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August 16, 2017

Dutch electronic duo Vicetone are back at it again, dropping vigorously thrilling beats and sonic bliss in the form of new single Collide after dazzling us last month with exuberant summer dance vibes on I Hear You. Collide, which features lithesome vocals by captivating Rosi Golan, is more of Vicetone’s prismatic dance revelry and an utterly enchanting aria, replete with sparkling chimes, frisky flares, and ebullient beats. Vicetone says, “When Rosi first sent over her vocal, we knew we had received something special. We loved her chorus and wanted to incorporate her voice in the hook of the instrumental. After we worked on it for an hour, we sent her our initial idea and she loved the idea! It didn’t take long at all to finish the track. We’re very excited to see how the track will do – it’s a true labor of love from all people involved.” You can purchase Collide, here.

June 28, 2017

I was already into I Hear You during its exuberant opening chords, which very much remind me of Junior Senior melded into Galantis. But this isn’t any Junior Senior re-visit or a Galantis tweak, this is an eruption of full on feel good summer dance revelry from Dutch production duo Vicetone. Their behemoth new electro house single is an effulgent burst of prismatic synths and high voltage chops, and it would come as no surprise if I Hear You became one of the big  dance hits of the summer. Snag the track via major retailers, here.

February 22, 2017

A handful of magnificent remixes of A R I Z O N A’s ever melting Oceans Away dropped recently. From Mansionair’s tear jerker of a gorgeous remix we turn to a more upbeat and hopeful edit by LA based Dutch production duo, Vicetone. Oceans Away’s beautiful melody gets an injection of warmth and phosphorescence on this bright eyed hopping, nimble springing remix. In A R I Z O N A’s narrative, we may be “oceans away” from the object of our affection, but we swiftly conquer waves and cruise across a clear blue sea on a sunlit day towards our destination. Vicetone’s lifting edit is out now on iTunes.

December 19, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 12.16.2016 – 12.18.2016 

Featured music – December 16-18, 2016

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December 18, 2016

It’s a collaboration of epic proportions as Los Angeles based Dutch electronic duo Vicetone teams up with Echo Park indie pop stalwarts Youngblood Hawke on a song that flawlessly fuses the two projects’ sounds. Landslide is a synth florid, guitar profuse indie dance anthem out now on Spinnin’ Records. The incandescent and slick song is a re-work of a B-side from the band. Landslide arrives as Vicetone prepares for a slew of tour dates at the end of the month including a stop here in SF at Ruby Skye on the 30th and a NYE celebration in Philadelphia. Celebrate the holidays early with this vivacious charmer and purchase the tune, here.

June 28, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 06.24.2016 – 06.25.2016

Featured music – June 24-25, 2016

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June 25, 2016

Vicetone’s new original is named Nevada, and considering the name they’ve chosen, this seems to be a sort of follow up to their first single many years ago, California. It’s also the the Dutch duo’s first single since they’ve return to dance music label Monstercat. Nevada, which features breathtaking vocals by actress and singer Cozi Zuehlsdorff, is a phenomenal way to mark that return. Its twinkling enchantment, warm melodic appeal, and steely edged sprightliness are tremendously exhilarating. Nevada is one of the best electronic dance tracks to come about this month, a rip roaring, gorgeous sweeping progressive house epic. Purchase Nevada from various outlets, here.

May 17, 2016

The brisk orchestral air and radiant lush melody of Dutch duo Vicetone’s Bright Side gets a Two Friends makeover that transforms it soulful summer dance smash. The sprightly beats and tropical breeziness of the Los Angeles production duo’s remix make a fine pairing with original guest vocalists Cosmos & Creature’s sleek crooning. This is a prismatic and playful Bright Side much uplifting and carefree. Imagine running along a white sand beach while a draft of briny sea air tousles your hair. Your smiling, beaming bae awaits you at the other end of the shore. Snag Two Friends’ Bright Side remix from various outlets, here.

March 1, 2016

Bright Side is a brisk and airy treat, an uplifting and radiant original from Dutch duo Vicetone. The melodic gem features vocals by Cosmos & Creatures, alongside some sweeping strings reminiscent of some of my favorite Clean Bandit tunes, except it’s paired with a progressive house soundscape, culminating in a cinematic beauty fit for emotionally joyous moments. Bright Side is the first song revealed off of Vicetone’s forthcoming debut EP, Aurora, due out on April 8th via Spinnin’. Purchase the single now on iTunes.

August 18, 2015

It’s time to kick the energy level even higher with a rad remix. Dutch duo Vicetone’s Kat Nestel featuring song, Angels, gets a piano-rific remix, courtesy of Los Angeles electronic duo Two Friends. I haven’t touched a piano in ages, but this song makes me want to go all Beethoven on my digital piano when I return home later tonight. I’ll blast Two Friends’ high flying progressive house remix and go to town on those (faux) ivory keys. You know what? Screw it. I’ll pretend this keyboard here is that piano… jagjhgjkhagjkhjgkl;afalfk. Whoops, okay, back on topic, this remix rules. Download the radiant jam for free, here.