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March 2, 2018

Let’s continue to bring some chill feels tonight with a treasured new discovery named NAUUDA. The project hails from Norway, and the two producers behind it have mesmerized me with their chill jazzy hip hop and suave electronica on ‘up’. We’ve been having some wet weather here in San Francisco this week. ‘up’ is the perfect accompaniment. It warms us up yet and keeps us intoxicated from start to finish with its choppy vocals and foggy percolating beats. The track even features some sampling of a rain storm. NAUUDA drenches us with late night vibes and a snazzy groove. For another taste of the pair’s music, stream ‘party’ below, too. It’s more uptempo with its breaking mixture of house, jungle, and garage, and it even samples Alessia Cara’s Here. 

March 14, 2016

Whooooa, “Up” definitely perked me up in my chair. By the 36 second mark I was convinced this track is pure sexy. It’s intoxicating and grabs a hold of you. Literally sat through this ‘Up’ twice trying to find the right words, but I can’t. Just listen.

March 4, 2016

NEST HQ premiered this jaw dropping jam earlier today, and honestly, there’s really nowhere to go but up once the glorious chops and high energy rhythm of Kid Froopy’s UP takes over your world. The enigmatic leaves me spinning with his dizzying, intoxicating nightcore confection, which apparently is now called “160″ too, due to its intense speed. To be frank, Kid Froopy takes nightcore to a whole new level with UP, stripping away some of the usual happy hardcore like pitchy vocals and video game tendencies of other nightcore tracks and replacing them with ethereal vocals and rippling depth, kindling a deeper evolution of the genre. Head to Soundcloud to download UP.

OFFICIAL VID: James Morrison – Up feat Jessie J

November 3, 2011

jessie j and morrison

Just caught wind that James Morrison collaborated with Jessie J. Here’s the official video for Up. Pretty enjoyable stuff. I have a lot of respect for both artists.