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December 6, 2017

Some people don’t like tofu, but as someone of Asian heritage, I don’t think I can live without the soy based product, a very resilient and versatile ingredient in Asian cooking. Vancouver based producer tofû is quickly proving himself a rising necessity and treasured force in the music scene too, plus his handiwork has been anything but bland. Case in point, tofû

‘s new remix for NYC pop sensation VÉRITÉ. Aside from a whole lot of accent marks, this combination has resulted in a bold remix of Saint that transforms her sweeping, smoldering pop aria into an epic future bass, dubstep, and electro trap banger. The infectious melody of the original is enveloped by metallic whomping, dramatic swelling grandeur on the exhilarating dance edit. The remix is a free download, here.

November 8, 2017

A fresh remix brings together two inventive and original pop sensations in a way we never imagined would happen on this new rendition of Casanova. Originally a song from Canadian singer songwriter and known artistic visionary Allie X’s album CollXtion II, Casanova gets a buoyant pumping makeover featuring additional vocals by long time NYC pop favorite VÉRITÉ. The two banter and feed off each other’s impassioned fire and immaculate vocals on the dance-ready, mischievous wagging club turn on the song. The original is available, here, and if you haven’t taken CollXtion II for a must spin yet, do so, here.

August 23, 2017

Phantoms is without a doubt one of my favorite electronic acts of the year. The Los Angeles based duo released their excellent self titled debut album back in spring, and I was ecstatic to catch them live at Live 105′s BFD back in June, where they totally slayed the Subsonic Tent with their dark pumping house, as expected. Phantoms will be heading out on their first headlining tour this fall, which will bring them to the Warfield in San Francisco on November 18th. I already have a tab open on my browser devoted to the ticketing site for the show, even though they don’t go on sale until Friday. The pair have also shared a new music video for Just A Feeling, one of the more pop melodic, vocal heavy cuts off their album. Just A Feeling features long time IHM favorite NYC pop sensation VÉRITÉ on limber, supple vocals. The pulsing song is an exhilarating yet entrancing affair, and its video seems to capture the wide eyed euphoria it exudes. Learn more about Phantoms’ tour, here.

June 28, 2017

It’s been a sweet, vindicating ride following along with NYC pop sensation VÉRITÉ from the days of her debut single to the release of her debut full length just last Friday. She’s won so many hearts over in interim with her dazzling vocals and sultry luscious pop, and we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing it all live plenteous times, too. Somewhere In Between can be streamed in full, here, but for now, let’s enjoy the irresistible allure of its title track in all its supple swelling glory. It’s a classy smoldering treat and but one of so many ravishing tunes from the full length. 

VÉRITÉ will be heading out on a new headlining tour in support of the album come late August with a stop back in San Francisco at the Great American on September 5th. Find out more about her Somewhere In Between tour, here. Purchasing options for the record can be found, here.

June 4, 2017

I’m fortune enough to have caught VÉRITÉ live plenty of times in the past few years. The last time the NYC sensation razzle dazzled me with her magnificent chops and her evocative pop was at her sold out headlining show at Popscene in May. The magnetic chanteuse will be kicking off a new North American headline tour this fall in support of her highly anticipated debut album Somewhere In Between, sure to make a weighty impression when it hits the shelves on June 23rd. VÉRITÉ has released a stunning new song, Saint, in anticipation of the record. Saint, which arrives by way of lyric video, is a dark churning yet cinematic soaring electro pop ballad adorned with gritty synths and restless beats. Learn more about the Somewhere In Between Tour on


‘s website, here. Pre-order Somewhere In Between, here.

May 5, 2017

I’ve been fortunate enough to catch VÉRITÉ live a handful of times over the past couple of years. I still recall how packed the room suddenly became when she played a mid-afternoon set at my friend’s showcase in Austin for SXSW back in 2015. I was suddenly standing shoulder to shoulder on a hot afternoon, trying to peer over the people ahead of me to get a glimpse of the rising alt pop starlet. Last Friday, VÉRITÉ headlined Popscene in San Francisco and she was even more spectacular than she’s ever been, taking full command of the stage and ravishing the crowd with her sultry vocals and impassioned songs. The buzzing New Yorker even dazzled us with this new treat, Bout You, which was properly released just today via an fittingly smoky seductive lyric video. This sweltering broiler and sensual thriller arrives with news of a new North American headlining tour. If you made the egregious error of missing her last week in San Francisco, you get a renewed chance to see her on September 5th at the Great American Music Hall. For more details regarding other tour dates and ticket purchasing, head to VÉRITÉ’s website, here.

April 2, 2017

Spectacular debut album news continue rolling in as long time IHM supported NYC sensation VÉRITÉ adds her first full length to our list of highly anticipated releases. Somewhere In Between is due to arrive on June 23rd via Kobalt. VÉRITÉ sweetens the news, too, with the unveiling of a lambent single named When You’re Gone. Her voice, both sultry and supple, frolics in a fluid ocean of bold electro and ornate alt pop elements. When You’re Gone is yet another immaculate pop aria, and it reminds us why this artist has set the tastemaker community afire for the past couple of years. The single can also be streamed via Soundcloud below. 

February 26, 2017

Spring can’t come any sooner, not only because I’m just not a winter sort of gal (I love sunshine, blue skies, and the great outdoors), but also because I get to see Brooklyn starlet VÉRITÉ once again as she visits San Francisco to headline Popscene on May 1st. Maybe she’ll perform her gorgeous electropop cover of The 1975′s Somebody Else. For now, I’m more than happy dancing to an amazing new remix of the cover by ever scintillating electronic duo The White Panda. It’s a grand and regal affair as The White Panda gives Somebody Else a resolute stomping, obstinate clattering trap workover. A heartsick melancholy rears itself from the thick of The White Panda’s resplendent soundscape, originating effusively from

VÉRITÉ’s vocals. It dresses their remix with a duality that reminds me of Robyn’s bittersweet yet vibrant Dancing On My Own. The White Panda’s triumphant remix is a free download, here.

February 17, 2017

It’s almost hard to believe this is the very first music video put forth by blooming NYC starlet VÉRITÉ. We’ve been following along with the magnetic artist for well over two years, and we can’t be more excited for VÉRITÉ’s return to San Francisco when she headlines Popscene on May 1st. Phase Me Out, VÉRITÉ’s latest single, follows on the heels of her acclaimed EPs Living, Sentiment, and Echo. We’re hoping it means there’s going to be a debut album sometime soon down the road. In the meantime, we’re more than satisfied losing ourselves in the emotive intensity of pop aria Phase Me Out, a powerful explosion of heartbreak and solitude, all delivered with spellbinding grace through a deep kindled voice. Phase Me Out is available to stream or download from other services and outlets, here.

October 24, 2016

I’m infinitely grateful a friend of mine keyed me into this magnificent track days ahead of its release, because I was able to enjoy it for that much longer. French producer Monsieur Adi has returned with a stunning debut named Bad Habits, on which he’s enlisted NYC pop Vérité for fierce impassioned vocals. This grand resolute, regal soaring electronic aria is suffused with deep synths and luscious beats. Even if the track were to be considered a “bad habit”, I’d still lunge myself fully into it, over and over again in utter obsession. Bad Habits is out now on Maison Balbus.