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January 18, 2018

Darkwave duchess ABRA strikes again with a brilliant new tune. The much buzzing Atlanta based singer songwriter and producer haunts us with barbed hip hop and vaporous R&B on misty and gossamer B.R.A.T, a cheeky lo-fi jam produce by Father. B.R.A.T is a wicked track that reminds us of ABRA’s earlier tracks. Take a trip down memory lane and re-visit those spaciously atmospheric gems on Soundcloud, here.

December 7, 2017

There’s a whole movement astir in the music scene today, involving Asian artists and collectives like Kris Wu, Higher Brothers, Rich Chigga, Yaeji, and more, many of them championed by management and media production company 88Rising, whose YouTube channel has become part of my daily routine. That group of young talented trendsetters also includes Joji, the internet persona who also goes by the names Filthy Frank and Pink Guy. As Joji, he focuses on his more serious musical artistry, breaking new ground with his vaporous swirling, murky wafting electronic R&B. Joji recently released a ground breaking EP named In Tongues, from which comes ‘demons’, a nebulously intoxicating, spectral and sorrowful ballad. Today, he’s released an artistically captivating music video for the song, featuring a lonesome figure in a big fur suit, chained to an empty, desolate swimming pool. It adds to the song’s devastation and anguish. In Tongues can be streamed/downloaded, here. Catch Joji on tour with Higher Brothers, Keith Ape, and Rich Chigga on the 88Rising Double Happiness tour in February. They make an appearance in SF on February 7th at the Warfield.

September 20, 2016

I suppose it’s rather fitting that my eager share of this debut has been delayed from last night to this morning. After all, it’s time to “get up out of bed” if you’re one of those lucky ones still languishing under your sheets (unlike the rest of us who have been up for hours by now despite any slight hangovers from Monday night fun). Lonely is a banging first song from a Manchester four piece named The Dream Life. It seamlessly combines 90′s R&B, vaporwave, and swanky soulful dance pop. At times, Lonely even skips with a Jersey bounce and twirls with a glamorous disco groove. In the eye popping music video for Lonely, The Dream Life, aka Cleo, Baby, Danny, and Pablo, explores the guilt of being glued to our phone screen. It’s obvious this new quartet is here to push boundaries and delight our senses with their edgy brand of pop electronica. If you’re ever feeling lonely, take The Dream Life for a spin and their sultry glimmering, glitzy smoldering tune will lift you up and keep you company.

August 17, 2016

Neon Indian shared a trip of a music video for his song Annie today. The seedy karaoke styled film clip was directed by Alan Palomo himself. We traverse B-roll cityscapes, taped over TV shows, and phone sex commercial breaks in search of a missing ex-lover alongside Alan. The chillwave and synthpop musician will be heading out on tour this fall. I can’t wait to hear Annie live at Treasure Island Music Festival in mid-October. There’s no doubt I’ll be dancing ecstatically to its distorted retro funk and dreamy florescent electronica. Annie comes from Neon Indian’s 2015 album VEGA INTL. Night School, out now on Mom + Pop. 

April 12, 2016

Southern California’s GRMLN recently went from being a solo project to being a duo consisting of founder Yoodoo Park and his brother. But today, I encountered a newly uploaded song on Yoodoo Park’s Soundcloud, a lo-fi dream pop and indie rock gem named “over you”. I’m guessing it’s under his actual name to avoid confusion as to whether it’s a GRMLN track involving his brother, though I can’t be positive. Either way, over you is a beaut, a bedroom surf punk ambler that reminds me of Oakland’s Day Wave. I’m suddenly beset by much warm summer nostalgia. 

November 6, 2015

Earlier this year, we heard a snippet of Chromatics’ cover of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, likely one of the most covered songs I’ve encountered as shows. Except, this being Chromatics, their cover of the song takes it to regions hitherto unknown. Johnny Jewel and company announced today that they’ll be dropping the  single tomorrow, along with seven different versions of the cover. They also made this day very special by unleashing one of those renditions through a very oblique, murky video. Girls Just Wanna Have Some is absolutely delicious. It’s as if dark italo disco, chillwave, and “witch house” were melted together seamlessly into one droopy, syrupy, and barbed but sweet treat. I’ve already watched and listened countless times today. In the meantime, I’m still wondering when Chromatics is releasing their next album. Hit up the Italians Do It Better website for more info on tomorrow’s release.

July 14, 2015

I can’t quite say what the story is behind the way the title of GOVS’ recent new tune might be, but I can say with confidence that 6teenDRE’am is a spine tingling, goosebump raising, swooning beauty. It’s soft, murmuring cooing easily reminds me of some of my favorite material from Deptford Goth, particularly paired with 6teenDRE’am’s airy, swirly ambiance. As always, the Australian artist sends me on a floating, dreamy journey of nostalgia and wist with his vaporous, chillwavey music. 

May 6, 2015

Today, I learned that Real Estate member Matt Mondanile has another project named Ducktails. He brings plenty of that warm, languid Real Estate sound on his new single Headbanging In The Mirror. Disclaimer: you won’t be headbanging anywhere to this laid back, swirly treat. It’s a hazy, mellow jam that features NY ambient and vaporwave producer James Ferraro, too. Headbanging In The Mirror is from Ducktails’ new album St. Catherine, out July 24th on Domino. 

February 19, 2015

Luxembourg based producer Sun Glitters returns with an intoxicating new single named Galaxy, which features exquisite, gossamer vocals by Sarah P. of chillwave dream pop band Keep Shelly In Athens. Galaxy is a magical treat that carries both a warm, sparkly essence and an icy, haunting atmosphere. The ambient electronic song with its refined, subtle soundscape is a taste off Sun Glitters’ forthcoming EP. 

February 4, 2015

Last week, I shared with you Nick Leng’s vibing Inside Your Mind, featuring Carmody, and it reminded us all of how beautiful and chill the San Diego bedroom producer’s music can be. If it left you in the mood for more, Nick has revealed another song off his forthcoming EP. Leaves is a spacey lo-fi production, floating and flowing with chillwave dreaminess.