent Minno has already enchanted us with his handiwork bountiful times in the last six months. He kicks off 2017 with an airy twinkling, mellifluous trickling future bass and chill trap remix of a song we adore excessively, Violet Days’ Your Girl. Minno highlights the warm aching glow found on the Swedish pop outfit’s bittersweet anthem with a weightless chopping, restless rolling edit. I ride the intoxicating waves he’s forged, fully consumed by his lithe and nimble concoction. Minno has given Your Girl a beautifully spacious and strikingly expansive makeover, one that reminds me of Tove Lo and the many magnificent edits of her music that have come out in these past years. A poignant yet sublime mist engulfs me from the pits of Minno’s teeming ripples. The emotions stirred within go hand in hand with a ruminative storm brewing just outside my window. Stream more of Minno’s captivating tracks on Soundcloud

November 15, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 11.10.2016 – 11.13.2016

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November 15, 2016

A bevy of amazing remixes have just been unleashed as a stellar package for Hotel Garuda’s frothy infectious, feisty jolting collaboration with Violet Days, Fixed On You. Among the edits comes a lavish rippling rendition by British producer JackLNDN, who straight crushes it with his swanky take on the tune. JackLNDN inundates us with a resplendent cascade of house and future vibes. You’ll never want to leave this cocoon of flushed splendor. The Fixed On You package out on PRMD also features can’t miss remixes by Aire Atlantica, Taiki Nulight, and Masayoshi limori. Stream and purchase, here.

November 12, 2016

Fresh off Fixed On You, their hugely successful collaboration with wildly buzzing producer Hotel Garuda, Swedish outfit Violet Days makes their solo return on O.D On You. I can’t help but wondered if there was pre-meditated thought behind following up one with the other. First you’re fixed, then you overdose. It’s an intriguing thought. In any case, O.D On You is synthpop gold, a rosy hued skyscraper anthem. It hooks us in with its melodic chorus and feathery soaring production. Lucky for us, though we’re fixed, we can’t overdose on Violet Days’ luscious pop. O.D. On You is out now via ICONS and PRMD.

October 17, 2016

Though I had hoped to share this beauty of a remix over the weekend, a part of me is glad I’m diving into it on this lovely Monday morning instead. Is there any better way to kick off your week than another fabulous Win and Woo remix? The Chicago based duo just released their debut original last month. Recognize, featuring Ashe, is one frisky vibrant yet sweetly stirring jewel. But I can’t help but revel in a fresh new Win and Woo remix. After all, the duo has consistently enraptured us time and time again with their versatile and dexterous edits. This time around, they’re back with an airy lithe, sparkling enchanting remix of Swedish indie pop band Violet Days’ Your Girl. This breathy ravishing, sharp dribbling beauty takes a mid-tempo, spacious enthralling future trap approach, leaving me feeling like I’m dancing in mid air. Download their remix, here.