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March 8, 2018

Urban folk singer songwriter Aisha Badru swooped out of New York last month to enchant us with her soulful stirring music and her exquisite voice on Bridges, and we’ve been on the lookout for her next release since. Not only has it arrived, but the up and coming talent has also announced her debut album, too! Pendulum will be released on April 27. We swing like a pendulum to the soft beats and dripping percussion on the critically acclaimed artist’s dark new haunter Fossil Fuels. Dense (like oil) electronics create a tense atmosphere on the spacious yet atmospheric, subtle yet potent piece on which Aisha pairs a minimalist aesthetic with her starkly chilling voice. A spell transfixes us as we meld into the delicate yet dynamic hymnal, which serves to further convince us that we should try to catch her at SXSW next week when she performs at “18th OVER AUSTIN” on March 14th. It’s no wonder Aisha Badru has been named by NPR to their prestigious SXSW “Austin 100″ Artists list. Pre-order Pendulum, here.

November 25, 2017

We Are: The Guard, a crowd sourced music label for indie/alt pop, released a fine indie Christmas compilation featuring a bevy of artists we’ve been lauding on IHM for a very long time. We’ve already shared DENM’s cover of The Christmas Song, now let’s turn to Los Angeles by way of St. Louis progressive soul artist Brandyn Burnette’s melting rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. In true holiday fashion, we find ourselves swaying in bliss to jazzy horns on the cozy, heartwarming R&B soul cover. Its an intimate ballad on which Brandyn Burnette’s buttery voice nuzzles the heart. Thanksgiving has passed, and jolly ol’ St. Nick is preparing for his epic night out from the North Pole. What else better to get us in the right mood than this cushy tune? I suggest a warm fire and some hot chocolate to go along with the stringy lush lullaby. We Are: The Guard’s Indie Christmas also features tracks by Alxxa, JMR, Janelle Kroll, Kyan Palmer, Micky Blue, Dog Orchestra, and Cappa. Stream/purchase, here.