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March 10, 2017

I must have totally missed the memo on some scintillating remixes of Vaults’ latest single Hurricane last month. It’s fortunate that the Londoners recently released a magnificent video for Hurricane, the latest single from their stellar debut album, otherwise it may have taken me far longer to encounter said edits. My preparations for that video post lead me to this mind blowing remix of Hurricane by English producer Feed Me. I knew it had to be something special, I mean, it’s not everyday you get Vaults and Feed Me rolled up in one. Feed Me takes full advantage of the original’s majestic splendor and Blythe’s powerfully captivating voice on a sweeping display of his expertise in dubstep, trap, and electro. This Feed Me hurricane is an eruption of earth shaking grandeur. You can stream the remix off Soundcloud below. Visit Vaults’ Soundcloud to preview more Hurricane remixes.

March 7, 2017

If you were to ask me to choose a favorite song from Vaults’ debut album Caught In Still Life, I’d tell you it’s an impossible task. I’ve been so obsessed with that album, which arrived late last year. I knew I would be too, after having spent much of the past three years addicted to this British band’s evocative electronic pop. Lead singer Blythe Pepino has always reminded me of Florence Welch with her deep vocals and powerful delivery. Vault’s music videos have never failed to match the dramatic splendor of their haunting pop. I was utterly elated when I found out earlier today that the band had dropped a video for Caught In Still Life cut Hurricane. The official visual for the single is slow and deliberate, yet sensual and intense. Hurricane is a poignant song about letting go, and that idea of surrendering yourself takes solid form in the video. If you’ve yet to treat yourself to Vaults’ Caught In Still Life, get on the gripping album by way of various services and outlets, here.

March 18, 2016

It’s 3am State side and I have to share ‘All Four Walls’ by a favorite of mine – Gorgon City. It’s their newest track featuring Vaults and as someone commented on their soundcloud post ‘Classic Gorgon House’. I love it. The artwork, it appears to me to be some sort of serpent, possibly following the same Medusa-like cover art for their album Sirens. After seeing them several times, and fellow English mates Rudimental, I am extremely anxious to see them both together at The Fox Theater in Oakland. Excited!

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March 3, 2016

Though it’s only been about a week since London soulful electropop duo Vaults unleashed powerful single Midnight River, I find it impossible to surmise how many times I’ve already listened to the song or watched its passionately choreographed music video. To add to my excitement for the song, Midnight River has received a brilliant remix treatment, courtesy of Canadian producer POMO. Blythe’s magnificent voice is surrounded by dense future bass opulence and future disco crispness on the sleek and stirring remix. It’s impossible not to “just let go” in this divinely rolling “river” of sonic transcendence.

February 20, 2016

London’s Vaults sent me into exuberant euphoria yesterday when they revealed a brand new song, entitled Midnight River. I’ve been enraptured by this band since they first mysteriously appeared over a year ago with their darkly spellbinding pop. Lead singer Blythe’s vocals are exceptionally potent and striking on their soulful electropop, and they’re even more spectacular on stage, as I experienced first hand last fall at Popscene in San Francisco. Midnight River is a chugging beauty, a magnificently sweeping and richly robust song, plus it comes with a superb music video, too. Blythe seems to channel some brilliant Florence Welch, both on the song and in her passionately riveting dance choreography within its visuals. Midnight River is available now on iTunes. I’m hoping for a debut Vaults full length not too long from now, and I look forward to seeing them live again.

January 29, 2016

IHM has been championing London’s Vaults for what feels like forever, so it was a much cathartic night when I finally caught the compelling band live at Popscene last fall. It was easily one of the most gorgeous sets that I witnessed all year long, with their majestic dark pop and lead vocalist Blythe Pepino’s spectacular voice taking full, mesmerizing command of the room. Vaults recently visited BBC Radio 2, and on the show, they performed a stunning cover of one of 2015′s best songs, Foals’ Mountain At My Gates. The keys driven cover is yet another spectacular way to really take in Blythe’s immaculate, impeccable vocals. Two of my 2015 favorites collide on the cover.

September 29, 2015

My Monday instantaneously became ten times better the moment I saw a new Vaults song had emerged this morning. As a long time fan of the British alt and electronic pop act, I can vouch that each and every Vaults song that the trio has given us over the course of the past two years has been stupendous. On aptly entitled new song Overcome, they again deliver a gloriously soaring and overwhelmingly grandiose pop experience. Spectacular vocals, gorgeous melody, and breathtaking production blends slivers of moody Bat For Lashes together with powerful Florence and the Machine. Overcome is easily my favorite new song of the day. I look forward to finally catching Vaults live on October 23rd at Popscene in San Francisco. It’s been a long wait. Overcome is a generous free download, here.

June 13, 2015

It’s been many months since Vaults has given us anything new, but the Londoners returned today with their grandest song yet, a darkly haunting and gut wrenching song named Losing Game. As someone who has loved this band for some time now (and celebrated when they were included in the Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack), my adoration of them is even more amplified and renewed after listening to this colossal work of bold, somber magnificence. The dark electronic pop song is intricately arranged, blending together elements both sharp and coarse as well as sparkling and ethereal.  The most commanding aspect of Losing Game, however, is undoubtedly Blythe’s incredible vocal delivery. She transports me to a world beyond my imagination, beyond the mundane, with her exceptional voice, in all its full passionate glory and stunning range. Losing Game is a stupendous track from Vaults’ Cry No More EP, out July 31st.

Vaults – One Last Night

February 4, 2015

The soundtrack for highly anticipated film Fifty Shades Of Grey is widely known to boast some amazing artists and bands. I’m much excited that it also includes a contribution from British trio Vaults, an I Heart Moosiq favorite for over the past year. One Last Night, as we’ve come to expect from Vaults, is a gloriously beautiful and resplendent pop song, carrying much sentimental strings and elegant, opulent vocals. Hints of Bat For Lashes, Florence and the Machine, and London Grammar glide gently and exquisitely across the gem.

November 22, 2014

I love how British band Vaults often reminds me of acts like Bat For Lashes, Florence Welch, and Kate Bush with their moody electronic pop music. Mend This Love is their latest preview of their Vultures EP, due out December 1 on Virgin / EMI. There’s an ethereal, other worldly quality to the brooding, chilly gem. This one also evokes London Grammar and SOHN with its melody, vocals, and production. The exquisite track oozes with heartrending emotion.