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June 30, 2016

Nero’s Two Minds is undeniably epic, an unforgettable track off the British trio’s 2015 album Between II Worlds. It’s that song that we get to re-visit this glorious morning, but this Two Minds has been tweaked, to say the least. Though it’s sweeping cinematic and has its smoothly fluid moments, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the hard drop that hits a quarter of a way through. And you’ll want to buckle yourself in for the rest of this high adrenaline ride. Miami based DJ and producer Damaged Goods has joined forces with Australian model, actress, DJ, and recording artist Ruby Rose to remix Two Minds, and their thrilling deep future modification is jouncing vibrant and dark tumultuous. The only bruised and “damaged goods” here is probably me, after going bonkers wild to this sharp jabbing, vociferous throbbing beast of a remix. The savage fierce, raging exhilarating track is a free download, here

August 5, 2015

British electronic trio Nero revealed a fantastical music video for massive jam Two Minds, which is such a wicked tune and therefore an automatic re-share. Alana Watson’s high flying, captivating vocals are purely magnificent on the stirring electronic song, which brings hints of barbed future house grit and thundering bass into its emotively oozing melodic folds. Nero’s glorious single will be out September 4th, while the trio’s highly anticipated new album Between II Worlds will be out on September 11th. 

June 26, 2015

Still having some issues with certain tracks not directly importing into Tumblr from Soundcloud, so you’ll have to either stream the Spotify import above on this one, or stream the Soundcloud embed below. It’s up to you which you choose, but choose wisely… Uh, I mean… it really doesn’t matter, as long as you make sure you listen to Nero’s latest song. Two Minds is a helluva jam, and you can’t miss out on it. I’m giving you two ways to listen, you have no excuse. The British electronic trio have been such a huge influence on me over the years, and they continue to showcase their versatility with this exhilarating new taste off their Between II Worlds album, out August 28th via MTA / Virgin EMI. Two Minds is one of Nero’s most gorgeous and heart rending songs, partly due to emotive vocals of Alana Watson, and partly due to the stirring, melodic soundscape created by the electronic mainstays. It’s also one of their most pop leaning, least hard hitting offerings. Just the right amount of future house imbued grit and bass combine with the song’s mellifluous exquisiteness, giving us a melting, intoxicating jam.